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Hello I am The-Great-One of Newgrounds. I am also The Interviewer here and a reviewer here to review. If you got a movie, game, art, or music for me to review then send it to me.


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(Reading most of this made me feel very old.) What you wrote needed to be said, to frame what was, and it's significant. You drew few conclusions from your past 10 years here, I guess it's a work in progress.. but is there anything you'd like to expand upon in the future, any aspirations beyond what you're already doing?

Of course I have aspirations beyond. I'm looking to end The Interviewer at No. 200 so I can venture forward. As for few conclusions. Yeah there's not a lot said, but most of it would be built up on what I played, watched, and a lot of stuff on The Interviewer, which will come in time when I bring it to an end. I felt that if I talked about everything I had seen that it would get boring.

I wanted to reflect on what the site did to me as a person. It truly changed my way of viewing the world. It gave me so much entertainment and memories. I wanted to pretty much say, thanks for having me.

congrats, man

Thank you.

Really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sticking around 10 years, here's to 10 more :)

Thanks for having me.

Congrats on 10 years!

Thank you.

Wow, man, a bit longer than myself, but this site has been my shit since high school. I got an account after finishing high school and have met some great minds myself. Such talent on this site that I never would have come across otherwise.

Two more years man and you'll be up there.

Cheers to a new decade you'll spend on Newgrounds, finding more music, more films, more games and building new experiences.

Thank you for letting me use "Light Orchestral Loop" for all of these years. It is funny to see it recognized as The Interviewer theme, when it wasn't even made for it.

What a great read, thank you for sharing it. And thank you for the gentle words, I am flattered to find out I played even a small role in your journey here in NG. Here's to time well spent learning and growing, and to whatever else this site might bring us in the future!

Thank you for the kindness you have shared with me.

*fist bump*

*fist bump*

Aw hell, time sure goes by huh. It's actually nice seeing you post again. Damn, I can't believe it's been 10 years.

I got nothing insightful to say, you helped make those years great man.

Oh God I'm old

((I don't really go on Newgrounds anymore, I feel like something's been left behind and it's either me or NG but things are different and I don't often feel like trying to align them. I'm on skype and facebook and reddit a lot though! Feel free to add me there, TGO!))

Thanks for all your hard work, it really made this place a little more special.