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The-Great-One's News

Posted by The-Great-One - October 3rd, 2020


Hello everybody! For some reason people seem to want to follow my own profile even though my projects are on other profiles. I guess you're here for all of the latest from me, so why not update you with a little show of my own. Since there is interest. I am inspired by David Allen's book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. Every Saturday I spend that day getting everything caught up. Checking over my lists and seeing what I have to do. I'll go more into detail on that below.

The Weekly Review with TGO #1

Getting Things Done

I. Organization and Tasks

I've been a bit lax on getting my projects done. I can have everything neat and organized for sure, but getting things done I've struggled with. Mainly because I don't know what to do on any given day. I finally have a Tasks folder set up so now I just have one sheet of paper with any material I may need on hand for those Tasks and a Support folder as well. These Tasks have to be completed before the end of the week. If you're following me on Patreon I will be posting my Tasks list for that week so you can see what I have coming up. I'm still doing some work on my Patreon though.

II. The Interviewer

This is one of many projects I have fallen behind though. I am playing catch up though. You can expect each new interview out every Wednesday going forward. I'm still working on that retrospective for The Interviewer as well. I have also been formatting past interviews and adding new interviews to The Interview Codex. The Index Page will be moving to The Interviewer soon. Don't despair, the original page will simply detail what The Interviewer is and there will be a link to the Index Page's new home. I also have a Guest Index so you can see all who has been interviewed. As of this news post there have been 187 Newgrounds Members interviewed. You can expect the Codex and past interviews formatted every Friday.

Interviews 1-60 have been formatted for the new layout with new spacers. Any broken links or videos have either been removed due to deletion or replaced with the new video embedding feature. I plan on adding the theme song to where you can just click the button on it instead of going to a separate page. Which by the way, give @sorohanro some love while you're at it. He has graciously allowed me to use his music for years now.

III. The Tank Tribune

I am glad that all of you are enjoying The Tank Tribune. It was a project that I've been working on in secret for quite sometime now. I've noticed that Tom's news posts on the forums have a chance to highlight other creators on the site more. Hopefully that was due to my paper reporting more on the news. It is a project that I work on each and every week. If you have a news story then please send it my way, I'll make sure to credit you as the source.

Each issue has a tagline at the top. If you want your own tagline seen then submit one to the The Tank Tribune Tagline Thread. As long as it isn't crazy long I'll put it on the paper. I have some of my own taglines, but I'm running out of user submitted ones.

If you're a poet and a fan of haiku, then submit yours to the A Haiku a Day thread. The Tank Tribune features a haiku each Sunday. The Tribune also has the Newgrounds Kitchen where recipes are shared to the Newgrounds public. You can post yours in the NG Club for Cooks, Bakers & Eaters Club and it might be featured.

IV. Halloween 2020 Writing Contest

I have been selected as a judge in this year's Halloween Writing Contest! My fellow judges are contest host @SevenSeize4President and previous winner of Halloween Writing Contest and all around beast of a writer @Dranj. I will be reading the first couple of entries next week. I've devised a rubric for my judging that I will be going by until or unless the host supplies one. I've never judged a contest here on Newgrounds so this should be exciting!

V. Microphone

I've been invited to be part of podcasts here on Newgrounds and I've had to turn them down each time because, alas, I am without a microphone. It is something I plan to invest in soon. I'm pretty sure I know what I want already after looking at the Voice Recording Resources on the NG Wiki. Any advice is greatly appreciated though.

VI. 24 Hours on Newgrounds

Last month I spent 24 hours straight on Newgrounds to celebrate signing up on the site 14 years ago. The only breaks I took were to eat and rest while listening to music. It was not as easy as I was expecting. I open this challenge to other Newgrounds Members. If they want to take it they can, if not, then that's alright. I open this challenge to all of Newgrounds!

VII. Dohn's Desk

I finally have enough content for this section of Newgrounds that I've put off for far too long. There will be interviews and conversations with other Newgrounds members through Somber Pensive. Dohn's Desk will make its return with an interview with @Lizzardis. There will also be a return of The Underground. It used to be threads I made on the Video Games Forum. Now I'm moving it to news posts. It will also be just a place to say whatever is on my mind at the time. I also plan on rewriting the Introduction.

It is also the namesake of my Patreon which everything will fall under, as you've probably seen on the latest interviews and each issue of The Tank Tribune.

That's about all I have been up to lately. What's been new with all of you?


Posted by The-Great-One - September 22nd, 2020


Time to celebrate a lot of carnage and fun times with the Madness Series! I have posted a special edition of The Tank Tribune this morning so you can check that out!

I have also interviewed Krinkels twice in the past. He was one of my first interviews with Madness Day only two years old at the time. I got to welcome him back to The Interviewer to cover more ground with his series and what he has been working on.

