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The Interviewer - Index Page

5/12/09 by The-Great-One
Updated 3/12/14

I am the one who controls The Interviewer account. I write interviews as well. Here you can find each and every interview. All interviews are posted on The Interviewer account. You can also see a list of all of our Interviewers.  

The Interviewer Account All of these interviews are 100% True. The questions were asked and the answers received. If you don't believe me then you are welcome to message the person interviewed.

The Interview Codex If you would rather read all of the interviews in a flash format, then check out the codex. However it is not always updated at the same time as the account.

The Interviewer Thread Stay up to date on latest interviews with Newgrounds members. Suggest others to be interviewed and get news on upcoming interviews.

The Interviewer Main Theme The song is entitled Light Orchestral Loop and it was made by sorohanro. He has graciously given us permission to use it. It can be found on each interview.



Asandir's Interviews with Newgrounds Forum Users Want to know more about the different forum regulars and newcomers of Newgrounds? Then check out Asandir's interviews with them.

Benjamin Tibbetts Interviews Ben is an outstandingly creative individual. Not only that, but he is also an interviewer much like myself. He has interviewed a wide array of animators, artists, game developers, and musicians. If you got a chance then you should really check them out.

13 Questions Austerity interviews a lot of different Newgrounds members. There are 13 Questions for the member to answer. It is plain and simple as you think.

The Dark Corner Newgrounds member thedark has started doing interviews here on Newgrounds. He is more keen on interviewing mainly artists, but his interviews are still a good read. If you haven't yet, you should check out his stuff.


