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Posted by The-Great-One - June 6th, 2018

I am without Internet right now. I'll be back online fully this Sunday. I'm currently typing this at my parent's house. My little brother moved in with me as a roommate and decided to have Internet installed at my house. Well he moved out and took the Internet with him since it was under his name. Which is fair, so I had to schedule Internet installation for the house. Looking back I probably should have had the hindsight to just have the Internet installed under my name. That is what is excusing my absence. I must admit it is quite the experience watching YouTube on my phone. I plan to see what all Newgrounds Mobile can do here soon.

In other news, once I get Internet back I'm planning to start a Patreon. If y'all want to contribute to it I would be most thankful. Just a way to maybe make some extra money and produce more writing for all of you. I'm looking to bring back something I did a long time ago called June Games, but do it in July. I am also looking to have content for y'all every day of the week minus Saturday. If I can garner enough Patrons I could quit my job and make writing my full time job, but that's a pipe dream and ultimately the goal is to get my name out there more and just have a little more money if possible.

If anything I will implore you to spend your money on being a Newgrounds Supporter first and foremost. That is more important.

With all of that said, how y'all been doing?


Posted by The-Great-One - October 11th, 2017

It's been a hell of time as of late. I've been away far too long. Some of you have noticed my steady return. Between now and my last news post I had been slowly working on buying myself a house. I am now a proud homeowner. I will have pictures at some point to show the entire house, or maybe a video if I can figure out how the video camera on my phone works.

I moved in back in June and have been living here since then. It's a nice place, although I have been experiencing troubles with the toilets clogging and overflowing and plunging them does little. Anybody know a fix for that right off the bat, it would be greatly appreciated (shit less is not a viable option).

So I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and have been planning quite a bit of content. For one thing The Interviewer will be resuming, a new interview every Wednesday. Picking back up next week with an Interview with @Eggy. I'll also be posting stuff to my @Dohn page, so if you're not following that, then please do.

I wanted to ask a serious question to those who decided to follow me (why I dunno). I have thought about really outputting my writing more and I have thought about starting a Patreon. There are two things holding me back on this though. One is I don't know much about Patreon. I know it's open for creators, but is there a fee that you have to pay? Is there a cut Patreon gets? How would it work with my bank account overall? Those questions. Number Two is I don't want to come off as though I'm E-Begging. I'm not. If people enjoy my work, want to pay towards it, and hopefully I can use that money to expand. I have a job at a deli as a Manager. That position is what helped me get the house I'm currently living in, so I'm doing alright for myself financially, so I don't need a Patreon.

What are your thoughts?


Posted by The-Great-One - October 22nd, 2016

Sorry there have been more delays. There has been a shift at work and a lot of my time has been dedicated to that. One of our managers found a better job and she left so I had to fill the void left behind until a manager from a different store came back and got back into a rhythm. Now he is managing two stores and I am still managing the store I'm working at. Usually I have that under control, however something else came up.

We had a manager at one of our stores. I learned about two months ago that he and I were related, we were cousins! That became an exciting time for me to have another family member. One who doesn't treat me like shit and isn't an asshole. We knew who we were before, but we learned we are cousins! However about two weeks ago, he committed suicide. Not only did I need to step up at work and be strong when I clearly wasn't able to, I had to hide my feelings, and just not feel anything.

I wasn't able to do it. I broke down one Saturday night at work. I went out back and just cried. I finally couldn't take it, so I called my best friend who was out in Texas and told him to just talk, just talk, say anything. I just wanted to hear his voice and bring me some form of relief. He did, and it was something I needed.

Work has been needing adjustments to it. Thankfully though we are back on a "normal" level of productivity, so I should be getting back to work on here soon. Thanks to all who I have had delayed obligations towards.

Posted by The-Great-One - September 2nd, 2016

Ten Years.

A Decade.

A lot can happen within ten years time. Throughout the years I have changed as a person, seen beautiful animation, heard music that melted my ears, read stories that engaged me into the waking night, met some of the most interesting people in the world, saw sights that I had never saw or would even imagine.

