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Maybe you can add rain sound effects into this to give it that real rain feel, but either way around it's still awesome! Keep up the good work!

ChrisDelFuente responds:

I'll try that out soon, thanks for the review and idea.

I Like It!

Very Loopy indeed. Sounds great for a video game, or possibly a credits theme.

Mid-Night responds:


Fun and Very Bouncy

Although I disagree that this belongs in the Country section it was pretty funny and I think I'll have an idea for it.

Sitting Alone...

I know how you feel... I too do enjoy relieveing stress and sadness, but through the written word is how I get rid of my stress and sadness. I write what comes from myself and how I basically feel, corny I know.

Sadly I cannot actually review this song, because to tell the truth I'm not reviewing a song, I'm reviewing a person, which I shouldn't do, expressions through the piano, but nothing actually written, this piece isn't supposed to tell a story it isn't supposed to be really anything exception your own imagination.

To be honest however at the beginning it sounded like Twilight Town from Kingdom Hearts 2, but that was a bit of something I noticed.

Storing up worries and regrets is unhealthy, but you do not wish for others to worry about you, so you just place them all upon a song.

Again this song sounds really great, but I shall not give a critque about it.

Ah... peaceful.

A nice Margaritaville feel to it. Sipping Lemonade in a hammock with shades on basking in the summer time sunshine. Reading a magazine you picked up from the grocery store.

This is what I saw when I listened to this song... it is majestic really, but in a plain-fashioned way. Excellent Work!

howamisupposedtoknow responds:

thanks for the review... and hope you enjoyed your 'lemonade' ^^

Surpassing the Original.

You've clearly surpassed the original Temple of Time theme. Bravo for you. I am speechless to this, you've really actually left me speechless.

Not bad...

But to be honest you could've played around with this some more. It was nothing more than 1 minute of repetitive music. Which is good for a 30 second loop, but you could've made this a real song. I suggest you try and finish this song and make it a full version.

Oh Truly Awesome!

This is bar very epic! This really is a happy hardcore remix and you got everything running so smoothly within it... I am impressed, I think you've possibly outdone yourself.

Banjo and Kazooie!

Click Clock Wood from Banjo and Kazooie. It does remind you of being in the woods. Oh this surely is a blast from the past for me. Superb job... superb indeed!

DjThunderbass responds:

finally someone who likes banjo kazooie WOOOOOOOOOOO

Fierce Battle

The two warriors standing before the doors, fear has overcome them, but they must hide it within themselves. They enter the coliseum and battle ensues, these two are about to fight to the death, only one can win this battle and only one will walk away. The battle ensues and one kills the other... cheers and screams come from the audience, this is truly madness, the emperor stands and announces the winner as the man who shall wed his daughter. The victor seems to feel very cold now... he falls to his knees in shame. Congratulations all around him, but he knows that he hasn't won a thing.

This song was just absolutely marvelous like all your others! Although I didn't get a big feel out of it like your other songs, it was still great.

MaestroRage responds:

As always, a wonderful story TGO... a warrior who has lost everything, and despite having being forced to lose no more, he continues to lose.

Very touching.

I'm a little curious, by big do you mean it was lacking in bass? I feel it was a bit lacking there. If by epic strength, I don't know if I agree. I agree it lacks some complexity instrument wise, it does hold only about 11-12 instruments where it's usually 20 for me.

Still, thank you for this review, I am glad you liked it!

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