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The Underground - Preseason

Posted by The-Great-One - June 19th, 2011

Hello Newgrounds. For those of you who know me, know that I am a regular of the Video Game Forum here on Newgrounds. I tend to speak what's on my mind from time to time and I like to gather feedback. However those are threads and threads tend to be lost in obscurity as time goes by. So I have decided to post them here for you to read and comment on.

If you want me to discuss something about gaming then please feel free to mention it, I am more than willing to take suggestions. Keep in mind though that I haven't played every single game in the world and don't have the funds to do so, but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion.


___T_H_E___U_N_D_E_R_G_R_O_U_N_D___A_R _C_H_I_V_E___

  1. Same Old Same Old - More Technology
  2. H.G. Wells
  3. The Wii U and You
  4. Retro - An Unfit Term
  5. The Game Overthinker - Narcissist?
  6. My Shiny Trophy Has Been Spiked
  7. New Year's Wishlist
  8. Sequels - Land of the Lost
  9. Milk Money
  10. Lesson One -- Getting To Know 'Ya
  11. Rated E
  12. Collection of the Year Edition
  13. Paint-by-Number
  14. The World As You Know It
  15. Simply A Video Game
  16. There and Back Again - Series Tales
  17. Take A Look! It's In A Book!
  18. Games in the Year 2020
  19. Nintendo and Sony
  20. Mario -- This is the End?
  21. Sandbox Games - Ended By Boredom?
  22. The Ole' Switcheroo 


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Oh hey, comments aren't disabled anymore. I'm gonna take this opportunity to say first.

The reason I had comments disabled was because of the spam accounts.

Those spam accounts were annoying, however blocking comments only makes them win! Actually they dont win anything from it but still.

Well it wasn't them spamming that wasn't the thing. I just got tired of deleting comments, so I just did a block until it got cleared up.

I wish I had the motivation to play video games.