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The-Great-One's News

Posted by The-Great-One - July 8th, 2015

For those who know me, I have been here on a regular basis. The only time I haven't been on was due to my job and computer problems. I have been resuming my writings outside of Newgrounds as well as stuff for Newgrounds. Multiple interviews and projects that I have been working on. All of it is back logged though. Not posted, just sitting there.

I guess some of you might say why am I not just posting those now instead of this long arduous news post. Well for those who follow me, which being over 100 people who do, I feel you all are owed an explanation. First off, 100 people. Think about that for a moment. 100 people, visualize it. It is astounding that that many people wish to read the insights I find in the creative process as well as my ramblings. It flatters me deeply, but at the same time I would still be doing this if I had just 10 followers, or no followers, or even 1,000 followers. Numbers at the end of the day past 100 are too high for our brains to fully comprehend and fully visualize. The passion is what matters... which is the point of this news post because I have lost my passion.

Some of you here know me on a more personal level. You know that I have been going through quite a bit mentally the past couple of years. I've been battling depression for this time, I have had a few mental breakdowns, and have planned out my suicide, going back to a dark place in my mind that I don't like to go to. Where I wage war with my mind telling me that the only way to obtain peace is by a bullet through my head while the other part of me doesn't want to go yet and knows there is more I need to do before I leave this world.

I have been going through this for about 3 years now. It has been agonizing to say the least and at a time it just felt like a nuisance. The past couple of months though it has been getting worse and worse, up to that point once again. I have my good days, this being one of them. Most days though I'm just at home, lying about, no motivation do anything but sleep. Sleep gives me peace when writing used to.

I am slowly tearing myself apart and it is a horrible feeling. Some may say to just get over it. Believe me I wish I could, but I can't. For those who don't understand depression I am extremely happy for you, because if you don't understand it then you are not a potential candidate to feel the way I do right now and I hope you never do. For those who do understand will probably tell me to seek therapy and possibly start a form of medication. Those are routes that I am looking to possibly take in the near future, if anything it does beat the alternative.

In the meantime though, I'm going to try and get a lot of this stuff out to you guys as soon as I can. If anything I owe all of you something. I have interviews with supergandhi64, Troisnyx, and Tom Fulp all ready to go. All of this should be posted in the following weeks, depending on how things go on the other side of this screen.

Other than all of that, my birthday is coming up, July 14th. Also my Newgrounds anniversary September 2nd is coming up as well. So yeah for being on this little blue marble for another year. A bit surprised I made it this far to be honest.

So yeah, for those who follow me and actually read these things, sorry for my absence.

Posted by The-Great-One - December 4th, 2013

Tom Fulp decided to give us all a brand new toy! An actual blog system! You can get the full details in this thread or on his news post. So there is quite a bit excitment about it, especially for myself. So this is just me playing around with this new system.

Holy crap did you see that? I made a horizontal line! Do you know how amazing this is going to be for The Interviewer? No more having to make spacer with  stupid little "=" marks! Oh and if I am quoting someone like this...

Dude, you have a fucking giraffe neck

- TheSouthernTower

I can do that nifty little quote thing as well! That's awesome! It's a bit weird to work with though. It is do-able though. Also it does get confusing for when I want to go to another paragraph how it does an automatic spacing for me. That I'm not to keen of, but I can manage, since other blog sites and word processors work the same way. I guess I just like a bit more control. Can we still do bold font ourselves? <b>Like this?</b> We shall see. However one thing that will become very beneficial is the use of mutliple pictures.


The-Great-One's Stats

Aren't they Amazing?

Why yes. Yes they are. One question I have though is for the readers of The Interviewer. With these new tools in hand, should I go back and re-do all the interviews and clean them up a bit. Or should we move on from the past and simply progress?


Also there seems to be no more text limit, which I find awesome. I'm gonna ask Tom a bit more about this. So far so good though.

<b>BOLD TEST</b> <i>italic test</i> <u>underline test</i>

Posted by The-Great-One - November 24th, 2013

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TL;DR - To the bottom with you.

