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2016-11-27 03:52:06 by The-Great-One

Hello once again. Well I'm back once again, ready to take Newgrounds by storm. I've been going through a lot lately, however things are getting back on track. For those who I have promised interviews to, I still intend to do them. I've already done my research for all of them, I just have to get the questions written, which has been backlogged due to complications with life... and procrastination. Like mixing beer with wine, just don't do it.

So to, @ForgottenDawn and @RealFaction, yes, the Interview with The Underground Collective is still going to happen. Also to @Eggy, @Idiot-Finder, @BillPremo, @iamDeadHead, and @krangGAMES, I still intend to do interviews with you as well. If all of you are still on board.

Also to @Jackho, I'm still planning on doing the Somber Pensive interview with you as well. A lot has been backlogged for quite sometime now. I'm also working on something new on my other profile called Dohn's Desk. Which will be weekly posts about a topic of interest to me, shared with the rest of you. So if you like to read what I write then that might interest you.

Other than that, I am looking to do Weekly Updates on this page as well to keep y'all posted on what's going on.

That's about it. How y'all been doing?


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2016-11-27 09:40:50

Let's get to work then. Don't let people wait more than what it's due


2016-11-27 19:46:12

No worries :)


2017-04-16 01:22:15

welcome back


2017-08-13 19:06:18



2017-09-16 02:15:54

I can confirm, this place will always bring you back, no matter how far you try to run.

Took it three years to bring me back, but here I am.


2017-09-27 06:43:54

Glad you are back. I hope things are going better for you.