Hello I am The-Great-One of Newgrounds. I am also The Interviewer here and a reviewer here to review. If you got a movie, game, art, or music for me to review then send it to me.
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The Interviewer

Posted by The-Great-One - May 12th, 2009


My name is The-Great-One. I have been conducting interviews with the famous artists and members of Newgrounds for over ten years now. I was inspired by the Newgrounds Mag Developer Spotlight which did the same thing. If you're here you're either interested in this project or are looking for the Index Page. The Index Page has been moved to The Interviewer account where it will remain, just click the header above.

The Interviewer Account

The official account where you read all of The Interviews conducted with the famous artists and members of Newgrounds. Names including Tom Fulp, Egoraptor, scriptwelder, Oney, and Troisnyx just to name a few.

The Interviewer Thread

The official thread for The Interviewer. You can discuss interviews, suggest Newgrounds members for an interview, and see the newest interview plus news about The Interviewer!

You can check out the Index Page for more information! Just click the header at the top of this news post!



tommy, markus van flaaten!

Just wanted to pop in and say you're doing a great job interviewing all our famous users. Good work.

Interview more mods and BBS regulars please. The Poozy one was excellent.

Wow, Luis and Elios right after I posted that. Lol.

Great interviewing.

Holy crap, how did you get interviews with these guys?

These interviews are really well done, quite entertaining to read and learn.

Think you could interview The-Swain? although Tom Fulp interviewed him a year ago. I'm sure there could be a few things you could ask him that weren't covered in his interview.

XwaynecoltX would be a great read.

" who is the man behind 18,000 + reviews ? "

gfoxcook would be a good person to do, being a famous user and ex-BBS mod


Would you be willing to interview us run-of-the-mill NGers as well? I think it would be fun.

i hope u have fun doing thiss s

cool idea

ahah you interviewed gooch? he's just some braindead hick.

bbs regular... ha ha ha ha

Interview me.

intaviewz the presidentz bruh!!!

Me? :)

You should interview Gustavos or Jerkapotamus sometime. A mod that goes to the video game forums from time to time is also a good one, just to get his views in that forum. Also, some of the most popular club leaders would be nice.

Just some suggestions.

Interview danpalidin

Here are some cool ideas for interviews:

citricsquid - a guy who makes cool websites
2DArray - a flash programmer who is currently working on the C404 flash team to make an art game

Ok I got Way more ideas so just send me up a pm for some more :)

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