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The Weekly Review with TGO #6

Posted by The-Great-One - April 10th, 2021

iu_258860_1725585.png iu_258861_1725585.png

Getting on track and getting things done. I have finally gotten this system down pat. It has taken a while, but I'm glad that I finally have something that works. This entire month is planned out perfectly. I have projects that I have to work on and projects that needed to be posted for the month. Each day has one item that needs to be taken care of. I'll be posting how this system works in the future. I am interested in how all of you get your projects and work done as well, so please share below. With that out of the way, here's what's been going on.

The Weekly Review with TGO #6

It's All Coming Together

I. Daily Postings

So far this is all going well since I last spoke to all of you. Everything on the calendar was posted when it needed to be. I'm sorry I just didn't have this review up yet. That's the last piece that I need to take care of. If you're on my Patreon then you can see the full list of things I'm working on as well as the full calendar. The calendar will become more exclusive in the future, since most of the items on it I've talked about already I've left them open. Some items have already been posted this month. If you're already one of my Patrons then you can see the full task list here.


II. Schedule For May

I now have a schedule for content that I'm looking at posting. This schedule will be in full effect starting in May. Some of this schedule is already in effect as you have seen. Expect something to be posted every day Monday through Friday.


III. The Interviewer

I have interviews in the works right now. I am working on the winners of the Flash Forward Jam and will have the Patreon exclusive interview up on Patreon this coming Wednesday. The delay was working on the presentation of the interview. I'm still working on that part, but for now I think it is best to deliver if I don't have it ready by then. In the meantime here are the past few interviews posted.

@squeakytoad and @kelwynshade are two veterans to the site. You have may seen squeakytoad's Castle Crashers toons and heard kelwynshade's music! @Phonometrologist was the winner of the 2020 Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch!

The Index Page has been moved off this main account and onto The Interviewer. The old Index Page is still there, just as an introductory page now. Every interview has been formatted finally to this redesign. They all look amazing!

IV. Archive

I have been working on the Newgrounds Archive for a while now and would love to have more eyes on it. I've collected a lot of old stuff from @Aksuma who kept an archive for years. I will be sharing this through the Dumping Grounds along with some other cool stuff. I've also added @Troisnyx Lentel Prompts project to the albums. I'm looking to do a lot more with contest winners going forward! I have also added The Sketch Collab Soundtrack too! Check them out!

iu_275675_1725585.png iu_275676_1725585.png

Developer Spotlight

Part of the Archive is the Developer Spotlight. These are the old interviews that were on the NG Mag that inspired @TheInterviewer. They are being posted in the Archive and are an important part of Newgrounds history. Here are the ones posted so far.

I hope you gain interest in the Archive. The Internet is hard to preserve and Newgrounds is one of the only sites I know that preserves as much as its history as possible.

V. The Tank Tribune

The Tank Tribune has been on fire lately! I have something special planned for Issue No. 40! If you're on Patreon then you already know what it is going to be. If you're not then you'll just have to wait. It's not too far away though. If you didn't read the past issues then check them out and catch up on the hip happenings of Newgrounds!

If you enjoy the taglines at the top of each new issue then you can submit your own in the Tagline Thread!

VI. Dohn's Desk and Community

I'm not sure what to do with Dohn's Desk articles in the future. I feel forcing it would be wrong. I am going to write these articles as they come to me. There is a new edition to it though. My Little Pony: Retrospective. A look back on the Pony craze here on Newgrounds and my thoughts on it.

Last month @LucaTheHuman made a thread entitled Gimme some OCs to sketch out. I suggested my profile picture which I have made my Internet persona. He thought it was challenging, but nailed it making something incredible! I absolutely love it!



VII. Headers

When I started The Tank Tribune I made a header that would be at the top of each issue. I thought it looked neat. When I was formatting The Interviewer I made a header to be at the top of each new interview. I have decided going forward that each project will have its own dedicated header. One it would look great and two it would help readers differentiate between each project.



That's it! I hope you have enjoyed what I've been doing. The Tank Tribune and The Interviewer now have over 400 fans! My main account has over 200 fans! I am more than thankful for my own projects surpassing 400 fans, but I will never understand why people follow my main account. There's not that much going on on it. I thank you all though. It means more to me than any of you will ever know. Thanks for sticking around. I'm glad to have you here.



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