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Come on and Happy Walk

Let's all do a happy walk to this festive little tune. I really like this tune. Very simple, happy, and good title to go with it.

Bosa responds:

Hee hee! There is a show called Mr. Benn, find it.

Not What I Expected

This was a nice little piece. Good for credits or an intro (small intro anyways). Maybe you should make it a little bit longer though, for those with long credits.

LfunkeyA responds:

thanks for the review. im just really depressed now, this is more like carbon dioxide, not like oxygen. But its carbon dioxide that reactivates you. Maybe someday i'll breathe again. I'll think about it, maybe I'll extend this piece a little.


Well I thought you could have put a little bit more of effort into this. I mean it wasn't what I was really expecting. It is a compelling piece don't get me wrong, but it needed something more, something else.

Klace responds:

Heyhey, thanks for the review and the rating, I completely agree with everything you just said, this was my first foray into original classical piano.

Very Nice...

Could've been a little longer, but very nice still. I like it very much. It tells a story of a convicted man walking to the gallows. (That's what it tells me at least).

You're going places my friend and you're going there fast.

JakesFable responds:

I do sure hope I am man, Thanks alot ;)

Don't listen to previous reviewer

Of course this is going to be repetitive it's a Techno song! I like this. I may use it in a game some time.

IcyDeath responds:

Me happy!! lol. I dont have much experience in making music but my next song is going to be better than this :3
It's meant to be techno so its beat change is really low.. oh well, up to the next song :) (btw, my english may be weird lol, practising on it ;) )

Heartful and Warming

This piece is very well made. The repetitive piano was a good choice in this song, but remember it won't go with every song. The techno beats could've been left out, but it adds somewhat effect to the song. All in all a good song, this would go really well for a MAIN MENU screen.

Pretty Good

This is pretty good, could've been better than what it was.

Dance like a Dragon!

This is a very happy tune I must say. I love Celtic music! It's the bluegrass music of the medieval times, behind all that fancy-pansy puffy wig shit. You did an excellent job on this piece.

Great Job!

Bosa responds:

Hee hee! A true Scot. You're talking my language!

The New Time shall begin with Rain

Soothing song indeed, I like it very much. Nice sweet simple and it loops almost perfectly which is a nice add on. This deserves to be a X2 Platinum Track.

Bosa responds:

Thanks, man! Simple is good sometimes.

Long live the Irish!

I loved the Bagpipes at the beginning man, and switching to the flute was a bit sudden and didn't make all much sense, but is resourceful.

Try a full out bagpipe tune next time.

Bosa responds:

Well, good thinking. I believe that'll be my next track. Yet, I'm gonna have to rest after I created "Your Prelude" that song took alot out of me.

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