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A Story Was Told Here Today

I'm sure every person could find something in this song that tells a story of one person. I think adding vocals to this would actually destroy the song. The strings, bass, and piano... it all combined so well together.

It tells the story of a man on top of the world who comes down to either sorrow of defeat or sorrow of not knowing his greater purpose in the world. As he walks the streets in the rain with only his memories, but what do these memories mean?

I really enjoyed this piece and would certainly love to see more from you in the future.

Relaxing No... Tense, Indeed

I really do love this song. It sets up such a tense moment beautifully. Like a creepy moment or dramatic note as one finds out the truth, or the stepping stone taken to the moment of truth.

Overall wonderful job.


I can just picture a land of snow and ice before my mind. It really conjurs up memories of those ice themed levels from video games past. From Yoshi's Island to Crash Bandicoot 2. I can just picture a beautiful world coated in a blanket of wonder. The only complaint I have is it doesn't loop well... and being a loop I think it should do that.

ForbiddenMemory responds:

Thank you for your opinion.

I've re-edited "The Icy Lands", listen to it now, if you'd like to hear the changes.

A Stunning Masterpiece

I hardly ever vote 5 on songs in the Audio Portal unless they truly deserve it. I actually sat back, closed my eyes, and was taken to worlds of wonder beneath my imagination. It was a moment of inner peace. Thank you for giving this to me.

I pray you not change nor try to improve upon this piece of music for it is impossible to do so.

I Love This So Much

Listening to all three songs in order starting with Silver Memory it truly is quite interesting. I would love to see you and James take these songs and make a flash series out of them.

As for the song it really is interesting and the lyrics are absolutely wonderful. The music is just captivating and hits every note and vocal with perfect timing. This is a song that could be a Heavy Metal song, but I much prefer a Classical take.

Rain is Soothing...

Ah, this just takes me away, to a nice somber cloudy day filled with rain clouds. Raining rain drops down upon the pavement outside my window. It fills me with inspiration and more so than none.

A beautiful piece from beginning to end. I truly do wish to see what you could do within 12 hours, heck even 6 hours would be a spectacle to see. A wonderful piece and I thank you for letting us hear it.

DeForestB responds:

Thank you for a review from one of newground's "officials" :D

I think I'll post more music, even though I'm in the process of a music deal right now... :]


Why do you want someone to expand this and ruin it? It's perfect just the way it is. You sir have the gift and have shown it to us today. This song is just perfect I can't find a single thing wrong with it at all, I have no complaints with it whatsoever.

Please do not expand it, build on it, or remix it at all, you have created a beautiful song here already.

Pretty Nifty

It's not really a dance track as it is an ambient song. However it is quite the interesting number. I will say that it does make a good dance song to dance to, I could picture people dancing to this in my head. All the beats were nice and I actually thought this flowed quite well. My only complaint is it seems a bit repetitive and needs to be experimented with more.

Box-Killa responds:

:D And i just upgraded this song with lots of experimentation so listen again lol! Oh as soon as it finishes uploading :D

You're Right... More Can Be Done

Although chances are you'll be able to perfect it, I truly do like it the way it is. Everything just moves so smoothly together. It's actually beautiful to hear. However it is a bit repetitive, not a bad thing, but not exactly my style either.

I like what you got set up here, and with a splash of creativity you can create something wonderfully superb! Might I suggest the addition of strings somewhere, it may sound weird, but I think it could work for this song.

WritersBlock responds:

All suggestions are welcome! Thanks for the review. I haven't done much with this song in a while, but, given the right ideas, I'd love to kick this through to finish.


This certainly is an awesome piece and one I would love to use myself with permission of course. The beats were layed down in such a happy and upbeat manner. It just works perfectly!

Turning-Japanese responds:

Ah, sorry I didn't see this. If you still want to, you're more than welcome to use the song. Thanks for asking, and thanks for the review!

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