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Tom's New Toy!

Posted by The-Great-One - December 4th, 2013

Tom Fulp decided to give us all a brand new toy! An actual blog system! You can get the full details in this thread or on his news post. So there is quite a bit excitment about it, especially for myself. So this is just me playing around with this new system.

Holy crap did you see that? I made a horizontal line! Do you know how amazing this is going to be for The Interviewer? No more having to make spacer with  stupid little "=" marks! Oh and if I am quoting someone like this...

Dude, you have a fucking giraffe neck

- TheSouthernTower

I can do that nifty little quote thing as well! That's awesome! It's a bit weird to work with though. It is do-able though. Also it does get confusing for when I want to go to another paragraph how it does an automatic spacing for me. That I'm not to keen of, but I can manage, since other blog sites and word processors work the same way. I guess I just like a bit more control. Can we still do bold font ourselves? <b>Like this?</b> We shall see. However one thing that will become very beneficial is the use of mutliple pictures.


The-Great-One's Stats

Aren't they Amazing?

Why yes. Yes they are. One question I have though is for the readers of The Interviewer. With these new tools in hand, should I go back and re-do all the interviews and clean them up a bit. Or should we move on from the past and simply progress?


Also there seems to be no more text limit, which I find awesome. I'm gonna ask Tom a bit more about this. So far so good though.

<b>BOLD TEST</b> <i>italic test</i> <u>underline test</i>


i vote to leave the past posts as they are, preserving the past as it was and highlighting this point in time, this change and transition to the future and what have you. then again, it would appear more uniform to re-do the interviews in this form, albeit time-consuming. tough call.

Oh when we got the new redesign, re-doing all those spacers. That took some doing.

I am going with FRAYDO it would be nice to go and see the old interviews, and find out how is that they used to be.

Also how did you managed to get the &quot;The-Great-One's Stats&quot; in bold letters, but the rest failed?
&lt;b&gt;BOLD TEST&lt;/b&gt;

Because the new system allows you to highlight and click a B button for bold, so it works like Microsoft Word. However if you try to use HTML code it doesn't.

How many ones would a great one grate if a great one could grate ones?