I came to this website through a site called VGDC, a.k.a. Video Game Directors Cut. There was a series called Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom by Randy Solem. It was split into four parts and the final part could only be seen on this website called Newgrounds. After I finished watching Part 4, I decided to see what else was on this site. I came across this... the first true flash movie I ever saw on Newgrounds.





I had no idea what drew me to it. I knew this was an anime, but I didn't know which one and I didn't care. The only anime I was watching at the time was Cowboy Bebop. I knew who Weird Al Yankovic was so this movie delighted me on so many strange levels. After that, I signed up for an account and this movie was the first I ever reviewed. Do not go read that review... it is unbearably cringeworthy. A lot of my old stuff was.

I was enjoying the different flash movies and flash games. Hell on the front page the first game I ever played on Newgrounds was Super Smash Flash.




Seeing what flash could do it absolutely blew my mind! Here was Super Smash Bros. Melee made in Adobe Flash, with new characters added to it as well! This site was amazing! So many games and movies to watch it was incredible!

Then I discovered one of my true loves that I still visit to this day, and that was the Audio Portal. One thing I am is an ecclectic music snob from top to bottom. I will listen to any genre of music, but I tend to have a picky taste in my music. I jumped over to the Classical music section and the first song I ever heard would become one of my first friends on Newgrounds.

It was Selcuk Bor. Some of you here may know him better as one of his handle @MaestoRage or as @MaestroSorrow the name that gave me this beautiful and impactful song. _-=[The Maestro's Requiem]=-_.

This was such an awesome song. I had to listen to more. I started to dip into video game music and I ended up in some strange places. One song was entitled Hychapte and it was by this bizarre individual named Doki who I would later know his name as David Firth, the creator of Salad Fingers.

Now Salad Fingers... there is one creature that I learned broke the barriers of Newgrounds and became this huge thing all over the Internet. Therefore I also learned that Newgrounds was a site that could build creators up and their creations could spread like wildfire across the Internet. Needless to say I became obsessed.

It wasn't long until I started browsing the forums here on Newgrounds. Which by the way for those too young to know what Newgrounds used to look like... here's a glimpse into the past.



Not exactly pretty. It was a place where everybody was hopping though. A fun place to be. With so much going on in it every day! I still remember a lot of people who used to be on here, but aren't anymore. The old users who would bash me for being an asshole teenage user who signed up in 2006... which they were right. I was a stupid little teenager, I thought I knew more about the world than everyone else here did, I had an ego, I had pride, and I was wrong.

Some of you are probably looking at my username and thinking a lot right now. Makes sense, don't blame you. However when I signed up for Newgrounds my original username was Wilber7. Back then you didn't need permission from an Administrator or Supporter Status to change your username. You could just change it, whenever you wanted to. However when the 2007 redesign was being worked on, the username lockdown was announced. I wanted a username that looked and sounded better, so I picked BlueYoshi2. I later on didn't like having a number in my username, so I chose TheGreatOne. It was already taken though, so with a dash here and a dash there it became The-Great-One. From now on, if I hear someone ask me the story about my username, I'm just going to send them to this post, because this is the most complete this story has ever been and it is exhausting having to type it out each and everytime, moving on...

Anyways, as I stated I was a dumbass teenager. I loved video game parodies and sprite movies. There was a thread called SPA - Sprite protection agency. In this thread our goal was to protect sprite movies from negative criticism. I blindly followed. I was a joiner. That is when I met a man by the name of Nathan Malone. Some of you know him better as @ZekeySpaceyLizard. He knew his stuff and he kicked my dumbass teenager ass up one side of the forum and back down again. Funny thing is that everything he was saying was correct. I was being stupid. I didn't know what I was talking about. And this club that I joined had no real power to do anything. It was being trolled by The Star Syndicate heavily and there was nothing that could be done. Nothing. Zekey later banned me from sending me PM's, I understood why. I ended up making an alternate account to apologize for my behavior and he accepted it and allowed me to send PM's to him again. I wanted to do this, because at that time I wanted to interview him. We'll get to that shortly though.


