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Hello I am The-Great-One of Newgrounds. I am also The Interviewer here and a reviewer here to review. If you got a movie, game, art, or music for me to review then send it to me.


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Posted by The-Great-One - June 19th, 2011

Hello Newgrounds. For those of you who know me, know that I am a regular of the Video Game Forum here on Newgrounds. I tend to speak what's on my mind from time to time and I like to gather feedback. However those are threads and threads tend to be lost in obscurity as time goes by. So I have decided to post them here for you to read and comment on.

If you want me to discuss something about gaming then please feel free to mention it, I am more than willing to take suggestions. Keep in mind though that I haven't played every single game in the world and don't have the funds to do so, but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion.


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Posted by The-Great-One - July 16th, 2010

Posted by The-Great-One - May 12th, 2009


My name is The-Great-One. I have been conducting interviews with the famous artists and members of Newgrounds for over ten years now. I was inspired by the Newgrounds Mag Developer Spotlight which did the same thing. If you're here you're either interested in this project or are looking for the Index Page. The Index Page has been moved to The Interviewer account where it will remain, just click the header above.

The Interviewer Account

The official account where you read all of The Interviews conducted with the famous artists and members of Newgrounds. Names including Tom Fulp, Egoraptor, scriptwelder, Oney, and Troisnyx just to name a few.

The Interviewer Thread

The official thread for The Interviewer. You can discuss interviews, suggest Newgrounds members for an interview, and see the newest interview plus news about The Interviewer!

You can check out the Index Page for more information! Just click the header at the top of this news post!


Posted by The-Great-One - December 15th, 2008

Well Newgrounds. It seems I have finally come across a movie or game in which I can honestly give out a Masterful Review to. I hardly ever give out reviews like this so if you want to give it a try then read my Review Terms and see if your work can be known worthy as a Masterful.

1. These Pancakes Are Tiny
The first movie I have seen on Newgrounds that I can truly award a perfect score to. The story is simple in itself, two friends who are bickering, go to a restaurant, and argue over their meal. However instead of going over the top, it remains subtle and realistic in its delivery. The comedic timing is perfect, the animation is wonderful from the movements of the characters to their expressions, it is just all around perfect and makes me laugh each time I watch it.

2. -Play-
This movie returns to the old art of animation and that is frame-by-frame work with carefully made decisions. The artwork is rotoscoped movements, but have been traced frame-by-frame. It presents a certain appeal forgotten or not known by others known as Stomp. It is a simple movie, but simplicity certainly does have it here.

3. The Liar - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
To save time I just counted the review of Part 3 as the review for all three. This series was certainly and interesting one. It's a simplistic renaissance storyline that can be enjoyable and entertaining for any and all audiences. It is an underrated movie that certainly deserves more attention than it has gotten. It tells of a king who has come across a golden apple and will present it to whoever can tell the best lie. Parts 1 and 2 are played for comedic aspects while Part 3 hits it hard. An old man approaches the king to tell his lie. That's all I'm gonna say, because I don't want to spoil it. These three are truly gems.

4. How Are You Now?
This movie was made for the Sichuan Earthquake Relief. It's story is about a little girl trapped in the rubble of the aftermath of an earthquake. She is simply there speaking with a boy who is also with her. Their conversation is that of how and what children normally talk about. She is then pulled from the rubble. It truly is an amazing movie in its story, but the animation as well is very captivating. It is one that really makes you think about life and the human beings who inhabit this big beautiful blue marble.

5. War, Snow and Fire
A simple fairytale is presented here. A little girl comes across a strange egg, upon taking care of it, it hatches into a dragon. Over the course of many years it grows into a large dragon. Her father is in the military at this time and looks to destroy his enemies. When he discovers the dragon he wishes to use it as a weapon while his daughter wants to keep it as a pet. It is a remarkable story, animated very well, and with HappyHarry's amazing score wraps it up beautifully.

6. The Ballad of CrippleKane
Time to enter the old west. I have to admit that this style of animation I'm not entirely too keen on. Each time I've seen this kind of animation I usually think laziness. But boy does it work with the western genre. This movie has a simple yet exciting western story to tell about CrippleKane, an interesting character in his own right due to him being a cripple. It will have you hooked from beginning to end.

7. Pixel
The first game to enter this list. The goal is to shoot other enemy ships to gather their pixels. You lose health each time you fire your gun, but you gain it back each time you collect an enemy's pixels, which can shoot off more pixels and destroy more enemies. It can get chaotic in a hurry. Truly a fun game in which hours upon hours can be wasted on.

8. Tarboy
The movie I have anticipated and that others will call overrated... this is Tarboy. The story of higher power and wealthier robots, working the less than best robots into slavery. Upon dieing these robots are dumped into the tar pits. Their computer chips would melt into the tar and thus create Tarboy who would go to avenge the slave robots. However he would be vanquished, but Tarboy may rise again. It is just a very fun and beautiful piece of animation with James Lee's animating mixed with Hania Lee's score, it comes out perfect.

This is an amazing movie that literally comes out of nowhere from an artist that seemed untalented at first. This movie is quite breathtaking and has an interesting story to tell at that, it's one that can be interpreted in many different ways and it is one I ensure you watch.

