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Posted by The-Great-One - June 27th, 2018

I've been giving my life a lot of thought now. I thought I would tell you what my life is about. I've been working at a deli restaurant for five years of my life. I have climbed up the ladder there and am now a store manager. The owner of the restaurant still calls the shots over me, but I keep the place running smoothly. June was a hellacious month for me due to life problems with one of my now former employees. As I get home I tend to be exhausted with the work load that I have and that I put into that store.

I have officially decided to start a Patreon once I do the overhaul of The Interviewer and make it look much nicer. I will be bringing The Interviewer back into full force. Starting on July 11, 2018 there will be a new interview posted on The Interviewer and a new interview every Wednesday. I will also be posting newer content as well, I'll get to that more in detail next week.

To those I have promised an interview to, I'll be in touch soon. I'm sorry for all of these delays and I'm gonna do better. Because honestly, y'all deserve it. Also The Interviewer is approaching it's 10th Anniversary come February. Incredible to see it come this far.



I don't know what working a food service job is like for you, but I remember when I worked at McDonald's I would come home and basically fail to be productive. I would be exhausted--mentally and physically--and I would smell of grease. All I wanted was to take a hot shower and crawl into bed. It takes huge discipline to get through a difficult workday and then, afterwards, steel yourself and use your spare time to create something. In my experience, this ironically makes me feel more free. Some unsolicited advice: There is no way to make this easy, but it helps to take care of yourself. Prioritize a good night of sleep, exercise hard and regularly, eat well, and make time for a social life. You will feel better and write better.

My last job was extremely emotionally draining. I feel you completely. You don't need to apologize!