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I Know What You Mean

This audio loop fits such a situation perfectly... boring, bland, nothingness, while inside the store your friend is having the time of their life. But remember you will soon come across a store you love and they hate so they have to wait. This audio was boring and did have a funny sound to it, which is what it is supposed to be. Great job and keep up the good work.

Dark-Frando responds:

I actually found this song playing in my head whilst waiting for a newgrounds movie to load up. Man, I've cursed myself -_-;

Thanks for reviewing!

A Combo Move in the Notes

Although I've never played Donkey Kong Country or Sonic and Knuckles, I do however enjoy this audio. I am sorry to say I can't tell the difference between songs, but you still have done a magnificent job on this audio. I'm sorry I can't offer better criticism, but maybe someone else can.

The Adventures on The Open Sea

The ocean. She calls to us with such voices that we follow it. Three brave young men aboard their ship in search for treasure. As they fight off deadly pirates that come within their path. Then within a Kitchen a mother washing dishes looks out the window to see her three sons playing outside, using their imaginations. I remember a time like this, I even enjoyed a time like this... this song has given me some ideas and has helped me remember some things... for one I'm glad your song has helped me to remember some of my life, but at the same time I now hate you, but don't feel bad... that is the last thing I want to bear your shoulders. Your audio was very well done I do believe you could do better in the Classical genre, but exploring new genres is the purpose of a creator's existence... I for one know this quite well. Amazing audio, I can only hope you keep up the good work.


It's Superbly Perfect

I see visions dance around in my head that twist and bend within my mind. I like this piece I really do. Your improvisation with the title choice match perfectly. For no one man or woman knows where a dream will go next and that is what makes this audio perfect in every single way. There is nothing left out and nothing that needs adding. I suggest though you don't overdo improvisation when submitting audio here though... you'll end up killing what good you got from this if you do. I suggest you record an improvisation and listen to it to see what you can add and take out. Other than that great job on this audio. I really enjoyed listening to it... it gave me a sense of peace amongst myself.

DPK4 responds:

This is quite perhaps, the best response I have ever gotten from anyone about my works, after submitting to several places, you have by far given the best review I could ever receive for this track. I appreciate the kind words and criticism you've given for my pieces. I will definitely take a look into making another improvisation and then rework it from there. But as you said, I don't believe I could ever change this piece. It would feel... wrong... no matter how much cleaner it'd sound... Words do not express how much joy it gives me to hear people experiencing my music first hand. I guess I'm not used to it much at all really. ^^; haha!

Thank you again, I'll hold this dear to me as you did to my piece.

The Sadness That Gives Rage

I see what you see in this audio. I see how she is sad about what was done. She fights, through her pain, no tears, no screams, nothing from inside except hate. A twisted tale of vengeance and rage. To kill one is to be killed by those who know or knew. She remembers, she knows, she has planned... she will kill and cry knowing that even though her hate is controlled her parents are not there. By killing the invaders she makes herself a hero, but she doesn't feel like a hero and never wanted such an honor. Death rings many bells and the truth will show all who she really is...

A rose with thorns...

Please do not take this the wrong way if I'm mistaken, but it sounds like that you put some of yourself in this song. If I am guessing correctly it sounds like you are a rose. Although you are beautiful, but if someone tries to hurt you or hurts someone you care or love then you will use your sadness and cause enraged anger and you could possibly kill someone. Then again I could be wrong.

Beautiful audio... it has a dark feel to it, which I like... the dark and twisted ways you weave yourself through your angel voice it shows that even the most kind person has a dark side to them as well.

I can only hope, pray, and wish that you live a prosperous life and share your gift with the rest of the world. From one writer to another I say superb work on your audio.


Not bad...

Not half-bad at all. I say it is decent for ending a part of a game or even a good menu and/or gameplay background music. Good Job, keep up the good work.


First off really bad title choice and I don't think you put a whole lot of real effort into this audio. The synths weren't really going with the flow of the drums. Although the drums are basically the only good thing of this audio everything else was basically crap.

The Memories That We See

I see my friends in the past. All of them who were there for me. Not only my closest and dearest friends, but the friends who pulled me up when I was down and were there to fight by my side and fight for me when I needed them.

You have the voice to spread the winds and pierce the hearts and minds of many. You making a duo with hania or even Milkman-Dan would make Newgrounds less of what it was made by spammers.

It's something unique...

But unique can sway two different ways in the eyes of a critic... however it seems you sway in the way of a Classy person. I see greatness not only in your song but within your future in making audio submissions for Newgrounds. Keep up the great work and never go by what someone tells you... go by feeling.


A nice nifty loop which could be used in for certain flashes here and there.

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