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Feeling Better + Going for 200

Posted by The-Great-One - September 21st, 2015

I want to thank those who sent kind words to me for my last post. I've been doing better, thanks to the people of this site who help me escape and getaway from my own mind. I've been feeling better. There are more good days than bad now and I'm slowly getting back into work.

There will be three new interviews coming up, one that's already up. The Interview with supergandhi64 has been posted, it is yours to enjoy. I will also be posting interviews with @Troisnyx and @WooleyWorld in the next two days. Also I knew I said I was going to have only special cases, but that was due to problems I've been having. We're going for the 200th Interview and that will most likely be as far as I take it. With that being said, I'm also running out of ideas for The Interviewer so I need suggestions, any suggestions, ALL SUGGESTIONS!

Also I'm going to have an interview with @TomFulp going up. Not on The Interviewer though. It will be on my Dohn account. I've also got a few ideas for it as well and am open to some suggestions.

Thanks for keeping up, chances are you're doing a better job at keeping pace than I am.


Well, missed your previous post but I'm glad you feel better. Just... how does these interviews works?

Pretty simple really. I either have someone in mind that I've come across or I check my list of suggestions. I do a basic rundown to make sure there is enough material there for an interview, if there is then I send off the invitation.

If I get a response saying no I will wait at least one month before sending another invitation. If I get a response saying yes then I inform them that it will take at least a couple of days to a week for me to write the questions. That is when I go through everything I can find about them. I have surprised quite a few people with what I've been able to find. Once I have written the questions I send them off to the interviewee to be answered.

Some people have asked why I just don't do a live interview and the reason for that being is one, I can't really go as in-depth as I want without one of us just rambling on. Two, their schedule and time zone might conflict with mine. Also three, these were done on a schedule with a new interview coming out each Wednesday.

Once the answers are received, I format it and post it on The Interviewer and make it look neat, which was an effortless job with our old News Post system, but now it is a chore... which is okay because it makes it look much neater.

Once the interview is up, I update the thread, send a message to the interviewee to let them know it's up, and send a message to Tom Fulp.

That's it. Any questions?

*does little jig*

It was quite exhaustive, thanks.