All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces




Looking at the image above. I remember so many of those names and I don't even see most of them on the forums or even just lurking the site period much anymore. So many people that I had so much fun on this site with. When I was putting this together I decided to go back through a lot of these names and take a bit of a nostalgia trip. While on the way I ended up going back to my first popular thread on Newgrounds.


This thread pretty much summed up all I needed to know about the General Forum. It was a stupid place where people could gather and discuss stupid stuff with one another. True we could have some intellectual conversations, even though that was mostly saved for the Politics Forum, the General Forum was a stupid place to have fun. Get a little rowdy though and either @bigbadron, @EyeLovePoozy, or @STEM would not be far away with their Banhammers ready to dull out the punishment.

I was surprised that this thread lasted as long as it did. It is still unlocked to this day. This thread grew and grew in popularity. Why I have no idea. It is a nice little time capsule to how the Internet was (and I use this term begrudgingly) back in the day. I honestly thought that the thread was going to get deleted, I was going to get banned, or both. According to my recollection (which if a forum moderator would like to double check I'll edit this in post) I was never banned by bigbadron.

I bring up my time on the forums, because it was a factor in changing me as a person. I was born and raised in South Carolina, as a Christian Conservative Republican. Through and through. I was questioning my sexuality at a young age and around the age of 14 I accepted that I was bisexual. This although sent me into a turmoil that almost lead to suicide. When I joined Newgrounds, I heard about people who were gay, bisexual, lesbian, and even transgender. I heard about atheists, agnostics, non-religious people. I didn't make sense to me. Newgrounds helped open my mind.

It was at this point that I came out onto Newgrounds as an open bisexual. The responses I got were all wonderful. I did not need to be ashamed of who I was, where I came from, or how I felt and thought. Granted we're all complete assholes to one another on this site, but at the end of the day, we all look out for one another on this beautiful site. I wanted to find some way to contribute to Newgrounds. Anyway I could do so would be great.



Interviews with Famous Newgrounds Artists & Members
circa 2007, 2009

I was always a fan of the Newgrounds Mag. It was a special side site to Newgrounds where you could watch movies and play games in their demo and alpha states. What I loved about it though were the interviews done with famous Newgrounds people. When the Newgrounds Mag ceased, the interviews stopped. I was disappointed. I remember though that regular members here on Newgrounds conducted those interviews. I thought if they could do it, then why not I?

Well I learned that it was a lot harder than it looked. I started The Interviewer back in 2007, posting the interviews to my own profile. It was a failure though. I didn't like it so I decided to scrap it. I didn't take another shot at it until 2009 mainly due to inspiration from a TV show called Inside the Actors Studio. That TV show's first guest was Alec Baldwin, a recognizable name, so I thought my first guest should be just as recognizable and give some credibility to whatever the hell it was I was doing at this time. My first interview being the Interview with Tom Fulp.




February 10th, 2009 would be the beginning of a journey that I have been on for over seven years. Now look back, a dumbass teenager, turning into a dumbass adult, learning about life, bit of a loser, has lost all fucks known to man. Yet here I am intimidated as hell to send this PM out. I knew who Tom Fulp was, he was the creator and CEO of Newgrounds. He was worshipped like a god! He must get 100's, no 1,000's of PMs a day! There is absolutely no way that he is going to read mine. Even if he did, I'm sure he has no time to answer it, and even if he did he is probably too busy to even respond! Well he responded. I'm glad he did to. That was the start. Next I decided to interview EyeLovePoozy, a moderator who a lot of people wanted to know more about. Next I apologized and interviewed ZekeySpaceyLizard. Then I got to five interviews, which became ten, then became fifteen, then fourty, then fifty, then eighty-five, then one-hundred. It was insane! I was getting requests for more and more. How crazy did it get?

