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Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!

First things first, I love the Newgrounds Rumble Game! Very Awesome! I have a few ideas on a sequel if you're willing to give a listen.

Now then, you're remix of the Newgrounds Theme to be put into a battle theme is a crazy idea, but this idea has worked very well! Awesome song!

Evil-Dog responds:

it's not me who should listen to your ideas, I just made the music, tell Aaron(NegativeOne) about it instead.
Thanks for the comment :)

Be Ready to Battle

An Emperor's March onto the enemies in which they must defeat. Sounds nice for a final boss battle. Excellent Work!


Could use some improvement, but either way around a nice song...wouldn't recommend it for downloading, but you made a nice song here.

Keep up the good work.


Haven't written you a review in a while...PM me to tell me what's going on with you lately.

Magnificent piece...very good for a rock orchestra, and you are right, your skills are improving everytime I listen to your songs, I must say you're becoming quite the eclectic (I think I spelled that right) artist. Good Job.

Simple Tears...

The shedding of a man's tears as he begins to see through another's eyes. The pathes that another has walked, the choices that another has chosen, shocks such a man to bring tears to his eyes, but these tears are not those of eternal sadness no, but they are tears of joy for one kind and beautiful maiden has brought one out of sorrow and shown him life that others live, not within the darkness, but within the light, she reached out her hand to his and pulled him towards the light, she saved him from a grim fate that may have been worse than death itself.

I wrote a story like this called "The Dark and Light of Life" and I wrote that story inspired by one of friends who has gone through life's turmoils. I only wish I could help him more, but all I can do is just sit and listen and hopefully help with his sadness...He has a hidden unhappiness, and there's hardly anything I can do about it, yet words help more than others think.

This piece really speaks to me, I'm going to have to stop writing now, I need some time to gather my thoughts.


MaestroRage responds:

Your story is one that reflects on my own memories. Though I do not speak in the sense I claim to have experienced the harsher things in life, I have known those who have. It is sad, to see them slowly succumb to themselves, and like you said, all I could do was sit, and listen.

I'm glad you were able to relate to the piece, though of course by no means do I mean I am glad it didn't trigger a happy one.

After reading your story I sat back, closed my eyes and lived it. Taking the scenery slowly into view, creating characters, an entire world was born. It was... an interesting hour.

Thank you for the story and review The-Great-One. I really enjoyed it!

The Misty Battlefront

As the soldiers take their first steps onto the field, they are aware of what awaits them, a grim fate, a happiness of victory, the love of another, and the fate that lies ahead of them they cannot choose for they must rely on instinct and instinct alone. They must lead themselves as they are about to come to the line of life and death, some will come to the point of choosing their fate, live to see their loved ones again, or die to give someone else that chance, and when the music stops the war begins...

I have spun a grim yarn here today, your music brings out the passion of writing in me, in fact this piece has cleared my writer's block and I'm ready to continue writing. Thank You...



MaestroRage responds:

Writers block... how I hateth thee >:(. Whenever I get a writers block, I tear my hair out because I KNOW what it should sound like, but it's just always just beyond my grasp.

Muses come and go, and always they never leave a number in case I need to reach them.

The swine.

In any case, the story is well written. There is one phrase here, which I found especially interesting

"some will come to the point of choosing their fate, live to see their loved ones again, or die to give someone else that chance"

To think, you would have had to make a choice, to die for your friends, or live to see their own funerals. War demands the most difficult questions, with the most vulgar answers.

It was a moment I enjoyed living in.

I am glad your writers block went away. There is no joy greater for me then to start hearing what it is I want to hear once more!

Good luck on your writing! I hope the best for you and your journey. Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it ^^

The Deathes of Those

A very masterful piece, listening to your music brings out the best stories from me. I just typed a story in my review, but I'm taking it out just in case someone tries to steal it for their own.

I love listening to your music and I'm glad you're still here to share your talented gift with us all at Newgrounds.


MaestroRage responds:

Thank you The-Great-One. I enjoy reading your stories! I hope you will share it with me via pm *I havn't checked my pm's yet, maybe you already did?!*. In any case, wether you do or not, is entirely your choice :).

I'll be here for as long as I can. To keep entertaining those who would listen.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it ^^.

Simply Marvelous

That's all I have to really say about this. It's just simply marvelous. I love the title too, sounds like a good theme to use in a foot race movie. I really love this piece.

Excellent Job!

El-Romano responds:

Woaw man! I didn't expect a review like this one! Thanks a lot!

Darkness Within Light

The beginning shows peaceful tranquil thoughts of a kind of happy town. Then the dark bells begin to toll as shadows come down upon those and when the piano enters it stables a well thought out mini-battle between good and evil. Very good piece, but a little unorganized.

Turning-Japanese responds:

That's quite a bit of imagery you took from this - I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for your review.

Very moving...

Could go well as a credit/end theme for a bloody violent game/flash. I really like this audio that I've even downloaded it. I hope to see more of your great work.

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