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This is something I've been looking for for a long time now! Thank You for making this! This is a perfect theme for what I'm working on. Great Song!

Bosa responds:

No problem, brother!


Another masterpiece Maestro. I can see the war right before my eyes. The gunfire, the machine guns, the grenades being thrown with destruction and chaos before others eyes, knowing running into the field will become your fate of either life or death. Amazing! Simply loved it.


The Years Without Photos

The memories encased within the minds of these three friends by the sunset lake. As they remember the times of their youth. Sure they're only ages of 20 now, but before then they recall times of greatness in their thoughts, fun of the suns almight rays, and the beliefs that another day will be bright upon the lake's clear aura. And when they become old with their own children they too will bring them down by the lake and after many years when they are retired they will be able to see their grandchildren play and swim in the lake like they have in the past. These are the years that need no photos for tales around a fire at night can tell more than a common picture.

Another brilliant audio Maestro. I enjoyed it quite well. It's nice to listen to something by you when my mind is set at an uneasy balance. Thank You.


MaestroRage responds:

I quite like your statement there TGO, "The Years without Photos". It gives me quite a few ideas! It is true of course, there are moments, feelings that a camera wil simply never be able to capture.

We can only hope that lake stays there for those kids to enjoy, like there are years without photos, there are places without time, and sadly places where time wipes them out.

Here's to that image TGO, keep up the good writing, thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

To the guy who reviewed before me.

This song doesn't need drums. Any Dire Dire Dock song or Jolly Roger Bay remix doesn't need freakin' drums. (God you Drum 'N' Bass people always think that).

Now then this song is awesome. You get very close to the actual song. Very good for a remix, very good indeed.


Ringtone Worthy

This remix sounds like a really good ringtone. You could make great ringtones for the people of Newgrounds you know.

I Don't See why it has a low score...

Like I said...this was given an unfair vote. I say this deserves more than what it has gotten. It loops almost perfectly, but it needs a little more work on it. Get that fixed and you'll be ready to go.


This is a great audio and it loops quite well. I can tell you put effort into this, very well done. You should do a lot more loops.

A-New-Decade responds:

Thanks, I really put a lot into it.


Makes a good theme for a fight scene! Hmm...I wonder how far this could go here on Newgrounds. Well awesome song! Very captivating and creative remix!

Cosmos8942 responds:

Eh? o.o...this was originally a Kirby Superstar audio piece...as I said, I only did a 'slight remix' of the original...now that I am better though...maybe I will go back and try again =o.

Cya, and thanks for the review :D,

Listened and Now Reviewing

I have been listening to your stuff for a good while, but I was just zipping through Newgrounds giving out scores and trying to get my experience points deposited as quickly as possible. So now that I have actual free time I am reviewing audios, including some of MaestroRage's that I haven't reviewed yet. Now then I'm sorry to hear about your mother, my respects to her and yourself. This is one piece I've heard by you that is really captivating and that loops quite nicely. To tell the truth here it really sounds like a funeral piece (which is something I've been looking for for a while now) it's soothing yet depressing at the same time. A very captivating piece of music based on feeling...... I'm going to need a moment to gather my thoughts... so I bid you farewell and congratulate you on such a magnificent piece.

| The-Great-One |

Cosmos8942 responds:

Funeral piece...yep, more or less dreary...that is what I wanted. Though I will admit that I had no idea that anybody still listened to those "below 4" pieces that I sometimes submit. Stuff like this is not easy for me though as I am normally a easy-going guy. But I am glad that you liked it...pity I didn't notice your review till now though.



Bluegrass on Newgrounds!
This is an awesome loop! You should really do a remix of "Dueling Banjos." This is still great though!

Too.. many.. blisters.. Uh oh..

Bosa responds:

Oh man, you won't believe how many times I've been asked to do that.

Yep, them blisters do hurt.

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