The next friend in this story goes by the name @deathink. If you don't know who deathink is. He created Pico Radio, the first way to listen to music from the Audio Portal like a radio. It was awesome. He sent me a message out of the blue one day telling me that he had a surprise for me. A couple of weeks to a month later I got a message asking for some input on this project. It would later become The Interview Codex.




I just want to take a small moment and talk about how crazy this is. Yes throughout my life writing has been a passion of mine, specifically creative writing. Despite this though, I never cared about journalism as writing for myself. I just started doing interviews because it was fun. Yes it still is fun, but it has slowly overtime become a lot more work. People ate this up like crazy despite me not knowing a single thing about journalism or interviewing other people. Apparently I got good at it overtime, because deathink is a fan of The Interviewer.

Let's take a step back. deathink. The user that Tom Fulp thinks is one of the best damn users on here. Who has his on emoji set for you to use on the forums. Who Tom praises any chance he can get. Who Tom recommended to me to interview and who just sat on my list for years, is a fan of my work. Joygasm like you wouldn't believe... happiness everywhere it was everywhere, the walls, my chair, it was just... TMI... moving on.

So yeah deathink loved The Interviewer and he made this codex so people could read the interviews in flash. He even used the theme song that I was given permission to use by @sorohanro. Since I knew nothing about making stuff in flash, he even set it up to where I could add new interviews to it. It was unbelievable.

I never thought people would get this absorbed in interviews. Tom really liked them, because for awhile they were main features on the front page of Newgrounds before the next redesign. I became the first writer to have their work featured on the front page of Newgrounds. That is amazing. And I didn't deserve any damn bit of it.

Why? Because The Interviewer was made to shine light on others. That's what I wanted out of it. For new artists, musicians, animators, writers, fans, to get a glimpse of their favorite creators. To learn from what they have done. To not make the same mistakes they did and even if so to show that it's okay to make mistakes. There will be a time for glory yes, but as long as you put in the hard work you will grow and flourish. That's what Newgrounds is about. And that's what I wanted to show with The Interviewer. Hopefully I succeeded.


Before I end this trip down memory lane I want to talk about friends. Complete strangers from a different part of the globe who have all been there for my ups and downs. From old friends to new friends. People from different stretches of the world that are all united for a love of creativity, inspiration, and a little bit of immaturity.

@ZJ is my Newgrounds best friend. We actually signed up around the same time. We are kindered spirits of this site in a way. He too was just as much a dumbass teenager as I was when he signed up. Now he's one of the most respected users on this site.

@MaestroRage was one of my first friends on the site. He did a lot to help me out on the site. Gave me some wisdom, even though I only took in half of it at the time. I will always remember him as a great friend.

@Bosa is one friend that I don't talk to as much as I did. Although whenever we do talk to one another it's like we just talked to each other yesterday. Then again we're both Southern boys, so it's probably just in our nature to be able to pick up where we left off with ease.

@Jazza is one person I loved talking to. I honestly didn't know how famous he was on this site at the time I was talking to him. He became one of my biggest requests for The Interviewer. That's when I understood why.

@tigerkitty is an incredibly kind woman who was always there to help me if I needed her. One of my favorite moderators. I imagine I see the kitty side to her. Would not want to unleash the tiger part.

@NekoMika I knew as a man named SCTE3. I learned though that was not the case. For one human being was trapped in a world she didn't belong in. She has done interviews for The Interviewer in the past and I've even interviewed her myself. I felt like we grew up in similar househoulds, hers more extreme than mine, but we walked out different doors.

@Troisnyx has a story behind her. One I'm glad that I didn't have to live and others here who love the freedoms they have with their creative works should not take them for granted. She is a very kind person who I got to know more and is one who I can call friend.

@Wegra is... where do I begin. Holy shit, this guy makes me laugh, he is one of the funniest people I know on this site and if you're one of the lucky few, know him outside of this site.

@Ryanson is a face I don't see much of anymore. Saddens me. I enjoyed talking with him and working on The Interviewer with him.

