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Coffee in plain Style

Outstanding, works great as a loop, this could be used from menus, to bars, to well a coffee place. As thus I have given you a title "Coffee in plain Style." If you don't use this title I will understand, but if you do I would appreciate credit. The pause was great, but I think you should shorten it a bit, maybe 1 or 2 seconds then you'll have a perfect loop!

Simple-line responds:

awesome, thanks for tips all both of you commenters, i might use your title.

Calm & Peaceful

Very peaceful, it's as if you were in a state of mind of a calming matter while writing and playing this... magnificent! I close my eyes and I can see the sun slowly rising over a hill in my mind. Outstanding work... I congratulate you.

BlazingDragon responds:

I specifically remember waking up early one summer morning, and just marveling at how beautiful the sunrise was. I felt so at peace, and set to writing this right away. :)

Thank you for the congratulations!

Faire Town We Are

It sounds like a town theme for a good N64 Game if you ask me. I can see the many stores and houses also many villagers amongst the grand town. I like this I really do, it makes for a great town theme!

Upon The Parchment

The light comes on, a sheet of paper from the drawer, a line here and a line there. Gazing first at the beginning... of greatness. Pouring onto this paper is nothing more than visions from within, a passion so deep an imagination so pure... some stars here and maybe snow upon there... a dead tree would add such grace, but it would take away from hit. A tail upon a shooting star within the sky will add the presence of hope, beauty and wonders that human eyes don't see much. The masterpiece is now complete, but what to call it? An inspiring artwork yes indeed, but what to call it? The title says it all... "Inspiration." This piece is put into a folder with many others. Upon parchment a new vision was put away, a memory saved for another day, one with rain hopefully.

Sorry if my long story bored you, but this song inspired me to write this fantastic piece, please understand this. Your song is magnificent and is superb, NO! Masterful in many ways... I must say you've done an outstanding job on this piece, but I must warn you of improvising although it can create some great things you must study your improvised notes and see what more you can do, a great pianist I'm sure you've heard about did this, his name is Mozart. Great job.

ismiller responds:

Wow, thank you so much for your review. After reading it, I realized how much your story related to the song and I visualized it in my head. It fits it so much, however, that I think the name would suit the song. If you don't mind, I'd love to name this song "Upon the Parchment."

Seeing Anything Maybe Everything

Wow. As a writer I must say that these are some outstanding lyrics! This song has inspired me to write something that I'll think you'll like, I sent it to you via PM. Excellent work on this song.

Smirne responds:

Thank you very much! It's a pleasure to inspire a writer!

Being Very Generous

It is a very nice song, but use caution when improvising. Improvise once, edit twice, check it three times, and repeat if needed be. This works quite nicely as a loop and I believe does fit in Classical Rock. Keep up the good work.

Story To Mind

This song has now put a story in my mind, but I do not wish to write it here, I hope you understand. I will send it to you however at a later date if you wish. Everything in this song flowed so smoothly as your other songs do and you added a pinch of impact to the mix. Maybe you should experiment with impact more. I really enjoyed this song, it brought a Desert Temple Ruins to mind.

MaestroRage responds:

I understand perfectly TGO :), send it to me whenever you'd like, i'd love to read it.

Experiment with impact you say? Do you refer to the booms and thuds at certain intervals? Make them more powerful?

Always looking for new methods to making thuds more powerful... they're a monster to control though. Too much power, and it kills the flow, too little, and it doesn't satisfy the listener. Difficult things they be D:

Thank you for the review TGO, always a pleasure! I'm glad you liked it.


A great piece of work you've produced here. I really enjoyed it from beginning to end. However maybe more lyrics could've been put with it, I mean this fits well as a theme song, but other than that it's a great song!

BLUE menu

Makes for an awesome menu loop I must say! Great job. Keep up the good work.

Boxeh responds:

Ahaa, thank you very much. Means a lot to me :]

Dance Club: Yetris 87

A very bouncy dance club theme that also eases the mind, but keeps it awake in anticipation as well. You may see Pico's massacre, but I see a dance club. Amazing what things people will see?

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