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The Weekly Review with TGO #3

Posted by The-Great-One - October 17th, 2020

iu_178926_1725585.png iu_178927_1725585.png

My work week was filled with doubles. Thankfully though I have had the past three days off including today and I have tomorrow off. Been needing that to catch up on Newgrounds related stuff. This week's tribune is going to be even bigger than last week's, that's not because it is a special edition, which it is, but because there was just so much going on the site. I have also learned that I am moving a bit too quickly on the site and have missed a number of things here and there and made a bit of an ass of myself in the process. I have made my apologies though.

The Weekly Review with TGO #3

There Will Be News

I. Deli Stories

I am still weighing on whether or not to make a thread in the Writing Forum detailing my stories at my day job. I've been working that job for over seven years now. I've heard and seen some messed up stuff. Mostly from employees though oddly enough. I have been thinking of aliases to use to cover up people's identities. Will keep you updated if I decide to pull the trigger on this idea or not.

II. The Interviewer

Brand new interview went up. The Winners of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and the Music Inspired Art Contest, @littlbox and @Karlestonchew went up this week. You can read the two part interview here if you missed it. I also have next week's interview posted on my Patreon. It is available under all tiers. This is a once in a lifetime thing though. Future interviews posted ahead of time will only be for the Supporter Tier and higher! Don't despair though, these interviews will be posted to The Interviewer eventually.

The Lost Episodes will now be posted on The Interviewer with post commentary. Expect these every Tuesday. There are not many of them so it won't take too long to get through them.

III. The Underground

The Underground was a project I did a long time ago on the Video Games Forum. It was where I shared my thoughts on video games. It is making its return on my Dohn page. I will be making a return Friday - Oct 23. It will be Articles on the video game community, Then & Now, and Top 10s. Starting with my Top 20 Favorite Video Games. If you like video games then follow my Dohn page to stay up to date.

IV. Developer Spotlight

The old interviews from the Newgrounds Mag have been recovered. The first one is up on the Archive page. It was an Interview with Tom Fulp done back in 2001. Even back then Tom was thinking about a Video Portal and a Supporter System. These interviews will be posted once every Monday.

V. Newgrounds Library

On the Archive page I will be working on a library of helpful resources for the Newgrounds Community. It will also include stories told over the years on Newgrounds. The first addition will be a Writing Center to help aspiring writers here on Newgrounds.

VI. Patreon

I am thankful to have two new patrons this week. Thank you to @willKMR and @GoodL for supporting my work. It truly means a lot to me. I will be posting behind the scenes information on there. If you like what I do then please consider supporting me through my Patreon. If you can't, then put your money towards Newgrounds. Without Newgrounds my Patreon would be worthless. I am looking to post exclusive content in the Supporter Party Forum for Supporters of Newgrounds.

The first one being an exclusive interview with a prominent Newgrounds member. This interview will be available to Supporter Tiers and higher on my Patreon and available only to Newgrounds Supporters. It will be posted to The Interviewer eventually. To read it first though, consider supporting Dohn's Desk Productions or Newgrounds or both if you can.

That's enough plugging for now. Thank you all to those who support my endeavors. I never thought in a million years I would ever get paid to write. It is incredible. It wouldn't matter if I was or wasn't getting paid though, because I enjoy doing this and I enjoy those who like to read my works. I may not be doing creative writing anymore. I have though found my talents in journalism are quite good. I wished I had figured that out earlier. That's what happens when you follow your passion instead of what you're good at though. Thank you again.



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