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I agree with jtm17

This is Freakin Sweet!


Wow... just wow man. I wish I could put a short story with this review, but you pretty much had everything there in front of me. You have a brilliant voice and tell of the deepest of tales. Yet by listening to this song I do see my childhood before my eyes. I see the fun, when back then and then back when we did seize the day... but children can not seize the day any longer, they can try but something will always be holding them back... it's not fair, we need a change.

Again, magnificent song, I can't wait to see your next great creation!

The Order Has Arrived...

I have yet now another idea for a great book thanks to you! I dare not place it here though out of fear of it being taken away.

Your song is brilliant and brings forth many images twisting and turning about my mind like shooting stars through a twilight sky, flying and going out and once they go out I find it able to take those old stars and form a new one. Magnificent work, as always.

MaestroRage responds:

I hope the book idea serves you well TGO. I know your ideas are quite fascinating, i'm sure it will be a keeper :D!

I'm glad you liked it, as well as found it a source of inspiration, I honestly did not expect that much from it, but to see it serve some purpose, gives me joy. Thank you for the review!


I see wise men around a campfire. Their men asleep in tents as these wise men are not talking of worldy matters, but instead of the happiness they've experienced through their lives. They decide to dance about the campfire.

This song has given me so many ideas now for a nice little story to put together, (too long to fit here in fact). I leave you with a quote from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as said by Gene Wilder...

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

MaestroRage responds:

It is an interesting idea TGO :D! That these memories would be so strong, so revered by would dance without restraint. Truly it becomes an unseen dance!

The quote is also very fitting, thanks for sharing it! And again for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


I like this. It sounds like the rock I listened to during the 90's. Very good. Love Pop Song. Very well done, I look forward to listening to more of your work I really do. Great Job!

Great Minds Together!

I see this as a great dance theme... although between 0:40 and 0:52 could've been a little lighter, other than that great audio! Keep up the good work!

Kr1zF-777 responds:

Thx for the review ^^ glad u like it :)

Nicely Done

Not too overwhelming, yet not too quiet for Trance either. I enjoyed this very much and ask for a Classical version of this song as well. It's nice to know that some people actually know the name of this song. Excellent Job!

Looking Through...

I see myself, walking up to a shy girl, asking for her hand in a dance. She's somebody I've known for a long time now and never had the courage to ask. She accepts my hand and we enter the dance of people, the people however stop and begin to watch us, she says...
"Robert, everyone's watching us."
I reply...
"Don't worry about them, we're the only two here right now. It's just you and me, don't let them make you think about anything else."
After the dance we are applauded and given great praise. I don't know what happens next, then again, nobody can really say what a moment will lead to...that is how life works I guess...

I loved your audio and downloaded it instantly.

A Feeling...

You have the gift! Bored and nothing to do. Not much effort put into it, just what you think was needed. Amazing and an excellent job! Keep up the good work.

Major Tom (Coming Home)

Instantly Loved It!
From a fan of the song "Major Tom (Coming Home)" I was overflowed with joy to see it on the Audio Portal, and hearing it I can just picture the lyrics in my mind! If there was only a way in which you could put the lyrics in with your song that would be awesome, but you would need a copy of the song wouldn't you, (PM me for more details if you want to consider lyrics). Again, Downloaded, and fived!
Excellent Job!


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