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No Internet + Patreon

Posted by The-Great-One - June 6th, 2018

I am without Internet right now. I'll be back online fully this Sunday. I'm currently typing this at my parent's house. My little brother moved in with me as a roommate and decided to have Internet installed at my house. Well he moved out and took the Internet with him since it was under his name. Which is fair, so I had to schedule Internet installation for the house. Looking back I probably should have had the hindsight to just have the Internet installed under my name. That is what is excusing my absence. I must admit it is quite the experience watching YouTube on my phone. I plan to see what all Newgrounds Mobile can do here soon.

In other news, once I get Internet back I'm planning to start a Patreon. If y'all want to contribute to it I would be most thankful. Just a way to maybe make some extra money and produce more writing for all of you. I'm looking to bring back something I did a long time ago called June Games, but do it in July. I am also looking to have content for y'all every day of the week minus Saturday. If I can garner enough Patrons I could quit my job and make writing my full time job, but that's a pipe dream and ultimately the goal is to get my name out there more and just have a little more money if possible.

If anything I will implore you to spend your money on being a Newgrounds Supporter first and foremost. That is more important.

With all of that said, how y'all been doing?



Hey there! Sorry to hear about your loss of Internet access. I'm doing well, playing lots of music on the piano and doing some fun traveling this summer around New England. Shoot me a message when your Patreon is set up; I would happily support that.

thoughts on the RE2 remake?

It's looking good so far. I am excited to see one of my favorite video game villains and my favorite video game boss battle in this glorious remake!

the gore physics and lighting are unbelievable. Can't wait to see what birkin is like. It looks too good to be true.