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The Interviewer - The End?

Posted by The-Great-One - April 15th, 2016

I've been looking for some advice lately and I'm a bit conflicted. I know I'm gonna sound like a broken record and some of you reading the title of this news post are probably saying to yourselves "he's talking about this -- AGAIN?" and yes I am and it will be the last time... until the actual end of The Interviewer, I promise. Yes though it is coming to end... maybe.

I'm wondering if it should keep going though. Also no, I'm not doing what Doug Walker did and say I'm ending something and then I'm not, at the 200th Interview I will stop doing The Interviewer... does that mean it has to end though?

I'm toying around the idea of possibly letting someone else carry on The Interviewer in my place. Someone to keep it going strong into the future. We have so many more creative people sharing their works here that I haven't gotten to yet and probably won't get to.

The problem is, who should do it? Can I trust them to keep the page safe and keep it neat? Can I trust them to be nice to the readers and to the people they interview? What all will they need to know? What all do I need to teach them? Will they be able to handle a weekly update? Will people like the new person? These are questions that rattle around in my mind.

There are some things that need to be done and criteria that need to be met if I go through with this no exceptions.

1) All Interviews must be cleaned up and look nice with this new redesign. Some are already like this, others need to be fixed.

2) Whoever takes this position has to be a writer, NO EXCEPTIONS. This was started by a writer and will remain with a writer.

3) Should the person taking over operate from the original account or have a new account to work from?

I'll still be interviewing people on my Dohn page, however those interviews are different from what I do on The Interviewer, so it shouldn't be a detraction from it.

I'm looking for some advice on all of this and are wondering what all of you think about this.


You'll need to pick some apprentices.

Get a job.

You've done an amazing job over the years with the interviews, I always enjoy reading them. :) don't let it end, let someone take your place as The Interviewer and let it live as a legacy with a format. It's good to catch something like this early, because you want the flame to keep burning. It's been great to have you interview others all these years.

RealFaction is right. You should find another person to do the job.