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The Weekly Review with TGO #8

Posted by The-Great-One - November 7th, 2021

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Hello Newgrounds! I am back to 100% once again! It has sucked to be limited to just browsing the site. I have been getting my backlog organized and have rearranged my office. I have Thanksgiving preparations almost out of the way and Christmas shopping almost done! It has been an eventful and busy couple of months. I have sent off questions for an interview with a famous Newgrounds member and have two interviews backlogged ready to be posted. Expect The Interviewer's return this Wednesday!

The Weekly Review with TGO #8


I. The Tank Tribune

I am currently working on making The Tank Tribune more presentable. As much as I love the blog system here on Newgrounds, it is a bit limited in what I can do. This is something I have been working on during my recovery process. The Tank Tribune will be making its grand return in December!

II. Deli Stories

This was an idea that I had and at first I didn't want to follow through with it. Now that I have left my past job of eight years and am working for a competitor, I think it is time to tell these stories. I will be gracing the Writing Forum with these soon. It starts off happy and slowly gets worse. There is a happy ending though, that I assure you.

III. The Interviewer and Somber Pensive

I have interviews for both of these ready to go. Both of these projects I have been neglecting lately, mostly because I wanted to make The Tank Tribune all it could be. These will be making their respective come backs. With The Interviewer resuming this Wednesday and Somber Pensive resuming next Tuesday. A full content schedule should be up by next week, so be on the lookout for that.

IV. Patreon

To all of my patrons on Patreon I am grateful to you all. I really need to be pushing more perks over there, especially on the Behind the Scenes content and Exclusive content. It is one of the reasons why I have been reworking The Tank Tribune. I only hope it turns out the way I want it to be. There will be some great content coming to you there.

It is great to be back on Newgrounds with everything going on. I hated having to be a lurker and not being able to contribute or do anything here on the site. Thanks to @Anonymous-Frog for keeping readers entertained through the Tankman Triweekly. Thanks to @ThatJohnnyGuy for the best wishes in his Off The Wall Podcast. You should check that out if you haven't yet. Thank you all again for your kindness, patience, and understanding.



Glad to see you back! Glad you're feeling better! I just posted a new episode of my show the past week too! :)

Thanks for the mention. Gotta write more issues before I lose all my traffic!