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It's like some possesed clown tetris! Like Clowns are about to kill you or something. Very good effect though in your audio.

JB-Productions responds:


Not Bad...

Very good. You actually know how to make a remix of a song. Ever think about remixing a Daft Punk song?

JB-Productions responds:

erm.... dont reli know any daft punk songs??? any ideas..n ill be happy to have a go

Very Nice

This was done very well, could've been better, but still good nonetheless.

Very Well Done

I've heard a lot of Rainbow Road Remixes here on Newgrounds, but I must say by far, yours is the most different. Very fun, bouncy, and still in touch with the true tune of the song. Excellent Work, you are going places. There was one part with the guitar part though that just sucked, other than that everything worked out well.

Keep up the good work.

Song is good...adding techno NO!

Don't add techno to this, you could possibly make it longer, but this one is great for like an opening menu or credits for a flash movie/game. You can make it longer for bigger flash movies and games and if you do make it longer I suggest you make it loopable.

Dude this is AWESOME!

Sounds like this would make a great battle theme for a game, or even good music for one of those mouse escape maze games. I like this very well. Great Job. Also this loops perfectly.

P.S. works well as Battle Music.


A nice Boss Music, could've been a little better though. It is a little repetitive though. I'd say more can be added to it.

I want Cookie!

This makes me want to go get a cookie. Weird. Nice piece by the way.

Listen to my words...

Voting...it only matters in flashes, even though I hate to say it for there is greatness within the audio portal. The score a song makes doesn't matter for it's Downloads and Reviews are what really say what a song is. If you left because of being given zero's then I will tell you what I told Goukisan to get him to stay instead of leaving. You have a gift that you bring upon the world and with such a gift you must spread it amongst the world. Don't think you're forgotten, you're really not...people still listen, people still love, even though you think they don't they do. The people who give you reviews are the ones who vote fair, those who give zero's are the ones who either hate audios or are audio artists who try to get their songs the most credit. Do not be distracted by the "polls" but look upon the true fans, they're the ones who don't want you leave. Please stay here on Newgrounds. Your songs are true art in the greatest form.


Robert Lee Haney


More suspenseful than sorrow really. I like it, in fact I have a nice little idea for it. Good job.

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