_____I_N_T_E_R_V_I_E_W_____A_R_C_H_I_V _E_____

1. Interview with Tom Fulp

2. Interview with EyeLovePoozy

3. Interview with ZekeySpaceyLizard

4. Interview with HappyHarry

5. Interview with TheWeebl

6. Interview with Krinkels

7. Interview with DaGrahamCraka

8. Interview with Elios

9. Interview with Luis

10. Interview with James Lee and Hania

11. Interview with The-Super-Flash-Bros

12. Interview with SardonicSamurai

13. Interview with XwaynecoltX

14. Interview with Gooch

15. Interview with Appsro

16. Interview with Oney

17. Interview with JAZZA

18. Interview with Bosa

19. Interview with Cayler

20. Interview with Jack Bromhead

21. Interview with The Newgrounds Police Department

22. Interview with Tom Fulp #2

23. Interview with CirrusEpix

24. Interview with Zachary Louis

25. Interview with scottmale24

26. Interview with Kirbopher

27. Interview with The Review Request Club

28. Interview with Hania

29. Interview with Gagsy

30. Interview with HeRetiK

31. Interview with Andrew Huang

32. Interview with Bees

33. Interview with Evil-Dog

34. Interview with Megami33

35. Interview with MasterAardvark

36. Interview with TmsT

37. Interview with matt-likes-swords

38. Interview with Bahamut

39. Interview with Sexual-Lobster

40. Interview with The Elite Guard Barracks

41. Interview with the Audio Portal: Defining Music

42. Interview with Toast-Tony

43. Interview with GoshaDole

44. Interview with The777Demon

45. Interview with WritersBlock

46. Interview with CockGobbler

47. Interview with poxpower and Mockery

48. Interview with MasterAardvark #2

49. Interview with mirosurabu and Xerus

50. Interview with Monocrom

51. Interview with xKore

52. Interview with Bahamut #2

53. Interview with The Forum Regulars

54. Interview with Littleluckylink

55. Interview with PuffballsUnited

56. Interview with The-Great-One

57. Interview with The Graffiti Crew

58. Interview with Ocarina-Kid

59. Interview with Fifty-50

60. Interview with eddsworld

61. Interview with FurryNG

62. Interview with Dave Bruno

63. Interview with BoMToons

64. Interview with Manly-Chicken

65. Interview with Afro-Ninja

66. Interview with The Interviewer

67. Interview with koit

68. Interview with FatKidWitAJetPak

69. Interview with Asandir

70. Interview with Jimtopia

71. Interview with Rina-chan

72. Interview with JAZZA #2

73. Interview with FolegAlmighty

74. Interview with Gary Brolsma

75. Interview with MiniClip

76. Interview with GiantJuicyKickballs

77. Interview with Oney #2

78. Interview with RicePirate

79. Interview with Travis

80. Interview with MOC-Productions

81. Interview with TheShadling

82. Interview with ArtistGamerGal

83. Interview with Malachy

84. Interview with Zeurel

85. Interview with SpaceWhale

86. Interview with Vonschlippe

87. Interview with DonkeysBazooka

88. Interview with Robert Hays

89. Interview with JeremyLokken

90. Interview with The Symphony of Specters

91. Interview with Tarienn

92. Interview with Sevkat

93. Interview with WaldFlieger

94. Interview with Tom Fulp #3

95. Interview with Benjamin Tibbetts

96. Interview with cast

97. Interview with Adam Witt

98. Interview with AlmightyHans

99. Interview with the Art Portal: Defining Art

100. Interview with The Vad Flaaten Brothers

101. Interview with Back-From-Purgatory

102. Interview with keepwalking

103. Interview with GoryBlizzard

104. Interview with Bosa #2

105. Interview with Egoraptor

106. Interview with Sykohyko

107. Interview with CosmicDeath

108. Interview with Wade Fulp

109. Interview with Emrox

110. Interview with Tom Fulp #4

111. Interview with PsychoGoldfish

112. Interview with Sabtastic

113. Interview with scriptwelder

114. Interview with Zombie-Pimp

115. Interview with WoodTick

116. Interview with Sarkazm

117. Interview with kisame

118. Interview with FrozenFire

119. Interview with 372

120. Interview with Nothins

121. Interview with Magical-Zorse

122. Interview with daigonite

123. Interview with Jaltoid and ObliviousEmi

124. Interview with WhiteLightning

125. Interview with BrenTheMan

126. Interview with Hikarian

127. Interview with Dean

128. Interview with scriptwelder #2

129. Interview with deathink

130. Interview with brewstew


If you have a suggestion about someone on Newgrounds who should be interviewed then suggest it here on this page. You can send me a message as well. Please don't suggest yourself for an interview unless you really think you deserve to be interviewed... remember I still have to give readers an interesting read.

Please be sure to read, comment, and share with your friends across the Newgrounds Community.



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Speedosausage and lazy muffin



Great reading material

Warlord of Noodles and Comicks.



Plenty of staff that don't seem to be in the list yet, like liljim, mike, bob, etc. Would be interesting to read interviews with them! Also, Pimp. Thanks for a ton of great interviews btw.

interview kamikaye



Where the interview at

also bpremo



W-P-S and golfinho.



i enjoy reading your interviews



Who are you going to interview for your 100th?

Hope you might put Wikigrounds as an Affiliate, now that we have links to all of your interviews. I would inagine that people who are interested in the interviews would also be interested in the infromation that we put together.

I'll admit, it's nice to see that someone is still doing interviews. I was sad when the NG Mag fell through like it did. As terrible as they were, I had enjoyed the interviews I had done for it.

Keep up the awesome work!



who reads this is really stupid.



Ok, so, I saw 2 other peiple that would require an interview:

- Egoraptor
- Terkoiz1 (If you can't get in touch with him by Newgrounds, I think you can contact him on

I'll try to see who else could be interviewed.

Go get catoblepas pl0x



I know someone. He's a friend of mine. He's known as Avizura! He also has an other account, pokerockmario but that's a account he doesnt really use anymore. but you should interview him!




Avizura would be someone to interview. He makes very good music.



@HolyKonni, I know it's a couple years ago, but it's VAD Flaaten. Thanks. ;D

Oh and I also suggest Xionico and RedHarvest.

Either I can't read or "RicePirate" is really nowhere to be found on this list. Guy got pretty big in a year's time. I think he'd have some pretty interesting stories.

I'm probably not cool enough, but I'd be down for an interview. Either way, RicePirate should have one.



These people really do deserve an interview

David Firth
Adam Phillips
Coolboyman (lol)



Wait, even the AlmightyHans isin't in the list! How can people forget about him! He made a lot of cool stuff!



There seems to be the name Zeurel missing on the list. You should make an interview with him!

Oh, and why not ask one of your interviewers to interview some artists? Since I can't (I would love too thought), I'm probably sure they can. Plus, apart from the contest, they didn't get praised a lot these days...



I'm surprised you've yet to interview a clock animator. Then again, you will need to find one that will coherently answer your questions. :P



I believe I'd make a pretty worthwhile interviewee



I would love to see an interview with joeybetz, he is really one of the best programmers around and works for Armor Games and he is always developing new and creative stuff. I would really appreciate it.

Can you add me too the affliates list?

I also interview :)

Idiotfinder, Painbringer, Newgrundling, Rig, Timmy, Kid, Jerkapotamus

I would like to see interviews with all of them! :D

J-Rex tried to interview me, but it failed when he had a lack of questions.

Could I get somebody else to interview me?



You could try Krinkels or Adam Philips.




Why suprememessage shouldn't be interviewed



Just want to say thanks again for interviewing us, it was definitely an experience! Keep up the good work, my man.

I'm not cool enough? Oh well, I don't need an interview with you, since you ask the same questions to every person (Pretty much).

And you don't really ever uncover anything interesting.

You know, Asandir interviewed me, if you want to copy his into one for here.




I'm not cool enough for an interview? *Sniff* I guess no one loves me anymore.



Spazkid, golfinho and hulalaoo



you should have someone interview yourself, an "interview with the interviewer" if you will



Ptero says:

Interview yourself.




Interview me, please



Interview yourself.



Wow, a lot of people.




Cootie or Wade. I would love to hear wades story



I just read through every single one. I need to rest my eyes now.






Here are some cool ideas for interviews:

citricsquid - a guy who makes cool websites
2DArray - a flash programmer who is currently working on the C404 flash team to make an art game

Ok I got Way more ideas so just send me up a pm for some more :)



Interview danpalidin



You should interview Gustavos or Jerkapotamus sometime. A mod that goes to the video game forums from time to time is also a good one, just to get his views in that forum. Also, some of the most popular club leaders would be nice.

Just some suggestions.



Me? :)



intaviewz the presidentz bruh!!!