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Hello I am The-Great-One of Newgrounds. I am also The Interviewer here and a reviewer here to review. If you got a movie, game, art, or music for me to review then send it to me.


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lol, just the name sounds like a masterpiece, have to see it.

lol, and i saw u wish a guy happy hanakah, 4 more days woohooo!!!

It's spelled Hanukkah.

Cool, but itomman895 is a jew? BTW, Hanukkah is in 4 days! Wee!

Happy Hanukkah

Subtle humor...I'l have to remember that word. I read what you said about "These Pancakes Are Tiny". I loved that movie. It was a simple cartoon, The characters acted like people in real life with their simple personalities, it didn't have random shit as it's way of humor, it was subtle as you put it. I definitely want to see more movies like this. It's a shame that the only things we can laugh at are Awesome movies, and video game parodies. If there are more movies as simple and appealing as Pancakes are Tiny, then I would be happy. They don't have to look as good or have as much effort in them.

Look at the Shapes movies. I loved those too. It's an easy way to express a simple joke. Why are people hating them?

People hate the Shapes movies because they're not the greatest of artwork or animation. Although the humor is there the presentation is not. These Pancakes are Tiny had a lot of effort put into it.

hey just wanted to say it means alot that someone actually put my song on there faves list. lol. thanks.

Hey Thanks for reviewing my movie
I appricieate that!

You're welcome.

You truly are great.
You ought to be a flash portal mod.

There is no such thing as a Flash Portal moderator, and I doubt there will ever be such a thing. We don't need Flash Portal Mods.

EDIT: After looking at the Flash Portal, I've come to realize that Flash Portal Moderators might be beneficial.

On an unrelated note, did you get my PM? I'd hate to think that you were waiting on a response from me...

thanks for review!
i can't believe it! i will try harder.

You are my kind of reviewer man, well thought out articulate reviews aplenty. Thats something I pride myself on in the audio portal. I kinda salted the Earth when I was a bratty little 17 year old as far as flash reviews go, but Ive been busting my hump to give really stellar reviews in the audio portal. I think so far so good, but thats just my speculation.

Out of all your reviews, that is incredible that you've given out a perfectr score to so few flashes. Kind of like your own personal hall of fame, I suppose.

I remember you recommended me I'm Still Here, probably my favorite one on your list. I wasn't too crazy about These Pancakes Are Tiny, but still a good list of respectable flashes.