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Worry And Woe

The desk. The lights. The small confined box. The chatter of different people of different people. The crazy ones. The daring ones. The elements of the rain, sadden some people. As one looks toward the window in distress. Thinking why God do I do this everyday. How come I'm not like those below me with carefree lives to spend. How come I'm not there. Then this man looks toward a picture of him and his wife and his two children... and all questions are answered. Although the days may be dreary at time... the evenings will shine without sun for a happy home is upon the return.

Sorry for writing that little story above, this is what went through my mind though while listening to this song. It certainly is a magnificent piece and although I never heard the original, but I believe this is certainly a quality piece on it's own with your revisions. Masteful work. Keep it up.

Lamplighter responds:

Wow.... a review from The-Great-One! By all means, you can write as much as you feel like! I love reviews like this!

I think that bit of writing fit this perfectly! When I was working on this I kept having visions of someone sitting at their desk, looking out the window at the autumn leaves falling and marvelling at the beauty of the world, but your thoughts reflect the piece even better!

I thank you for the great review, high score, and compliments! It really means a lot!
My day is made now...

A Mad Man's Memoir

Beneath said light shines a man in a corner. A grim look upon his face soon turns into a grin that would make the one staring into his eyes uneasy. He comes toward you and snickering at the same time. An insane laugh echoes the room. The full light comes into motion with mannequins all around. So life like they look, but that is what the scary part is. The insane man speaks... "you shall be my new statue."

An evil taxidermist...
His room filled with trophies...
Nobody could ever guess...
Unless they took a closer look...
But they will never get the chance...
For whoever questions...
Will become stuffing...
And if beauty enters my surroundings...
They to will become my prize...
Frozen in whatever position I desire...
It will be beautiful...
To God I say...
What do you think of my...

Sorry for this little story, I love every bit of it. Although you describe a ballroom of the undead I see a crazy taxidermist. Another marvelous song. I can't wait to see what other darkness may come from you Lady... as well as the Maestro.

Ah Memories...

This took me back, not to mention I was just recently playing Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World. You certainly did a fantastic job on this. Keep up the good work.

Ihsman07 responds:

Ah thanks. I tried hard on this one. I was thinking about throwing Dr. mario in there too, but I changed my mind. I may just do that one next.

It started with a line

Before you knew it I was enraptured amongst the clouds. They came to me, mere creations of my own imagination, dancing with souls and lives that I gave them. Characters running amok... to save the day we must, to save the day we trust, to save the day with haste, I am in their place to Save yet another day!

Sorry for that banter... when I sat back and listened to it, I remembered all the characters I created when I was younger... good times, good times. An absolute masterpiece.

Ihsman07 responds:

Wow. Thank you. I'm really glad you liked this. That's the kind of thing I want people to see and you saw it without any problem. Excellent. Thanks again.

Epic... Truly Epic

Quite masteful indeed. It gives that ambient feel between life and death. An essence of violence and justice within one's own mind, then we come to the part of destruction meets simplicity... not a pretty combination, but it holds it's own. Nicely done.

NemesisTheory responds:

that painted a cool picture in my head, actually! haha, wow. :P

I'm glad you enjoyed the song :)

Not Bad...

It wasn't bad, but Bethoven just isn't something you remix with DnB. Mozart is more the thing to go for when remixing... however this certainly was well done and I'll give you credit where credit is due, but it could've been longer... this is my only complaint. Be great as credits, the question is credits for what?


This actually seems more assertive than Assertive Mood, and Assertive Mood seems more competent. Both of these tracks are awesome, but I somewhat feel you mixed up the titles.

RenoakRhythm responds:

lol.... that funny, maybe i should have changed the titles around...oh well.

Thanks for the review.


This is a great Techno song with an awesome beat, however I just don't quite understand the title, I don't see how this was Assertive. I really love the song it's just how is it assertive?

RenoakRhythm responds:

Thanks for the review.

I made another song called Competent Mood and its basically the same structure with a different feel. So this song is called Assertive mood since its more happy than competent. Other than that, the title makes no sense....I know...lol

Fucking Hilarious!

This is nothing more than just hilarious! Rig, you should make more stuff like this. A reading based off of something on Newgrounds with great effects especially the audience effect. This has started my day off quite well.

Rig responds:

Why thank you, sir. Hope the rest of the day is as awesome.

Ensnaring The World With Our Might

The proud and brave leave today. To battle amongst those outside the walls. To make those who dare defy us tremble with fear. Prisoners of war are only soldiers blocked by barriers, for this event we must show no mercy. The days the violins will play for our battle and pride, to pay tribute to those in our nation that may die. The king's are playing chess and the pawns are the citizens that rank below. Armies of nine prepare, a ill-savior who was chosen as leader has now been found as corrupt. For we prepare for darkness... for we prepare for a fate worse than death... For death is something unpredicatable, but this shall be a death in which we know of the coming.

Sorry once again for that banter, Maestro it seems you are taking steps back to your old self once again, although you've done quite a good bit of songs about war lately, no offense or anything, I understand that you make your music from your thoughts, creativity, and emotion... but as a listener I wouldn't mind hearing something different. Still a phenomenal piece Maestro.


MaestroRage responds:

A brilliant story TGO. I loved it with all me heart as always :'D.

I wish I could do other songs TGO, you have no idea sir. But it seems i've been pigeon holed into writing war songs for people. It's the only songs that are being commissioned XD. I can't blame them, in flash games where it's so critical to save space, everybody just wants to highlight the action, the bulk of the game, with no room for songs of sweet joy, or of anything alongside that nature.

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!

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