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I really love the music! I really do, heck this could stand alone as just Instrumental without any lyrics! But that is my main concern is the singing, just tone it down some so the words are a little easier to understand...that is all I ask, but other than that I really love this song and have now downloaded it! Excellent Job! Keep up the good work!

Nicely Done

For a video game you can have a town festival, a lake bonfire, a town theme, a bar song, the possibilities are endless! Your style and mood really have a good effect on this song which made me enjoy it even more. Great job!


Your style is absent yet there. I do see a battle in your song, even one from a video game, but it wasn't an exact wow if you understand. You still did very nicely for a first composition attempts. This was well thought out I can see that, but you need more of a feel to it... I really didn't see a big battle before myself. With time you will become better. Improve and try and wow not only me, but others as well.

Cruelness through Love's Hate and Redemption

She enters the church and walks down the aisle, at the end stands the preacher, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen, but she sees an emptyness up ahead for the groom is not there awaiting her...she is stopped by her mother who tells her that her husband to be has run. He left her there in an embarassment without concern over her emotions. The day she has been waiting for all her life will end in a night that nobody wanted. As she tries to slumber in her chambers she cannot so she rises from her bed, puts on her wedding dress, pulls the knife from her drawer, and ends her sorrow and sadness.

You and LadyArsenic make a beautiful team, could you send me the links or the titles of other songs you have collaborated with her. Also if it's not a hassle I would appreciate it if you could send this review to LadyArsenic somehow, I would like a response from both of you if it is possible.


MaestroRage responds:

heh, well there you have it TGO, one review above yours! We've collabed on a few pieces, if I am not mistaken there are 2 others on my page in which she sings

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/74515 (Crumbling Cathedral)
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/60913 (The Woman's Roar)

I have an old piece we collabed on, I think we should consider putting it up here, one of our first, yet one of my own favorites.

Your story also rings quite closely to the story used to create the song. However the man did not run off in my own mind, why he was unable to reach the alter, is another project, for another time, hopefully as another collab with LadyArsenic. I'll probably have to sing in that one as well, as it is the man's side of the story.

Thank you for the review TGO, i'm glad you liked it! I wish you the best on your future endeavors!

The Window of the House and Tree

As gazing upon a dove I recall of simpler matters of our world before, when those who were men fought bravely, now they cower in fear behind their Starbucks Coffee Cups. It recollects to think of how the brave knights and valiant men have turned into brave soldiers and men of only talk; action must be taken when talking has no effect. I recollect all this while sitting under a tree, however other data of thy mind shall be gathered not under this old oak, but in thy lighthouse where I may gaze outward the revolved window to see yet the same innocent dove. Not worried about what will happen to it next, but to fly towards the skies with no limit. I am reminded by said dove of our old standards that we no longer hold dear to us any longer.

A brilliant piece of work Bosa. I normally only write stories in my reviews to MaestroRage's music (it moves me so), but I had to write something for this, I do hope you understand. You've written quite the beautiful melody here and I am glad that I decided to have a listen in this spare time of mine. Thank You for such an amazing piece.

Bosa responds:


As the years pass, I can see a change in light. My life as a farmer had ended, my life as a thinker had begun. A change in time has an effect on the whole world. Yet a dove, being there by its will, gave me the inspiration to remember what was. Yes, the world is taking a cowardice approach rather than that of honorable men once had. But, just to free my mind for once, I will watch this dove take its flight.

I thank you for this review, I would enjoy it if you gave me more to think on.

Your friend,

Before A Kingdom Feast

The banquet has been placed and as the happy folk music and go lucky fancy die down then brave warriors tell their king, their king, their mighty king of the battles and the wars that they went through to save the lives of this king's mighty kingdom. They come bearing sad news yet happy at the same time. For the kingdom is saved and the good king can rest assure of that, but the mighty prince, the youngest male of the young neverending youth gave his life to save his kingdom so that his king and queen may prosper. As the tales stretch onward through time a king with a lowered head and a queen with a heavy heart are seen not as disappointed, but through sadness they hide their tears. The wise have a saying "For my kingdom, I will do anything. For my king I will sacrifice my life." These powerful words can effect all and many at times. The young prince was given a toast in his honor and the banquet be honored in his remembrance for he is a hero, that no one really wanted to cheer in such a way.

MaestroRage responds:

yes, the spirit of this lad would be remembered, it is a shame it came to that, but even the king must be able to feel human emotions. That day many wives, children, and mothers held their head with pride. Some would hide their tears, others would let them out, to let the world know that there is sacrifice there, and that it is placed firmly in their hearts.

Though strength alone might have made them fighters, heart and courage had made them soldiers.

Well written TGO, well written indeed. Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it. I apologize for the late response.

The Voice

Music alone can tell a story of untold lies, secrets, and deceptions. Music alone tells a story of love and hate as well as friendship and hope; but it takes a voice to express the music and thus begins a stand point where you defy yourself.
-The-Great-One (2007) [My personal quote]

I enjoyed this piece very much and I find it enjoyable yet see sorrow in it somehow. Is that odd how one sees what another other doesn't? Excellent Work.

The Song Dreams Are Made From

The lonely ones of the world who venture deep into the abyss, do not know of what awaits them. They do not know of who awaits them. They do not know of their fame nor do they care. They travel through the world, without anything and nothing to show for it, but the melodies they give to the world. It is a shame how at music infulences others and how it passes others swiftly without a care. I love how Newgrounds brings the Classical Genre into the hearts of the teenage generation. Thank you for composing such a brilliant piece.

Well this audio is superb in every detail, unraveling stories from within the mind. Have you ever considered a duo with MaestroRage? I believe you two could make a spectacular piece of work.


It sounds like a bumped up version of the Ghost Motel theme. Weird eh? Well either way around it's looping really isn't the best, but makes for a nice loop. Good job.

Well Done!

Something that is actually not stolen from the game. You did a great job on this too. Excellent Work!

Gorekiller responds:

... Hey thanks ! I didn't know that you would appreciate my MIDI works !

Hello I am The-Great-One of Newgrounds. I am also The Interviewer here and a reviewer here to review. If you got a movie, game, art, or music for me to review then send it to me.

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