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The Weekly Review with TGO #5

Posted by The-Great-One - March 16th, 2021

iu_258860_1725585.png iu_258861_1725585.png

It has been a couple of months hasn't it. Life has been stressful with a lot going on recently. I think I'm finally back on track though, thank fuck for that. My Best Friend who moved to Texas back in 2017 has moved back home to South Carolina so that's great news! Work has been hell, but I am now an early bird, going to bed around 12AM-3AM and getting up around 8AM-9AM. Instead of going to bed around 4AM-6AM. I can get up in the morning, take care of Newgrounds related stuff, go to work in the afternoon, and come home and unwind on Newgrounds. Life is good in that regards. With that out of the way there has been a lot going on.

The Weekly Review with TGO #5

Well That Didn't Work

I. Daily Postings

I still intend on having Daily Postings. The Deli Stories are on the back burner for right now so I can get caught up on a lot of different projects. I have now have a proper calendar system in place for posting things. This you can see if you follow me on Patreon. Here is a small preview though for those who follow me on Newgrounds. That way you can know what days to expect something new!


II. The Interviewer

As you can see by the image above, I will be spending the entirety of Thursday formatting The Interviewer. Cleaning it up from top to bottom. Even the interviews that I have already cleaned up will be spruced up even more! Unfortunately due to the death of Flash, until The Interview Codex is Ruffle enabled, I am unable to update it at the current time.

If you missed the latest interview that came out, it was with @squeakytoad and you can read it here! The winner of the 2020 Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch and the winners of the Flash Forward Jam will be interviewed as well! There will also be an interview exclusive to Patrons on Patreon. When published, it will be there for one month until posted on Newgrounds!

If you're looking to participate in Pico Day, the winners of Pico Day in each category will be interviewed! Keep that in mind! I have also donated $100 to the prize pool for Pico Day and will be donating more in April.

III. The Underground & Dohn's Desk

These projects I have been working on behind the scenes for quite sometime now. It is time to finish the final drafts on a lot of things. The Underground is almost ready to go and I have something planned for Dohn's Desk, it's gonna be magical.

IV. Archive

I am also running an Archive here on Newgrounds. Collecting relics of the past for preservation going forward. I have a collection of stuff as it is, I just need to get it posted. As of right now in the Playlists section you can enjoy some music from Newgrounds Games and Movies. Click on a piece of album art below to check them out!

iu_258863_1725585.png iu_258862_1725585.png

iu_258866_1725585.png iu_258865_1725585.png

There are more in the Playlists for you to watch, play, and listen to! Including the Complete Madness Combat Series in chronological order!

V. Schedule

Well that certainly didn't work. I was gonna try and have something posted each and every day here on Newgrounds, but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen. The mainstays I will try to keep going at certain paces. With that said here's the layout. I'm not gonna make you any promises other than what is on the Calendar in the preview above, but this is what I'm looking at.

MONDAY - The Tank Tribune

This is absolute. I wish I could still do it on Sunday. With my work though, that's just not gonna happen. It needs to stay on Monday going forward. It is better for my sanity. There will not be an issue missed from this anymore, that I will promise you.

WEDNESDAY - The Interviewer

I'm going to shoot for a new interview every Wednesday going forward now. I have my suggestions list and some people on the back burner that I haven't been able to work on yet. One part being an interview that just about an hour ago I just finished doing research for. I mean I don't think I've ever read that much on Newgrounds before. If I can't hit every Wednesday it will be every other Wednesday. This is the day for The Interviewer and I would like to keep it that way.

As of right now, I will flip flop between a new interview and a Lost Episode until all the Lost Episodes are gone. There weren't many of them though, so it should be done in no time. That will also give me some breathing room to get back into full gear.

THURSDAY - Developer Spotlight

The old interviews from the Newgrounds Mag will be posted in the Archive, every Thursday until they are done. Expect those then.

FRIDAY - Dohn's Desk

This one is gonna be a bit lose for now. A new Somber Pensive will be up this Friday and after that I plan on making Friday the day for The Underground. Somber Pensive will find a new home on a different day in the week when I bring it back fully.

With that said, I thank you for your patience and understanding. I am back to work writing and I hope to continue doing so for all of you. The day of me posting this Weekly Review is an important day for me and I am thankful that I got to spend it here with all of you on Newgrounds. Writing and enjoying everything this site has to offer. While researching the interview I am working on I got taken down a trip through memory lane. You will all learn about that soon enough.



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