@Ragnarokia is one of my gay friends. He is the one who introduced me to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is also in a relationship with another friend of mine.

@Rad used go by TheRadicalOne. We were Newgrounds brothers in a way. I was Great, he was Radical, it's a bit complicated. We talked seldomly, but when we did it was always fun. Didn't know he was with Ragnarokia though. Happy for both of them.

@TomFulp is the one who gave me everything on this site. Without this beautiful site, I would not be the person I am today. I will gladly call him friend, even if we're not close enough for that title. I don't know who I would have been or what state I would have been in if it were not for this site.


And thus I close this off in a familiar fashion by saying to all of you. Thank you for the memories these past ten years. It has been a wonderful decade. Although there is much in my life that I would go back in time and change if I could. The one thing I never would have changed, was the experiences I have had with this place. I would love to be here for ten more years and thus I can deliver to you an overblown wall of text for being on Newgrounds twenty years. Hopefully this site will still be here and Tom will be running it and still be alive to see it. If I were a millionaire I would give as much money as I could to keep this place alive forever. This has been a wonderful place to grow up.

Thank You.


Posted by The-Great-One - June 29th, 2016

So I work at a deli restaurant. I am now a manager there so go me. That is what has been eating up my time. Working in the store and resting at home. One night while I was working though, it was 80 degrees in the store, I was having trouble breathing, and I collapsed with my chest hurting, my left arm and right hand both went numb and I was in a lot of pain.

Went to the hospital, they ran some tests to see how I was doing. Things didn't look good at first, but they did get better. I went to a cardiologist and everything checks out okay. I still hurt from time to time when breathing, but it's not that bad. That would explain my absence.

I'm alright though, and looking to get back to work on Newgrounds. With that said, how have all of you been?

Posted by The-Great-One - June 1st, 2016

For those who haven't seen a new interview and to those I haven't sent questions to yet, I apologize. I've been on break getting things done with my job outside of Newgrounds. Don't despair though, because I'm looking to focus more attention here now because I'm caught up with my job stuff.

Also for those who read my last post, I have chosen a new person to take over The Interviewer after I am done. Her name is @Little-Kinky. I will be showing her how I do these within the weeks to come and I'll also be cleaning up The Interviewer more.

Also the next interview posted will be with @chluaid. You may know him as Adam Phillips.

That's all I got. Thanks for your patience.

Posted by The-Great-One - April 15th, 2016

I've been looking for some advice lately and I'm a bit conflicted. I know I'm gonna sound like a broken record and some of you reading the title of this news post are probably saying to yourselves "he's talking about this -- AGAIN?" and yes I am and it will be the last time... until the actual end of The Interviewer, I promise. Yes though it is coming to end... maybe.

I'm wondering if it should keep going though. Also no, I'm not doing what Doug Walker did and say I'm ending something and then I'm not, at the 200th Interview I will stop doing The Interviewer... does that mean it has to end though?

I'm toying around the idea of possibly letting someone else carry on The Interviewer in my place. Someone to keep it going strong into the future. We have so many more creative people sharing their works here that I haven't gotten to yet and probably won't get to.

The problem is, who should do it? Can I trust them to keep the page safe and keep it neat? Can I trust them to be nice to the readers and to the people they interview? What all will they need to know? What all do I need to teach them? Will they be able to handle a weekly update? Will people like the new person? These are questions that rattle around in my mind.

There are some things that need to be done and criteria that need to be met if I go through with this no exceptions.

1) All Interviews must be cleaned up and look nice with this new redesign. Some are already like this, others need to be fixed.

2) Whoever takes this position has to be a writer, NO EXCEPTIONS. This was started by a writer and will remain with a writer.

3) Should the person taking over operate from the original account or have a new account to work from?

I'll still be interviewing people on my Dohn page, however those interviews are different from what I do on The Interviewer, so it shouldn't be a detraction from it.

I'm looking for some advice on all of this and are wondering what all of you think about this.

