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Another One

I've seen over fifty different maze games in my time and this one resembles the others as well. First off there were no obstacles whatsoever, just your basic small spaces to get through, also I'm sure a lot of people already know the cheat... right click and move your mouse to the finish. For your first maze game, you pretty much got it, just like everyone else.

|| Good Points ||

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Idea
*No Sound
*Bad Artwork
*No Animation

sneekyboy responds:

lol i no this was crap its the first game i eva made lol its shit!

Same Old Same Old

Didn't I assist in the blaming of this game once before? I could be wrong, but weren't you the one who uploaded this game to the Flash Portal once before? I mean the last time I saw this game it looked exactly like this, except this time around there are instructions. Well either way around, this isn't a bad concept, but not a good one either. More puzzle pieces would make this puzzle more challenging and that's what you need more challenge.

|| Good Points ||
*Not A Bad Idea
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Needs More Challenge

www-kaywire-com responds:

Nah the one you saw was a tutorial by Darren

Revival of Gradius

I loved playing this, even though I sucked at playing Gradius, Gradium kept the same challenging levels alive as in Gradius. I for one thank you for taking me down memory lane. Your artwork was mediocre, which was perfect for this game, plus the animation was nice and speedy just like the original. This is surely a game for the reflexes. Plus excellent sound.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Great Sound
*Great Story
*Fun and Challenging

|| Bad Points ||

Skeik responds:

Thanks for the reviews. I really should have sent you to version 2, which fixes many of the bugs found in this game, and some of the unnecessary lag :/ I'm glad you liked it, I wouldn't call the artwork superb though XD Soon I want to make a shooter much like this on in the same style of Gradium and Dreamcatcher but with a music game twist.

Not Too Shabby

Well it wasn't bad, but it was missing a lot, it was a nice tutorial, and you basically did what you said you were going to do... How to Draw a Cat. You know this flash is a hard one to judge, because you didn't promise much so I can't say you didn't promise certain things, because if you don't promise them then nothing can be put against you. This flash really is difficult to judge... hm. Very well your artwork can only be judged as masterful... also very nice choice of sound. As for the tutorial part, it does work I drew a cat exactly like that on my marker board.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Sound
*Superb Tutorial

|| Bad Points ||

Cryoma responds:

Yes indeed, you nailed the whole plot behind my grand scheme, it's simple yet perfect and there's nothing that anyone can complain about.

A Nice Concept

This was a very nice concept you have brought upon Newgrounds. However I do not believe it to be a full on useful gadget, it was interesting yes, but you could've done better. First off your menu was a bit sloppy also when you return to the menu from one feature the title music plays... plus your original music doesn't loop and besides something like this does not require music in the first place. That was my opinions on the Tools... all useful, but you do not need this gadget to do these things.

Now then your tutorial stuff was nicely done, but as for making a link to show off your other flash projects was just pointless, if people want to see more of your work they will check out your work. This is a great concept, but only if it is done right.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Concept (In Place of Story Point)
*Okay Artwork

|| Bad Points ||
*Not Really Useful
*Bad Sound

andy70707 responds:

Thanks for the review, I did sort of rush the last bits. I didn't remember it bieng this bad though, ah, well, I always look back at some of my old games and think WHY ON EARTH DID I THINK THIS OWULD GET A GOOD SCORE! Altough this is one of my better games.


But not good enough. You say you put a lot of effort into this when you really haven't. I suggest you make a whole hearted animation instead of just doing a simple motion tween. Although this was amusing with the 3D effect, but you still need more effort to be put into a flash.

|| Good Points ||
*3D Effect

|| Bad Points ||
*No Sound
*You Need More Effort

bernie-buddy responds:

Why do you always delete half the good points in you reviews and make up bad points? WHY?!?!?!

Very Good

I do love the simplicity you have put into this really. Also the addition of other features like Halo and Mario was a very nice touch. However for a character creator I always expect something that will let you Save your Character so you may view it later or use it somewhere else. Other than that small bit I loved this gadget!

|| Good Points ||
*Great Character Creator
*Great Madness Adaption

|| Bad Points ||
*Add Feature to Save It For Later

plant-eating-cat responds:

ok thanks i will use your tips in new flashes

Trippy and Awesome

I understand using low graphics just in case people have slow computers. This is the best man. I kept clicking one of the hammers higher and higher and got all the way to 500. I have only one question...how high can the numbers go on this. Also the music really hypnotizes you into a deep trance of thought. Excellent job on this. Please make a sequel, maybe something with triangles!

|| Good Points ||
*Great Idea
*Trippy and Fun
*Great Sound
*Graphics Work very well with this

|| Bad Points ||

Lifes-a-Bitch responds:

Glad you found it real fun. I'll make a sequal, maybe not today, or tomorrow, but I will, and it will... Erm... Er... Seizuefie, more people, and hypnotise the world! So I can have chocolate. :)


Not really the best in the world, but it was funny and random. Not bad...yet not too good either.

MarlboroLock responds:

yup, just to piss of pervs

Needs More

For a game called Extreme Pong Pong it needs more. You need more items besides a shrinking ray. You need stuff put out onto the field like fireballs, shrink rays, speed up, slow down, two balls, and growth; I'll send you a detailed list on each. I like how you kept it simple and boosted it with colors, but not too much color which is great (red vs. blue). You have a great game and a great prototype.

|| Good Points ||
*Non-excessive colors

|| Bad Points ||
*Need more items


Alcho responds:

Thanks for your review and message. I found it very helpful.

My next game is already underway, it will have such items and more. Im thinking of making it tournament based, with an item shop to buy upgrades.

It will be fun. :)

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