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Simply Beautiful

The power of the triforce enters. I still know the words by heart. Entreat ye Navi. Sir I can certainly see why you were chosen for this task at hand. Everything just moved so calm and peaceful... I just hope that this fan film doesn't destroy the beautiful music you will produce for it.

I anticipate future works from you good sir on this project.

Generic Commercial Resort - TIME SHARE

I do enjoy this song, and you have captured the generic beauty perfectly. Something you would hear on a commercial for a resort, beautiful beaches and five-star hotels to cater to you. Excellent job!

Lightningpichu responds:

Lol xD so you think I could be a generic time share sellout xD? Anyways thanks :D

A Great Song

This is a great war song, and that's what gets me. It just sounds a bit cliche to me. I've heard this before. When you hear it you instantly think of war and although you served the purpose, I was basically expecting more creativity.

MaestroRage responds:

i'm not going to argue against that TGO. It is rather cliche, the purpose for the piece was pretty hammered down and the action if you play the game is somewhat slow paced. So I couldn't really start making swift segments, and that left only a tense war ambient type of track. And though there's no arguing that even those can be creative, I simply went with the tried and tested method. I was too afraid that if I introduced too many ideas that stood out, it would become tiresome to listen to, too quickly.

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it :D!

Quite Peaceful

This song does sound quite peaceful I must admit. Like a menu or the awakening before setting out on the journey. Maestro, you and the Lady have done it once again. As you stated "this is the people's passion!" You could'nt be more right in that sense. Outstanding job as always.

MaestroRage responds:

I'm glad you liked it TGO :D! Lady wasn't involved in this project, but i'll be uploading a few songs in the coming days where she was. I'm glad you felt the tune hit the emotion home!

Thanks for the review!

Nice and Calming. Serene at Most.

Truly is ambient. Makes you feel like your church or something. Possibly even in some grand hall. It fits 2005 perfectly in my mind. Soothing all through and through. Also worked well with your flash Health Reminder.

Very Happy, Bouncy, Nice Pop

Certainly a nice pop song. Could've used more lyrics, but I digress it's like "Inspector Gadget." This will surely be a song that I won't be getting out of my head anytime soon. All in all a very nice song to listen to and bring anybody in a better mood.

Not Half Bad

All the beats are quite nice and it holds a nice groove. All in all a very good Techno song. The only thing I can complain with is that it's too short, I was just getting into this when it ended.

Not Bad

It is as you say "A Simple Piano Loop." There really isn't much more to say besides it was quite good. You should take this and make it longer and give us something more than just a loop.

PrawDuhJee responds:

Thanks for the input! This was really just a test of how to upload audio though.


This is quite possibly one of the best Trance songs I've heard in a long time. Surely something F-777 should hear. First off the beats were kick ass through the whole song and the synths were perfect. I listen to Trance songs twice to see if I can catch repetition, and I must say I really didn't catch any repetition. If you had some good song lyrics to go with this song then it would be a wonderful piece of music, but this song can do justice by itself. All in all a masterful piece of work.

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks a lot. :)
About the lyrics... I might give that a shot in one of my new songs, maybe, when I do trance again. :D

I Like It

It's short and basic. Perfect for if you're timed to decide something in a flash game or if you had to make a decision on an ending or even for a scene selection screen. It's just a simple thinking tune and I enjoy it.

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