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Hello I am The-Great-One of Newgrounds. I am also The Interviewer here and a reviewer here to review. If you got a movie, game, art, or music for me to review then send it to me.

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Well, missed your previous post but I'm glad you feel better. Just... how does these interviews works?

Pretty simple really. I either have someone in mind that I've come across or I check my list of suggestions. I do a basic rundown to make sure there is enough material there for an interview, if there is then I send off the invitation.

If I get a response saying no I will wait at least one month before sending another invitation. If I get a response saying yes then I inform them that it will take at least a couple of days to a week for me to write the questions. That is when I go through everything I can find about them. I have surprised quite a few people with what I've been able to find. Once I have written the questions I send them off to the interviewee to be answered.

Some people have asked why I just don't do a live interview and the reason for that being is one, I can't really go as in-depth as I want without one of us just rambling on. Two, their schedule and time zone might conflict with mine. Also three, these were done on a schedule with a new interview coming out each Wednesday.

Once the answers are received, I format it and post it on The Interviewer and make it look neat, which was an effortless job with our old News Post system, but now it is a chore... which is okay because it makes it look much neater.

Once the interview is up, I update the thread, send a message to the interviewee to let them know it's up, and send a message to Tom Fulp.

That's it. Any questions?

*does little jig*

It was quite exhaustive, thanks.