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Not bad...

Not half-bad at all. I say it is decent for ending a part of a game or even a good menu and/or gameplay background music. Good Job, keep up the good work.


First off really bad title choice and I don't think you put a whole lot of real effort into this audio. The synths weren't really going with the flow of the drums. Although the drums are basically the only good thing of this audio everything else was basically crap.

The Memories That We See

I see my friends in the past. All of them who were there for me. Not only my closest and dearest friends, but the friends who pulled me up when I was down and were there to fight by my side and fight for me when I needed them.

You have the voice to spread the winds and pierce the hearts and minds of many. You making a duo with hania or even Milkman-Dan would make Newgrounds less of what it was made by spammers.

It's something unique...

But unique can sway two different ways in the eyes of a critic... however it seems you sway in the way of a Classy person. I see greatness not only in your song but within your future in making audio submissions for Newgrounds. Keep up the great work and never go by what someone tells you... go by feeling.


A nice nifty loop which could be used in for certain flashes here and there.

It's Okay

But to tell you the truth... I really wasn't seeing that Heaven that I thought I would see in this song. Maybe you should try something else or rename this audio.

Dedication to Friends... A Serene Gift of All

I too do not know of the story you're telling, but I do see the laughter of two minds together. Two souls of the dark who now see the light when they look for it.

I don't know if I can write anything for this, but I sense a friendship in this I really do. It is strong... through mighty and glory it is strong... I do believe it will strengthen through time and as all know only time will tell of those who wish to see the future. Another great audio by you my good sir. Also to LadyArsenic my regards as well.

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you for your kind words TGO. We do often laugh, and the story in question is actually about a studio that we have decided to buy on an island. It will also have a moose living on it somewhere. The moose was not my idea, but she seems to want to ride one before she dies so why not have one on there :D?!

We can only wait like you said, and see what the future holds in store. Until then, what more can we do but continue our work?

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

Astounding Presence of Greatness

I see a young man... he walks down a hall of heroes and legends. He sees the great work that others have created in the past. He sees what they have done and know that someday he shall grace the wall with these valiant ones. A Hall of Fame is not what this is, but a Hall of Greatness... a hall of men and women who are not mere mortals.

This piece is greatness in itself and could be used for a lot of things... I see somewhat of a celtic feel to it, I can see why this is your favorite piece out of many that you've made... it takes you away to a place that you're not sure about, but know when you return you will return with greater knowledge than when you entered.

MaestroRage responds:

A hall of greatness eh? I sometimes wonder, if heroes ever act more aggressively knowing that their actions would one day inspire the youth of tomorrow? I mean consider it, if they are truly going to shape the world for the better, knowing that they will be studied later would they act more nobly then they believe purely to set a better example?

It's a thought which kind of degrades a hero's image, yet if it achieves better results should we care?

Sorry, meaningless rant, but your little snippet got me thinking! Thanks for the review TGO, i'm glad you liked it!

i could party to this

Greatness it's amazing how people can make amazing remixes of these great songs... problem was you're close, but not close enough to get this song perfect. I hope the collab version will make a better outcome and just a suggestion for the next version, have one with lyrics and one without them. Other than that a nicely done remix.

A song that relates to you...

When you see someone so beautiful... knowing she wouldn't judge one man's appearance for another. You want her more than others and would do anything for her. You would help her more than others, you care for her more than others. I need to be alone with my thoughts now because this song reminds me of so much... of someone I miss. Great Job and keep up the good work, you have a great voice that you need to continue to share with the world.


Jazza responds:

thank you oh great one lol. jokes

but really i know where you coming from. we nerds are never the lady catchers, its only later in life they realize they should've gone with us. lol jokes. but yeah, i've been in the same state of mind

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