10. Bear Bear
This wonderful movie has won the Daily Feature award, and deserves that award and in this critic's opinion it deserves more. A movie that seems like an endearing tale much like a depressed version of Winnie-The-Pooh, turns into a tense horror movie that will have you on the edge of your seat.

11. Paper Mario Madness
A Madness Day movie has hit this list. Some may not see why it is here, but to answer those. It is here for the same reason that "I'm Still Here" has made this list. I have chosen it because of the creativity and how well it uses the subject matter from both Paper Mario and Madness and blends them together very well. From beginning to end it appears as a Mario movie, but with the Madness styled characters and animation it truly does stand as a Madness movie. If you haven't seen this one yet you really should.

12. Redhand
This movie evaded my eyes and it also seems to evaded many others as well. Many different people from Newgrounds have contributed to it and as far as a stick figure movie goes, this truly shines because of the immense detail given to each character from style all the way down to voice. If you haven't seen this movie yet then you really should, it is one you shouldn't miss out on.

13. Super Puzzle Platformer
The second game to enter this list, this is amazing to play. There is so much multitasking and chaos to see here. You are in a pit of blocks with spikes underneath you. Blocks fall from above and upon shooting if they match colors they destroy other blocks. You have to make sure not to hit the spikes though. This game is the pinnacle of multitasking, but unlike "Defend Your Trump" it slowly eases you into it. It is all wrapped up in one nice package, truly a perfect game.

I know what you're thinking. He's a brony therefore he would give this a perfect score. I understand that, but that's not why. Yes I am a brony, I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and that is what drew me to this movie. However as other bronies will tell you, I'm not as involved in the show as they are. However when I see this movie, the art, animation, music, voice acting, and especially the story are all hilarious. Every time I watch this movie I laugh and I laugh hard. It brings forth the same style that was presented in the "Ren & Stimpy" cartoon while adding its own spin. All in all it is a brilliantly put together piece of animation.

15. 3rd Grade Transformers
I feel bad for neglecting to review this one for so long. From growing up with Egoraptor's movies, I have to admit that this is his best work in my opinion. His humor of screams and yells which can seem out of place in his video game parodies, really works here. The concept of parodying Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, by using a 3rd Grade Play is pure genius. The timing of each joke and the pacing makes this an overall perfect comedy. Another mention is that the music done by HappyHarry is perfect as always, I honestly don't know why he doesn't do music more... he is an amazing musician. All in all if you haven't seen this Egoraptor movie yet or you want something different from his usual stuff, then I urge you to check this out.

16. Out of Order 1
Saw this one on the front page. Thought it would be one thing, but instead got something completely different. It is about a society who had one rule, to solve all of their conflicts with chess. However that rule ended up being broken and therefore anarchy and chaos would reign. One character by the name of Bro has tried to escape many times and failed, so he is about ready to hang himself, when a shuttle is shot down. A young woman emerges and is chased by three men, Bro saves her and we end there. The dystopia presented in its variety of colors as well as the colorful characters are very appealing. It is a beautiful movie to see from beginning to end and I can't wait to see what else is in store for this new series.

17. One and One Story
For those who know me as a gamer know that I am not a fan of Art Games. This is not only the third game to hit my Masterful List, but it is the first Art Game to do so. One thing that separates this Art Game from others is that it has gameplay (ha ha). Seriously though, it does have gameplay, it is a puzzle platformer that introduces new mechanics as you progress through it and ties it in with a love story that changes depending on the beautiful background scenery in the game. It truly is a beautiful story, with beautiful visuals, and very interesting gameplay and tight controls. If you're looking to make an Art Game or present some sort of message through a game, then this would be a prime example of how to do it correctly.

18. Why Am I Dead
An absolutely wonderful murder mystery game. The style, the concept, the game, and most of all the story were all amazing and complimented each other. Nothing seemed out of place and it all came together beautifully. With two different endings, each with a different plot twist to them, which both caught me by surprise. The characters, the setting, the music, and the sound effects were all done well. Quite the game if you haven't played it yet.

19. Blume
Submitted for the 2013 Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation Open Round, the movie has to follow the theme of "A New Holiday". This not only does the theme justice, but is a damn good movie in its own right. The world is beautiful and matches its story. The real selling point though is the narrator, or more appropriate, the storyteller. It can be interpreted in different ways depending on the viewer. This has to be seen.

20. Sinmara Saga
Described as a love letter to JRPGs, it does not disappoint on that notion. The animation in this is truly what is perfect throughout the entire thing. It is just amazing to watch these two human forms take shape. You can feel every single strike, every single motion, and become enraptured. If you're a fan of JRPGs or even anime then I must implore you to check this out!

21. Help Wanted: Must Be Human (2016)
When I saw a demonic looking bunny on the frontpage I had a feeling I was gonna be in for a treat. Boy was I. It has one small jumpscare that was subtle in its delivery that got me. The story a little simple, it is all in how you deliver it and this movie delivered. If you haven't seen this spectacle yet, you should. There's even a small background joke involving Donkey Kong.