I graduated early from high school in 2007. My parents as an early graduation present gave me a laptop. Before my laptop I used an old Compaq desktop that would freeze if you decided to scroll the page too fast. Well my laptop was wonderful, it had Windows Vista and was fast as a whip. Every single interview up until the latest one with Hikarian was written on that laptop. That laptop had a name and her name was TEX, after the character from Red vs. Blue.

However time is not kind to technology, especially laptops. So TEX now sits in a bag, in my closet. I have saved enough money to purchase a new computer. I got a desktop this time around, named her TEX 2 and so here we are.

So now I am truly back on Newgrounds, full time. The Interviewer will be kicking like you have never seen before. The next interview posted will be with deathink and you can expect new interviews every Wednesday. This will start two weeks after Thanksgiving.

TL;DR - I got a new computer, writing more interview stuff, some day about a turkey, *gobble gobble*

Posted by The-Great-One - November 13th, 2013

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Hello once again. How have you all been? I've been better I can say that much. You wouldn't believe how much not having an up-to-date computer can make you miss Newgrounds. When I destroy my old computer I will gladly show you a video of the destruction. Anyway...

Brand new interview with Hikarian has been posted. She won the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation this year you know. You can read it through this link or can you go read it in the codex made by deathink. Also yes, deathink will be getting interviewed sometime soon.

Also in a thread I made in the Video Games Forum, I decided to look back at past games and see how they were then and how they would hold up if they were released nowadays on today's consoles. It is called shockingly enough Then & Now. Check it out and give your own opinions on some of your favorite games from the past.

I have been meaning to post this for quite sometime now, but due to computer difficulties I couldn't get around to it. Musician Benjamin Tibbetts here on Newgrounds has interviewed me for his website, you can read the interview here. Also Benjamin Tibbetts and I had a discussion about music and video games on my separate account entitled A Conversation with Benjamin Tibbetts so you can go check that out to. I also talked to Dean and that was pretty cool to.

That's all I got right now.

Posted by The-Great-One - August 28th, 2013

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Well I'm back here on Newgrounds. Been gone for a few months though, but I'm back and I'm here to stay. I guess I do owe those who wondered where I had gone an explanation though, so here goes nothing.

I recently got a job and that has been eating up most of my schedule. Not to mention on days that I have had off I have been reading and building a library over time. Plus I planned a birthday party and will be attending an upcoming birthday party. Also one of my friends was here for the Summer and he wanted to get as much friend time in as possible. In other words... I have a life outside of Newgrounds and it attacked during the Summer. Now Autumn is approaching though, so I have returned.

A lot has probably happened on Newgrounds that I'm not aware of, so if anybody wants to get me up to speed then please do so.

Posted by The-Great-One - May 12th, 2013

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Well I am currently employed. Which means I'm gonna have to work my work schedule around my writing and Newgrounds schedules. For those whose entries have passed the NATA Open Round, if I haven't left you a review yet, I apologize and will get to you as soon as I can.

In news with the Interviewer, some new interviews have been posted. One being Interview with Jaltoid and ObliviousEmi. If you haven't watched that then check it out.

I intend on posting more articles in the Video Game Forum, as well as doing some interesting things with Club Stoic, a club dedicated to video game music. I don't really have much more to say than that.

Posted by The-Great-One - March 28th, 2013

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The Interviewer still moves along its way. If you haven't checked out The Interview Codex yet I suggest you do. Not only is it an archive of all the interviews done by The Interviewer, it is a growing one. All new interviews posted on The Interviewer will also be posted in The Interview Codex.

As it is the Interview with WoodTick and Interview with Sarkazm are both up now. So if you haven't checked them out yet then please do! WoodTick is the mind behind In Solitude and Nyan Cat - Genre Hopping while Sarkazm is behind Smile! and LUCKY DAY FOREVER.

Speaking of Genre Hopping, the Monthly Writing Contest 13: Genre Hopping is over. The winners have been announced and you can check them out here. It was fun to be a judge in this contest and read all these entries.

The Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation is gonna be starting up again, one of the prizes is going to be an interview with The Interviewer. Among a 1-Year Membership of Adobe Creative Cloud and cash prizes for passing each round, all donated by Newgrounds members. Two past winners include Dave Bruno and Emrox. Competitors in these contests have also been interviewed despite not winning, they are TmsT and Zeurel. The found of NATA has also been interviewed, his name is Adam Witt. The Interviewer has its connections with this tournament and I am proud that it is. If you're an animator then you can enter this tournament. Just check in for the thread on April 1st, the link to it should be on the front page of Newgrounds, so keep your eye out for it.

Tom and I have been talking about the Literature Portal for a while now. He gave me some info that he's thinking about giving Newgrounds an old-school design. When I can get more information about this then I'll update this post. It would be interesting to see an old design of Newgrounds.

Other than that, in this era of video game related review shows, I would like to share one that Newgrounds had. It's called Strategy Guide. There weren't many episodes in this series. Although with gamers and video games growing in number, I think it's time for this show to make a comeback.

Update #4 - Back In Time

Posted by The-Great-One - March 18th, 2013

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Newgrounds member deathink is quite possibly one of The Interviewer's biggest fans. For he has mustered his energy together to bring forth something The Interviewer's readers have been wanting for quite sometime now. That is The Interview Codex. So you can read all the interviews in one flash format.

If you haven't already you should follow deathink for more creative things he has to bring to Newgrounds.

Update #3 - The Interview Codex

Posted by The-Great-One - February 27th, 2013

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Two new interviews are up on The Interviewer. An Interview with PsychoGoldfish and an Interview with Sabtastic. Also if you're not a fan of my Dohn profile then please start following, recently I had A Conversation with Benjamin Tibbetts, so check that out. If you're a fan of The Interviewer then you should be pleased to know that The Interviewer will be posting new interviews every Wednesday. So you should expect a new interview every week.

If you read the Interview with The Forum Regulars and you're a regular of the Newgrounds Forums then please contact me. I am looking to do a second interview with The Forum Regulars. I am mainly looking for those you normally seen browsing the different forums on Newgrounds.

I am judging a contest that ForNoReason is running where you Create A Newgrounds Commercial. The deadline is April 1st and there aren't that many entries. If you got a camera and some creativity then make a commercial. You could win $25 in Newgrounds Store Credit.

I am also a judge in the Monthly Writing Contest 13: Genre Hopping!. The deadline is March 2nd, which is this Saturday, so if you're a writer and haven't contributed to this contest then you may want to make an entry to submit.

Posted by The-Great-One - January 8th, 2013

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Well here is the first update. Gonna try to do these as more information comes into what I'm working on. Really gonna try to get a lot of my writings here for all of you to see. However I am doing more than writing. First thing is first, The Interviewer will be coming to an end. Not soon, but down the line. At the time, I will feel that I have done all I can with The Interviewer and will be bringing it to an end.

However with that being said, there have been a few new interviews posted. The members of Newgrounds were given a chance to ask Tom Fulp questions in the Interview with Tom Fulp #4. I have also interviewed Wade Fulp, Emrox, who was the winner of the 2012 Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation, and CosmicDeath, so go and check all of those out.

ForNoReason has started a contest where you Create A Newgrounds Commercial. In this contest all you have to do is create a commercial advertising Newgrounds. The top three best will win $25 in Store Credit, while the number one best entry will also receive a "super secret awesome prize" alongside an interview with The Interviewer. Not only that, but I'm one of the judges for this contest, so please enter! I am quite eager to see what Newgrounds can come up with.

For those of you who haven't checked this out I urge you to do so, especially if you're a fan of The Interviewer. That is Dohn. An account named after me, where I will be sharing my thoughts on the world as well as conducting interviews that are outside the creative interviews done through The Interviewer. I have recently posted something new there entitled A Conversation with Dean. Newgrounds member Dean and myself discussed video games, in terms of collecting as well as the industry. It was quite fun to do and enlightening as well. If you're a fan of video games then check it out.

Also I created a thread in Clubs & Crews where fans of video game music can talk about their favorite composers, tracks, soundtracks, and the evolution of video game music with one another. I named it Club Stoic, after the name of the club in the video game EarthBound. If you are a fan of video game music or music in general, then please join us.

That's all I got for now. We shall rendezvous when more information is gathered.