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2/19/14 by The-Great-One
Updated 2/24/14

Hello once again my Newgrounds bretheren. Well there are some new things heading your way. First off we have a brand new interview up on The Interviewer. A second interview with scriptwelder to discuss his latest releases and his future projects. Also on the other side I have a new interview up on Somber Pensive with Earfetish so check both of those out. Also if you're not following my Dohn page then please do.

Noting The Interviewer coming to an end, it won't be coming to a complete end at Interview 200. I just won't be updating it on a weekly basis. Any new interviews that appear on The Interviewer will be specials. It may come back at full force one day, but I am looking to move onto other projects, especially on my Dohn page and through Club Stoic. Which if you're a fan of video game music then please join us there.

If you have a Tumblr account then please follow me there. The Underground is where I will be posting my video game content, one being my Mass Effect Journal where I am chronicling my journeys through the Mass Effect Trilogy. If you like reading what I write, I thank you very much. Here's my writing schedule.

Mass Effect Journal

SUNDAY-TUESDAY - Captain's Log

The Captain's Log is filed in-between story missions that are done throughout the Adventure Log. It is where I talk to my crew members about the mission and learn more about the universe through my in-game Journal and Codex. It will be posted between the days of Sunday through Tuesday.

WEDNESDAY - Adventure Log

These are the story missions plus sidequests done within the Citadel. This is where I'll be talking about the gameplay mostly with the story that is part of each mission.

The Interviewer

WEDNESDAY - Brand New Interview

The usual Wednesday update back in force until we reach Interview No. 200.

Somber Pensive

FRIDAY - New Episode

A new interview will be posted each Friday. This is where I normally interview regular users, for the most part. These are different from The Interviewer in a lot of ways. I am open to suggestions for these, but for the most part I work on them myself.

FRIDAY - New Conversation

A new conversation could also appear. This is not an interview, but just myself and another user engaging in a conversation. Whether it is through chat, PM system, or E-Mail. If there isn't a new episode of Somber Pensive then there will be a new conversation.

So there you have it. There is my schedule. I thank you all again for reading my works and reading The Interviewer for the past five years. It truly means a lot to me and the other interviewers as well.


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Good for you! It is nice to see that scriptwelder did another interview. He is talented.