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Hospital Trip and More

Posted by The-Great-One - June 29th, 2016

So I work at a deli restaurant. I am now a manager there so go me. That is what has been eating up my time. Working in the store and resting at home. One night while I was working though, it was 80 degrees in the store, I was having trouble breathing, and I collapsed with my chest hurting, my left arm and right hand both went numb and I was in a lot of pain.

Went to the hospital, they ran some tests to see how I was doing. Things didn't look good at first, but they did get better. I went to a cardiologist and everything checks out okay. I still hurt from time to time when breathing, but it's not that bad. That would explain my absence.

I'm alright though, and looking to get back to work on Newgrounds. With that said, how have all of you been?


Uhh, I'm good, but I think your left arm tingling is definitely a bad sign...

I would've said that maybe the heat plus you working did it, but I'm pretty sure those two elements alone can't produce symptoms of a possible heart attack or stroke.

Did you get any information on what might've caused it?

Nope. When they ran tests on me and when I went to the cardiologist, they found nothing wrong. I don't know what happened. It scared the hell out of me.

My brother just had the same thing happen to him a couple of weeks ago, minus a couple of things going numb. He just suddenly had really bad chest pains and went to the hospital. They found nothing wrong with him either.

That sounds horrible, so sorry to hear. I hope you'll be doing fine. There's nothing worse than experiencing something like that, running all the tests and finding out there's apparently nothing that could explain what happened. It might have been heart fatigue, but it sounds really strange. It didn't sound like a panic attack either. Have all the tests ruled out the possibility of a genetic predisposition?

They couldn't find anything wrong so I don't know. Our family has had heart problems, mostly on my mother's side.

Thats horrible
I hope you are doing better and that you are well
come back to us!!