Posted by The-Great-One - March 17th, 2016

Hello once again. I am back on Newgrounds at full force now. I've been getting better and as I was I decided to take a small break from Newgrounds only really checking in to talk in the Politics forum. I've been evaluating my life and improving it in small steps and really knuckling down both my outside work and my Newgrounds work.

Mainly thanks to a book called Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. I will note that I bought the 2001 first edition. The one I am linking to is the new 2015 second edition. It has helped me branch everything out of my mind so I can focus more time to myself and well, be stress free. As I am posting this I am listening to a Hello Internet podcast.

You can expect more interviews for The Interviewer, more posts to my Dohn page, as well as reviewing more movies, games, music, and hopefully art. Since I have been lacking on my reviews lately, the one reason why I decided to make an account on Newgrounds in the first place.

To those still following me, The Interviewer, and newcomers to Dohn, thank you all for being so patient as well as the kind words I have received as well. You are all more amazing than you know.

Posted by The-Great-One - January 24th, 2016

Let's talk about the Academy Awards for a moment since racism is yet again being brought up in a place where there is none.

First thing's first. Yes there needs to be a change in the members of the Academy. The Academy is a group of people who vote in the awards for each category, if you're an actor you vote in the acting categories, if you're a director you vote in the directing categories. However every member of the academy gets to vote on Best Picture.

With that said we have had African-American nominees and winners in the past for Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director and many Best Picture winners and nominees featuring African-Americans. For the 2011 Oscars we had Octavia Spencer winning Best Supporting Actress, along with Viola Davis being nominated for Best Actress. For the 2013 Oscars we had Lupita Nyong'o winning Best Supporting Actress, Chiwetel Ejiofor being nominated for Best Actor, and 12 Years a Slave winning Best Picture. Last year for the 2014 Oscars we had Common and John Legend winning for Best Original Song.

The fact that we have not had any African-American's nominated for Best Actor, Best Actress, or Best Director or any category really is not the problem here. The members of the Academy are not racist. This is not the problem though.

The Academy does need to be more diverse in its members though. Most of the Academy is comprised of old white men. Now this isn't racist, it's just an oversight if anything. During the 70's the Academy was bringing in young people to give a fresh perspective on film. We need to do the same again and think for culturally. Not just African-Americans, but China, France, Japan, Asia, Africa, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Israel, all of these places that have different views on film. They need to be brought into this spectrum.

I will say this though, even if you diversify the Academy, you could still expect to see just white people nominated for a particular category. I hear people saying that because there are no African-American nominees that the Oscars is racist. Come on... even if they were just shoehorned in (which is wrong) simply to be a nominee, if they lost then the Oscars would still be racist in these people's minds. When it isn't racist.

We need to stop trying to shoehorn racism into something that isn't. Instead of making a statement, ask why. Questions push us further than outbursts. Which is something that film is very good at doing.

I am eager to see the Academy Awards this year and to all of these people whining about racism being a part of the Oscars. You have just given Chris Rock a lot of material to work with.

Posted by The-Great-One - September 21st, 2015

I want to thank those who sent kind words to me for my last post. I've been doing better, thanks to the people of this site who help me escape and getaway from my own mind. I've been feeling better. There are more good days than bad now and I'm slowly getting back into work.

There will be three new interviews coming up, one that's already up. The Interview with supergandhi64 has been posted, it is yours to enjoy. I will also be posting interviews with @Troisnyx and @WooleyWorld in the next two days. Also I knew I said I was going to have only special cases, but that was due to problems I've been having. We're going for the 200th Interview and that will most likely be as far as I take it. With that being said, I'm also running out of ideas for The Interviewer so I need suggestions, any suggestions, ALL SUGGESTIONS!

Also I'm going to have an interview with @TomFulp going up. Not on The Interviewer though. It will be on my Dohn account. I've also got a few ideas for it as well and am open to some suggestions.

Thanks for keeping up, chances are you're doing a better job at keeping pace than I am.