Interview with Krinkels

Interview with Krinkels #2

On the Archive page I'm working on, I have compiled a playlist of the Madness Day series in canonical chronological order.

I also made a thread where you can make and share your own Madness Character Creations!

Hope you all have a Happy Madness Day!


Posted by The-Great-One - August 24th, 2020

The Tank Tribune will have an Evening Edition coming out this Saturday! Plus I'll be having a weekly schedule of content coming out starting next week! I've been working on a lot of projects lately and still have a backlog.

SUNDAYS - The Tank Tribune

WEDNESDAY - The Interviewer

FRIDAY - Dohn's Desk

Friday is the only one that is a bit vague right now until I can better position something for it.

September 2nd is approaching. My Newgrounds Birthday as it were (we should call them a person's Tank Day honestly so we can say Happy Tank Day).

To celebrate, starting at 12:00 AM EST I will be spending 24 Hours on Newgrounds. I'll be here, reading your comments, watching your movies, answering questions, and working on Newgrounds stuff as well. My PM box will be open!

I'll also be answering any and ALL questions in my AMA thread and will be doing a face reveal.

After the 24 hours are up, I will probably still be on Newgrounds a little more afterwards, so it may go pass 24 hours. You could get technical, but whatareyouafuckingnerd? #ILoveYou!


Posted by The-Great-One - August 15th, 2020


I hope you're enjoying it. Unfortunately I have work later on this morning and I work all day so I won't be a part of the fun today. There is a brand new interview up on @TheInterviewer with StrawberryClock! Also @TheTankTribune is a celebration of Clock Day!

Have fun everybody! If you see something funny in the Portal on this day then please leave it in a comment below so I can see it after work!

Have a great Clock Day and remember to VOTE 5!


Posted by The-Great-One - June 21st, 2020

The newest issue of The Tank Tribune is up! NO. 002 - Dad's Sunday Paper. Happy Father's Day to all the father's of Newgrounds out there!

The latest interview with rtil is up now to read! I've also launched a Patreon! I have some tiers up now, but I'm still a bit new to this, so I am open to suggestions and tips!

That's about it on this end. If you liked my posts in the Video Games Forum, you're gonna like what I have in store for Friday! A return to an old project of mine if you will.


Posted by The-Great-One - June 8th, 2020



Posted by The-Great-One - June 6th, 2020

Nice to see all of you again. Expect these updates once a week every Saturday. I've got a lot in store for those who are fans of my work and fans of Newgrounds in general. No new interview again this week. I've been working on a lot of stuff for all of you so I hope you can forgive me. I'm also in the process of setting up a Patreon and finally pushing through and completely reformatting The Interviewer.

I'm also looking to invest in a microphone and a camcorder. I've got my microphone picked out, I just need some advice on a camcorder so suggestions are welcome.

Also my best friend flew in from Texas for his sister's wedding and he's gonna be spending some time with me.


Posted by The-Great-One - July 14th, 2019

It has been nearly a year. All I can say is, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I've been gone for too long. I needed a break, from everything really. Unfortunately I didn't get a nice break from work. Hopefully that'll change though. All that I can say though is The Interviewer will be returning. Also if you haven't checked it out Somber Pensive will be making its return as well! That's on my third page @Dohn.

I thank you all for being so patient with me during this time in my life.


Posted by The-Great-One - November 1st, 2018

I am still here. Alive and kicking. I want to start off by saying sorry for the long hiatus. It's been a rough couple of months. Work, mental problems, and a hint of insomnia have been draining to say the least. I am hopeful to get everything back on track sooner rather than later. I am planning on investing in a video camera and microphone and bringing to the world the web show I've been working on for over a decade.

The Interviewer will be continuing. A lot of catching up to do there and a lot of overhauling as well. In the past when I hit these slumps papers were strewn everywhere. Thanks to the GTD method everything is still contained right where I left it. That reduces stress, which the less stress at times is better.

I want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding. It means a lot to me.


Posted by The-Great-One - June 27th, 2018

I've been giving my life a lot of thought now. I thought I would tell you what my life is about. I've been working at a deli restaurant for five years of my life. I have climbed up the ladder there and am now a store manager. The owner of the restaurant still calls the shots over me, but I keep the place running smoothly. June was a hellacious month for me due to life problems with one of my now former employees. As I get home I tend to be exhausted with the work load that I have and that I put into that store.

I have officially decided to start a Patreon once I do the overhaul of The Interviewer and make it look much nicer. I will be bringing The Interviewer back into full force. Starting on July 11, 2018 there will be a new interview posted on The Interviewer and a new interview every Wednesday. I will also be posting newer content as well, I'll get to that more in detail next week.

To those I have promised an interview to, I'll be in touch soon. I'm sorry for all of these delays and I'm gonna do better. Because honestly, y'all deserve it. Also The Interviewer is approaching it's 10th Anniversary come February. Incredible to see it come this far.