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The Deathes of Those

A very masterful piece, listening to your music brings out the best stories from me. I just typed a story in my review, but I'm taking it out just in case someone tries to steal it for their own.

I love listening to your music and I'm glad you're still here to share your talented gift with us all at Newgrounds.


MaestroRage responds:

Thank you The-Great-One. I enjoy reading your stories! I hope you will share it with me via pm *I havn't checked my pm's yet, maybe you already did?!*. In any case, wether you do or not, is entirely your choice :).

I'll be here for as long as I can. To keep entertaining those who would listen.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it ^^.

Simply Marvelous

That's all I have to really say about this. It's just simply marvelous. I love the title too, sounds like a good theme to use in a foot race movie. I really love this piece.

Excellent Job!

El-Romano responds:

Woaw man! I didn't expect a review like this one! Thanks a lot!

Darkness Within Light

The beginning shows peaceful tranquil thoughts of a kind of happy town. Then the dark bells begin to toll as shadows come down upon those and when the piano enters it stables a well thought out mini-battle between good and evil. Very good piece, but a little unorganized.

Turning-Japanese responds:

That's quite a bit of imagery you took from this - I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for your review.

Very moving...

Could go well as a credit/end theme for a bloody violent game/flash. I really like this audio that I've even downloaded it. I hope to see more of your great work.

Sounds Good

I don't know what you could actually put this with, but it does sound really good. I'm not sure what you could use this for, but I have ideas. Astounding piece.


It's like some possesed clown tetris! Like Clowns are about to kill you or something. Very good effect though in your audio.

JB-Productions responds:


Not Bad...

Very good. You actually know how to make a remix of a song. Ever think about remixing a Daft Punk song?

JB-Productions responds:

erm.... dont reli know any daft punk songs??? any ideas..n ill be happy to have a go

Very Nice

This was done very well, could've been better, but still good nonetheless.

Very Well Done

I've heard a lot of Rainbow Road Remixes here on Newgrounds, but I must say by far, yours is the most different. Very fun, bouncy, and still in touch with the true tune of the song. Excellent Work, you are going places. There was one part with the guitar part though that just sucked, other than that everything worked out well.

Keep up the good work.

Song is good...adding techno NO!

Don't add techno to this, you could possibly make it longer, but this one is great for like an opening menu or credits for a flash movie/game. You can make it longer for bigger flash movies and games and if you do make it longer I suggest you make it loopable.

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