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Why do you want someone to expand this and ruin it? It's perfect just the way it is. You sir have the gift and have shown it to us today. This song is just perfect I can't find a single thing wrong with it at all, I have no complaints with it whatsoever.

Please do not expand it, build on it, or remix it at all, you have created a beautiful song here already.

Pretty Nifty

It's not really a dance track as it is an ambient song. However it is quite the interesting number. I will say that it does make a good dance song to dance to, I could picture people dancing to this in my head. All the beats were nice and I actually thought this flowed quite well. My only complaint is it seems a bit repetitive and needs to be experimented with more.

Box-Killa responds:

:D And i just upgraded this song with lots of experimentation so listen again lol! Oh as soon as it finishes uploading :D

You're Right... More Can Be Done

Although chances are you'll be able to perfect it, I truly do like it the way it is. Everything just moves so smoothly together. It's actually beautiful to hear. However it is a bit repetitive, not a bad thing, but not exactly my style either.

I like what you got set up here, and with a splash of creativity you can create something wonderfully superb! Might I suggest the addition of strings somewhere, it may sound weird, but I think it could work for this song.

WritersBlock responds:

All suggestions are welcome! Thanks for the review. I haven't done much with this song in a while, but, given the right ideas, I'd love to kick this through to finish.


This certainly is an awesome piece and one I would love to use myself with permission of course. The beats were layed down in such a happy and upbeat manner. It just works perfectly!

Turning-Japanese responds:

Ah, sorry I didn't see this. If you still want to, you're more than welcome to use the song. Thanks for asking, and thanks for the review!

Very Classy

Certainly very classy. I enjoyed this piece very much. By taking the melody of a clock and giving it flare you certainly made a wonderful dance track. It is also one where shorter is better than longer... it didn't drag out too long either which I like.

Overall you made a very fun dance song. Keep up the good work man.

DJ-Chilvan responds:

haha, thanx! It's like i might do a remake maybe next year or when i get the time.

Certainly Not The Best

But it is quite average. The beats were all nicely chosen and I love the use of piano, but it was just way too repetitive. You really could've played with this a lot more and really made it beyond recognition.

RayRayBeats responds:

I agree. It's quite lazy of me.


It truly is a beautiful song, but during the rap parts, that guitar kind of ruined the song. The lyrics are outstandingly wonderful. My only gripe is that guitar and it makes the song a bit unbearable to listen to. I say release another version of this song without the guitar and you'd have a very beautiful song.

Mackity responds:

I respect that, the beat was made by an artist here on NG though named edge of faith.. We never really confirmed with her or anything we just liked the beat and made a track with it.. I mean maybe if she agree'd to it then I'd definatly be down but revisions to the beat aren't up to me :(

Ah, This is Rap!

This is certainly a great rap song, one of the best ones I've heard in a long time. Nice and simple and doesn't require a lot of bass to be good, it stands alone as a song. The beats were all quite nice, I think you could've experimented more though. What really makes this song what it is are the lyrics which are outstandingly wonderful... and of course the vocals were some of the best I've heard for a rap song.

I will most certainly be listening to your work more often.

Mackity responds:

I'm real glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your time. I hope my other works won't upset you. :O

Welcome Back F-777

This is what I expect to hear from you. A perfect remix through and through. I didn't think that this song could be turned into a dance hit, but you mastered it quite well. Every beat and every note was just perfect. It would be awesome if you could also do "The Circle of Life" as well, but no offense, that would be hard even for you to pull off. All in all it is a wonderful Dance song and in my own opinion certainly a wonderful comeback from what you have been uploading. Kudos to you sir.


Very Good Indeed

I for one enjoyed this song. It's a great Techno song, and even though it's not a loop it does loop quite well. It did seem a bit repetitive, but you have to consider that this could be used in a flash movie or game which makes the repetition actually good. All in all you did great work here and you seem like a person I could listen to more often. Kudos.


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