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I Like It

Keep in mind I'm listening to this one before the vocal version. From what I'm hearing all the beats in it are done quite nicely. It has the vibe of Hank as well as the Clown. All in all a wonderful Madness beat.


In The Jungle

I felt as if I was in the Jungle. From the sound of this song I think you should take another whack at it, but next time ditch the Techno and see what you can do without it. Take a more Classical or Tribal approach to it, in other words I'm talking about a remix.

MobiusIII responds:

A remix you say? I've never tried remixing my own song before, maybe ill give it a whirl. Thanks for the review!


Sounds like this kind of base theme from a video game. I like it, but it does tend to get a bit repetitive at times, but at the same time a very enjoyable piece of music. You did a great job with this song.

Finally! A Great Trance Song!

You know a lot of Trance songs lose me straight from the beginning with their cliche openings you have to wait for that long intro just to get to the damn song. However right from the beginning you already had me hooked and your song unlike other Trance songs isn't repetitive. I really liked this song and would certainly have other people give a listen to it. This song mixed a lot of different things in it while still being simplistic and fun.


I remember a young fellow I suggested a song to, and he said he doubted himself as a good singer. Then I see this and all the positive replies and listens he was getting.

You sir are certainly a gift to us all. Don't stop singing, don't stop spreading your voice to the world for us to behold at what has been given to us.

Cayler responds:

Thanks for making me sound like a gift from heaven. lmao

Come Men! The Battle Is Nigh!

The gods have given them powers of fire, wind, water, and earth. They will shine true when fighting those who live for the evils and wish to abolish hope from the land. These four of power stand tall, but they cannot win alone. It is the power of those weakened by the strength of the evil that must stand tall and fight alongside these four to vanquish evil from their land for all eternity! May no vile man stay alive... for no evil shall live long while those who wish to fight will perish them from the land.

Sorry for writing that little banter, I usually write stuff for MaestroRage's songs, but this captivated me. This is the first song of yours I believe I've ever reviewed. I congratulate you good sir on making this perfect song.


DavidOrr responds:

You've got a wonderful imagination :)

Crazy Awesome

The strings in the beginning made me feel that we were going to get quite an awesome song. The addition of the electronica music kind of puts an uneasy feeling with it, but at the same time makes it even more awesome. I say you did a bang up job on this song.


This is just amazing! Everything just goes so well. The violins, chorus, and drums. The drums do it in my mind. I can't wait to hear more from you. One in particular being The Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time.

Veneox responds:

Thanks ;). I was thinking about doing a Zelda medley, using mostly songs from Ocarina of time.

Honoring The Greatest of Them All!

This song just fits going down a hall of bravery, genius, and artistic. The Knights, the Painters, the former peaseants turned into Kings and Queens if only for a day. A famous quotation of each one's stature represents their shining achievements.

I certainly did enjoy this song and I am surprised that I have not heard more music from you. Keep up the good work!

SeriousAdam responds:

thats a mill! those are some motivating words! thanks



Your music and Hania's voice are a match made in heaven. A perfect fit. I would love to see your music crossover with other artists of Newgrounds in the future.

I may not know what the lyrics mean, but they sound captivating and quite soothing. A wonderful piece by you and Hania good sir.

Bosa responds:

Why thank you. You know, you've been a great help to me - as your stories and reviews inspire me to make more. I love to see what your imagination is capable of, and I can assure you that I will continue my work with a positive attitude.


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