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The Weekly Review with TGO #7

Posted by The-Great-One - August 21st, 2021

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Alot of people have been following my main page lately. Which I thank those who have, I would prefer you follow my other projects, @TheTankTribune, @TheInterviewer, and @Dohn. I guess if you want a grab bag and like what I have to say then by all means hit that Follow button. I intend to give followers of my main page here something to enjoy. It will be going by a different name going forward though.

The Weekly Review with TGO #7

A New Method

I. The End of the Beginning

I've been working on a multitude of different ways to organize my work into a structure where I can work on multiple projects at once and not be overwhelmed. I think I have a system in place by combining the GTD Method with D&D of all things. I'll elaborate more on it in the coming weeks. Next week will be the test run of it so to speak to see how things work.

II. Carpal Tunnel and New Job

Last I updated everyone here, I had the beginning stages of carpal tunnel. I didn't follow up with the hand doctor, but my wrist has recovered. My old job I had to slice sandwiches fresh and I move at an incredible speed. This wasn't a problem except that every weekend I would be pulling double shifts and would be the main slicer there while being understaffed. This incident was the first in multiple steps that made me quit my job and go work for a competitor. I have a new job now with better working hours, actual staff, and overall a better environment that leaves me less stressed and able to work on Newgrounds projects as well as my other side projects that I have neglected lately. If you're still waiting on an interview I apologize for the delay. There's been a lot on the back burner and I have stretched myself thin once again.

III. Newgrounds Audio DeathMatch 2021

If you keep up with the happenings in the Audio Portal and Audio Forum you may have noticed that I am one of the judges for this year's DeathMatch. I am grateful to @SplatterDash for giving me this opportunity. Ever since I came to Newgrounds, the Audio Portal has been one of my favorite sections of Newgrounds. This competition is fierce and judging it is no easy task. It is a lot of fun though!

That's it so far really. We'll see how the following week plays out. I'm in the process of making more headers for my projects and hopefully being able to work on my book going forward. I am currently working on judging entries for the DeathMatch and writing a manual for household management. Things that need to be done. Thank you to all of my supporters both on Newgrounds and my Patreon. Seriously, you have no idea how much your support means to me.



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