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Not Bad

I've heard better and I've heard much worse. It's a nice starting ground. I honestly think you should've kept the guitar out of this, it would've been much better without it. Adding the guitar just turned this into a jumbled mess. However I am curious to see your actual guitar work. If you have a different song with guitar only (acoustic in other words) then I would love to hear it. This is just a bit sloppy, but not completely bad either.

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NeverHundred responds:

Well, this is the first guitar song where I didn't loop the guitar rifts... and I thought the recording came out relatively well. But yeah I noticed some instances wherea note was by a mili-second.

Calming and Serene

I don't know where this would go with lyrics, but with or without this song is certainly a beautiful classical piece. Nice and moving. The strings gave this song it's ambient feel while other instruments gave it a light beat that kept it just enough to not calm you, but keep you in a state of classy sophistication. A very nice blend of many different melodies wrapped into one.

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RyeGuyHead responds:

classy sophistication? thats a new one haha

Thanks alot for the review, I'll probably upload a singing version at a later date


Truly another great piece by you Maestro and as always the beauty of the Lady's voice. It twists and turns upon the battefield you have placed amongst the world. The pieces are here and there the battle ensues. I must guess that this is the image you foretold. However I see something more comical. I see a man trying his best to get to work and runs into many scenarios that keeps him from arriving toward his destination.

Very nice Maestro, very nice indeed. Also kudos to the Lady as well.

MaestroRage responds:


That's a great story! I see it too, and I can definitely see how hilarious that would be. An epic journey for the mundane ritual of work. Unless his work is also epic, in which case, he's a lucky man.

Thank you for the review, from both me and Mandi, we're glad you liked it!


A very catchy tune that can stay stuck in your head forever. Not just the lyrics, but the beats put with it. I rather enjoy this song and wouldn't mind using it myself for something. Keep up the good work.

perro-electric responds:

Nice! Please keep me informed about your creations! I would really like to see what you made.

I Like This

I'm not a person for hip-hop either. This certainly is an enjoyable piece of music. Throw in some good lyrics (and I mean LYRICS) and then you'd have a rap song that could blow away even Emenim. Keep up the outstanding work.

C-Enterprise responds:

Thanks for the review ;)


I haven't heard many remixes or covers that did this song justice, but you certainly have given it great honor. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this piece. Just listening to it takes me through Kingdom Hearts once again. Breathtaking music. Bravo and certainly keep up the outstandingly masterful work.


Sorrow-316 responds:

im Glad you Liked it! Thanks for Reviewing Aswell!

War Indeed...

This sounds like the 8-Bit theme played before the war. Like war preparations you know. It sounds good, except the end which doesn't loop very well. That is the only thing I believe that actually irks me about it.

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Peppy and Original

After listening to some trance songs and other techno songs just blending together, it's good to hear something a bit more original and not say IT'S IN YOUR FACE LISTEN TO IT. I love this song. It paints so many pictures in my head that I can't even begin to describe everything that flows through my brain. Excellent piece. Can't wait to see more from you.

My Story...

The moonlight she beckons above. It is a bitter cold outside. However inside a warm house, a gathering of friends. However two friends are about to find out that they were meant for one another. The host steps outside into the cold, the lady goes in search of him, to find him out in the cold. He offers his coat to her... and wonders why she is out here... she wonders the same thing. Talking begins between two, a story told, a fantasy, an adventure to begin, a winding road set out and both know now about the other. A passionate kiss, this is real love. Love of two, a love that can not be broken by no untrustworthy thoughts. When the two enter the house, the group of friends are in cheer and glee in celebration.

A lonely man has found his way. A young lady has found her care.
A journey has begun, however where it shall end is unknown.
To the near future, and beyond. Without hesitation and much desire.
Let love lead the way, down an aisle and back again, arm in arm.
Together forever. A destiny in time, destinies intertwined.

The bold-looking man, with a caring heart. The beautiful white rose, with enchantment and wisdom. Don't let go of the ones you care about, and do anything for them.

Well Bosa I believe this is the longest story I've ever written for a Newgrounds Audio Submission. This certainly is a captivating audio and I can understand if you coudln't muster yourself to leave a story for it. I may have had a typo or two when typing this, because well this song made me think about a lot of things. Why must the audio portal unlock the human side of me? Anyways you've made me envision things I didn't want to envision, because I know that they'll never be a reality. A magnificent audio all in all. Keep up the good work.



Bosa responds:

Know well that all is possible with patience. Also know that a quick ambition to yearn for what one wants and not for what one needs is not wise. If you search truth, meaning, love, then you must wait as all will be revealed for the meek.

I have found love, truth, and meaning because I know what lies in store for me. If you're searching for love, then know that there is always someone out there for you, someone that will make you happy and will give you support in times of trouble.

Patience is the heart of gold.


You See Battlefield - I See Something Else

The rich old miser sitting upon the leather chair. A fire in front of him. For mirrors show the truth, they do not speak like a fire does. A painting hung above the fire showing the glory he has set, a painting of himself. As he sits there with the clock ticking slowly, he notices he is indeed old of age and the only thing he has ever done with his life was make money for himself. With all the money he has earned he isn't happy. Goals were set and accomplished, but what was in the middle? Memories of good time? If you count counting money... then yes.

Um... could you please continue this further? It appears that I cannot end my story. Your song seems incompleted not short. It has many aspects that I like and I'm sure you probably noticed which ones reading through my story. All I ask is that you finish this song so I may finish my review as well as my story.

Lamplighter responds:

A very nice scene, matches better than mine! I never really liked my story, because pretty much everyone uses battles and death. Yours is so much different, and it provides a more unique view. I'll certainly finish this song, sometime.

Thanks for the review!

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