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I'm not sure what soundfonts you're using, but I'm getting a strange vibe from Yoshi's Cookie on the SNES. It sounds incredible though!

ZaneLittle responds:

Mostly the Roland SC-88, but there is a little Mario World, Yoshi's Island, and Pilotwings in there! And thank you!

Being from South Carolina I must admit, I liked the song. I thought it was gonna get heavy there at the beginning, it was pretty subdued and basic. Much like my home state is.

50Steaks responds:

Nah, I haven’t really made anything “heavy” before, unless you count New Jersey which I really don’t. I definitely went for the laid back feel, not necessarily basic but more subdued like you said. Now that people from the states I make are listening, I hope I’ve done it justice within the 2 minute length of the song.

Oooh. I love the rhythm to this. That beat is just fantastic. The sense of dread at the beginning that something is about to go down and what is meant to be a scuffle slowly escalates more and more until things are out of control. A slow burn, creating a large fire. Then it goes too far, and things scatter as those left around have to put the pieces back together. Yet there is still an unease to it all.

I like it. My only criticism is that the beginning I felt dragged. It takes 30 seconds before we hit the juicy part. That's really it though.

Listening to this I found it to be the set-up to a great mystery. When I read the description with the picture I was intrigued even further. It feels like the start to the Neverending Story in a way. Different though. The harmonies were simplistic, though I get that was the idea. To let the mind wander. Excellent work!

I absolutely loved this. I loved how it kept climbing more and more as it progressed. The vocals I liked, but they seemed to overpower the song a bit. Not by much, but a bit. This is something I feel you're gonna look back on and remix. Which I am eager to hear.

FLAVOUR-STAR responds:

Thank you very much. :) I will probably adjust it. :D



VoicesByCorey responds:

Oh, The Simpletons love YOU, TGO. As long as it's consensual, we're in ;)

This was really pleasant. At its slow start I was expecting it to grow into something bombastic, it didn't though. There was a slow build and it stayed mellow throughout. I wish we had some other genres on here because this definitely has some bossa nova vibes throughout and it was just nice throughout.

Thank you all for the shoutout. It means so much. Thanks for the plug, but you didn't have to do that, you have your own Patreon you need to take care of. I laughed my ass off at the "FOR ONLY $5.99 A MONTH!". That caught me off guard. It's great to hear Johnny back on the show.

I love you all!

Thank you for your kind words. It means more than you can imagine.

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