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Can I Have A Copy of the Recipe?

This was not only wholesome, but damn was it hilarious. The speed of the animation and comedic timing just escalating bit by bit. I was never sure where it was going to go. This worm I find endearing yet terrifying at the same time. Anything to get to the means of what he wants. The sound effects were perfect, and I love the use of the Wilhelm Scream anytime I hear it. This was just amazing from beginning to end. Absolutely love it!

|| Cheers ||
*Superb Artwork
*Masterful Animation
*Superb Sound
*Superb Music
*Masterful Story

|| Jeers ||

Why Did This Make Me Cry?

Oh good lord. I mean just damn. Let's start from the top. The artwork in this is simplistic, I think though it fits the overall theme. A bit meta in a way. The animation is pretty good. The music choice being Aeris' theme I thought was a strange choice at first, it just worked with that build up though. Something meant to be sad turned triumphant. The simple story here is just man. I remember being front paged for my writing. I had the same feeling. Although I never pictured the artwork being put on a fridge. That was just a beautiful analogy. It makes me breakout into tears every time I watch this. Bravo man.

|| Cheers ||
*Superb Artwork
*Great Animation
*Superb Music
*Masterful Story

|| Jeers ||

Buster98 responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, this thing is far from perfect. Put it together while working my last job. But I'm glad at the very least it was able to resonate with a few people.

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Looks like an RPG Maker game. I've seen amazing things done with this software. This is your pretty average run of the mill game though. I've seen dungeon crawlers made with this before and even those have a decent story behind them. I don't know what's going on here. I know this is a demo, it is in alpha after all. I expected something more out of it. You know what you're doing, and the artwork is quite nice on the creatures. This really needs to be more fleshed out going forward. It was mind numbing to say the least.

|| Cheers ||
*Good Presentation
*Okay Sound
*Good Music
*Okay Concept
*Okay Gameplay

|| Jeers ||

Rhythm and Blues

I am unfortunate enough to not be good at rhythm games. I can't keep in rhythm with a beat. I am however great at memorization. All I have to do to get good at this game is get far enough into the song to where I can know where the arrows are pretty much gonna go and either die or barely make it. Then I jump back in and just unleash. That takes a lot of time for me to do so I typically stay away from rhythm games. However I just had to give this game a shot.

Dance Dance Revolution is the obvious comparison here. I think that is misguided though. I find it more similar to PaRappa The Rapper than DDR. The difference, and a huge difference at that, is that this has the Newgrounds flair. With iconic Newgrounds characters. The whole thing isn't just Newgrounds characters though that would be a bit too much. The controls are responsive which although important in every game it is one of the most important in a game like this.

Not too much going on in sound effects, which is okay, because the music steals the show and a focus on sound effects would get distracting and confuse the player. The scales are tipped towards the music end and that's where it needs to be. Speaking of which, the music. That's what made me finally get around to playing this game more. The music in this game is phenomenal! It probably is the biggest draw to this game. Which the music could have been any songs from the Audio Portal. Each rendition for each battle though is fantastic! The story, I can honestly take or leave. It's nothing too spectacular, but not bad either. Right there in the middle.

Although not my genre of game, too much memorization for me, that's just me though. I can certainly see why this is popular and has picked up so much steam on Newgrounds and abroad. It is wonderful, simply wonderful.

|| Cheers ||
*Masterful Presentation
*Masterful Sound
*Masterful Music
*Great Story
*Masterful Controls
*Masterful Gameplay

|| Jeers ||

It's A Game About Nothing! *seinfeld bass*

I loved this. It was fantastic from beginning to end and I see potential for this to be fleshed out more. Each power up gained was useful and at times quite hilarious. I loved the elevator music and the standard music I thought was fun, I was hoping to see it change more throughout the game. When I got to the cannonball area I kept trying to jump the cannonballs and I died multiple times. When I got to the end I got blasted again, then while I was trying to figure out the best strategy to do this I was just fiddling with my limited controls and remembered, oh right I can crouch. The controls were spot on. The humor was amazing. The design and concept of this game were brilliant. I want more.

|| Cheers ||
*Masterful Presentation
*Superb Sound
*Superb Music
*Masterful Concept
*Masterful Controls
*Masterful Gameplay

|| Jeers ||

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I really liked this. At times I thought it was a bit repetitive at first, but after a second listen you pick up on the little nuances that build throughout the song. It's simple, and conveys a tone that can be peaceful or grandeur depending on the situation or setting. The rhythm is nice and with those changes throughout, although minor, keeps you in the song without just droning off. Well done!

Aalasteir responds:

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your communicating your message well so I understand your perspective and I agree with you.

There was a thread in the Audio Forum about a guy defending his music. Saying it was harsh and he didn't know why it was being deleted. He was told by multiple people that it was way too loud and damaging to ears and equipment, thus making it unpleasant to listen to. We all tried to convince him, he wasn't listening though, claiming it was "harsh" and that it was the listener's fault. That it was uploaded in the Experimental genre and that he should get a pass.

I went on the search for an Experimental track that was harsh and came across this gem and shared it in that thread. I regret not leaving a review when I had the chance. The lyrics are fantastic. I love the beat and the melody going through. This is an appropriate harsh sounding song that doesn't damage the ears. On the contrary, it melts them wonderfully!

That was absolutely amazing! I love the genre changing idea! It reminds me of the Continue The Song Collaborations on Newgrounds. It all flowed so well with each change. The thing I really liked though, was although it was changing genres each time, it felt like each change took a small piece from its previous genre as it kept going, bringing us this colossal finish that was euphoric for my eardrums. I am excited to hear more from you going forward.

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I quite like this piece. It holds this Gothic look to a point that is creepy, but at the same time intriguing to the eyes.

That Is Amazing!

You should defitnitley be scouted by someone. This piece is just amazing. Luigi vanquishing the Boo and Bowser with a mighty hammer!

Fijeta responds:

funny thing i was scouted but the guy who scouted me got un-scouted xD

Pretty Nice

As a stand alone piece it's not bad, but it begs to have other buildings and stuff around it. Possibly continue with this piece and branch it outward into a street with other buildings and people.

By itself it's not bad, but it could use more.

HappyYeti responds:

i agree, although, as of yet i'm still undecided about how a street would look, i've tried to make a street several times but i always seem to unknowingly simplify everything and it turns out rather badly...

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