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It was interesting...

Odd, not much effort or work put into it, but it was interesting. My vote says it all.


Power, Coming, Alive!

Outstanding sir, truly outstanding! The build up, anticipation, to something big to come within the song was what I loved most about this song. Then the instant changes from here to there and there to here... simply great! Superb job, superb.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:


You've Got Something

Although it isn't good, it is too repetitive, even for a loop. But it would make a good gun shop loop, that's about it. I say you should play around with it some more.


This will surely become an icon on the Audio Portal for sure. I enjoyed it, but at some points you just went way to high on some of the notes and it became an ear rape, I spent some of my time adjusting the volume in which I should've spent it listening to the song without worrying about what was going to come next. Fix this and then you'll have it perfect. Other than that random and very well done.

Short... Yes...

Sucks... NO! This is a perfect loop. It loops perfectly and has a nice beat that isn't repetitive. You've done an outstanding job on this! Normally I wouldn't give such great standards to a loop under 30 seconds long, but you pulled it off, very magical indeed.

HelgiB responds:

thank you for the review :P


Wonderful! This put my mind at a bit of ease when I listened to it. It was so good I had to listen to it again. It was like Matchbox 20 meets The Beatles, simply outstanding! I loved this song from beginning to end, nothing out of place, nothing wrong, and nothing that needs to be changed.

A Description of Myself

You've captured me so well that it is almost scary. You made me look back into my life at my previous suicide attempts in life, I still can't believe that I was going to do that. I knew of my burdens, but I also gained control over my burdens as well and now my life is better and is filled with more glee than what it used to be.

How someone can have such a beautiful voice and tell tales of darkness, it amazes me really. A darkness so deep that those who live off insult will never see. Superb work on your audio, I can only hope and pray that you are not taken away from this world, so that your work may continue on for many years to come...

Thank You for helping me realize who and what I am.

Good Melody

You had a terrific melody, but your lyrics destroyed the song. You weren't even singing the song either, you were completely whining through the whole song. Your song sounds like one of those emo songs when Chess isn't all emo. You need to look more deeper into what you're writing. So find a better writer and find a better singer says this critic.

writtenkits responds:

I actually did look deep into what I was writing. It's an analogy. Meaning that of course Chess isn't all Emo. That's like you commenting that you can't write about a sad relationship, because relationships aren't all sad. If you don't like emo, fine. But don't vote me down because of your personal taste. Vote me down because the song blows, lol.

Not Bad...

It's pretty good, although you really could've played around with it more you know. I know it is supposed to be short, but more could've been done with 35 seconds. Still pretty good.

Bouncy But...

Not exactly the greatest thing, more can be done with it. I suggest you concentrate on playing around with this some more.

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