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As if soldiers were traveling through a rainforest as the night skies bring out the creatures of the night and as they travel they are reminded of the splender that they see. The stars above them that show of hope for all of them in time and in patience.

You make such wonderful music, and this piece is very well done, you and this LadyArsenic make a good duo. Have you two done any other collabs?


MaestroRage responds:

hello TGO. LadyArsenic and I have made a few collabs before, "The Woman's Roar" and "Crumbling Cathedral" are both songs i've collabed with her, though this is our first musical collaberation in the sense that we both worked on it musically. The other two collabs features her brilliant voice. I hope you listen to both, they are really something else.

Your imagery is also one that struck many chords with me. I am somebody who is heavily influenced by landscapes and natural imagery, so that story, though short, allowed me to really get into the scene, and build it to my liking...

an image I will have to let go of eventually... but not just yet :D.

I am glad you liked the tunes TGO, thank you for the review ^^.


Truly great. You need to put more stuff like this on Newgrounds. I have only one question...is that you actually singing? Because if it is you could have a nice little bit of fame on Newgrounds. Excellent job.

Naitzmic responds:

I have a bunch of other stuff out on Newgrounds.
Go check it out!

To answer your question, no, this is not me singing.
It's the voice of fellow Newgrounds-user; Alex Sandford.

He has been a "guest-singer" on a number of my songs.
I suggest you listen to "Winds" and "Left Behind" (both posted on
my profile) if you want to hear more of his singing.


I like it. Like a desert theme or a puzzle game theme. Very good, maybe I'll use it for something interesting. Nice job on your audio.


Sounds close to Monstro in Kingdom Hearts, but it's different. I like it it's like a village in suspicion. Very calm like a village but somewhat eerie. Very nice indeed.

Winterwind-NS responds:

Kingdom Hearts eh? that game with the disney characters n such?
thanks for the review

Masterpiece by a Master

YOU are one of the masters of the Newgrounds Audio Portal. I love this piece. It's very moving, jumpy, and calm all at the same time! Like dancing in the night with absolutely no fright.

(I Downloaded it after hearing the first two minutes of this).


This is smooth and quiet. This would be quite useful for a flash involving a bar scene. Nice work. Keep it up.

Life...it's not just a dream anymore

This audio takes people away to the mystic world of dreams and in this world they see there own life and the twists and turns that it makes, and they realize that while they were going through there life as it were a parade they were missing the twists and turns.

Brilliant audio. I enjoyed it quite nicely. Well done and jolly good show on your part. I have been a fan of your music, but have never downloaded any of it. As of right now I plan on doing that. Excellent Job!

Lost with No Wisdom

It appears before the battlefields that Kings march onward ignoring there own wisemen sentencing them to death. The battles range on between two kingdoms that once got along prosperously until one from one kingdom killed another from the other, then war became announced. These killings due to the lone killer's actions have caused destruction and mayhem among two that were once one. With the wise ones heading to the gallows all is lost on hope except for thousands to die in the matter of meager mortals decisions.

Another great piece of music you have created. I enjoyed it greatly.

MaestroRage responds:

It is strange, how rash emotions have often ruined ideal and prosperous scenerios. It is no surprise to read the head of the lion, like always, will attack what it pleases. The body, must sadly follow regardless of what it may be thinking.

It is a story that rings true in history as well as fiction. Well written The-Great-One!

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it! Sorry for the late response, keeping track of reviews are incredibly hard with the new system!


As the boy stands before the ruins of such a happy place destroyed by man, as man see and hate one another it makes the demons cry to see such hatred. When demons cry places are destroyed and when demons cry to release an anger upon man.

That is why demons prey on men of hatred and war and when the innocent soul is met and shows heart and not violence, the demon accepts it.

You can call them demons, but I call them angels, angels referred to as demons by man.

You have made another great audio and I truly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Thank you for another great experience.

MaestroRage responds:

Hello TGO.

A very very interesting concept you have written here. I have never once thought of demons in this nature, and truth be told, it is very endearing.

Listening to this piece with your story, it sits very well, and opens up volumes of stories and ideas.

Thank you for THAT experience! I am glad you liked the piece, thank you again for the review. I apologize sincerely for the late response :(.

ROCK! Kick Ass

A very cool kick ass theme. Very nice and good for the rock genre. Coming from an old school rocker himself. I'd say this piece was either well thought out and put together very nicely, or you went with the beats you were thinking of. Either way it was a nice song to listen to.

Hello I am The-Great-One of Newgrounds. I am also The Interviewer here and a reviewer here to review. If you got a movie, game, art, or music for me to review then send it to me.

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