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It could be Super Mario 64, but my guess would probably be Mario Party 2.


You captured the song very well I must say. And at least you didn't steal it. Although you should try to make it loopable.

Classy and Brilliant...

This is a magnificent piece. Great for a game for it's great looping. To anyone who is reading this review, put this in a Tetris Game!

She must die.

When I hear this I see a story of a noble knight who vanquishes an evil queen with a mighty sword made by his father and 7 followers.

This song brings inspiration to me in so many ways.

Deflektor responds:

Hmmmm, not bad. Pretty classic, seems like an old movie, but sweet, anyway. Thanks for the review!


This sounds more like a Dance and Trance then just Trance. I still like it though. Very good for a party. I'm sorry to here your account has been deleted.

Dj-PinkWalrus responds:

hey thanks for the positive review, but yeah, it seems that every time i submit a new song, it gets zero voted right off the bat. I actually switched accounts a while back because the same thing kept happening, but i guess there's nothing you can do about that..... that is, i assume you were talking about the zero voting when you said my account was deleted... kinda confusing. Anyways, i can kinda see how this would be a dance song as well, but it takes quite a while to get to that part. Because of your kind words, I will check out your music starting... now!

Very Peaceful.

Nice theme for a town at night. I really liked this a lot.


You just copied your own audio. You took your "Look We're Flying" piece and just remixed it. Nice job anyways, could be used for credits in a game.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Yes, I composed a variation. This piece is going to the Hoshima animation project I'm working on. "Look We're Flying" and "I Feel So Alone" were also pieces intended to show up in this same OST.

Oooh Very Classy!

This is a very classy adventure piece. Like going over the lands or a MAP Screen. I like it very much.

I hope anyone who uses this will use it to it's full potential.

Nicely Done!

Very well made, but I think it's more of like a training level in an RPG game really. I think you need to work on the bass a little bit at the end. It loops pretty good.

Great Job.

Another Grand Masterpiece.

Excellent Work MaestroRage, as always you take music to the next level of classic. By the way how's the song coming for my story "The Right Thing."

Great song by the way.

Robert Lee Haney
(P.S. I don't know if you've checked your e-mail, but I've changed my NG Alias for the last time. It is now The-Great-One.)

MaestroRage responds:

Heh, okay I got it down. If you have any more name changing planned do tell me ;).

The song for your piece is slowly coming to fruitation. I'm sorry I havn't put as much effort into it as I would like to, but time is a luxery I can no longer find... especially these next two weeks with final exams and all.

In any case, thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked the piece ^^.

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