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It's Okay

Your singing is quite good, but with these effects it's hard to tell. I ask that you take these effects out, have just the piano and your voice and we'll see where you go. It was a bit spooky and if you wanted to make a long song you could use the first half of this song and only record the second half of just you singing with the piano to make one hell of a good song. All in all it's okay, only because I'm not sure what to judge.


This absolutey wonderful. I especially love the piano work in this. It's just beautiful to hear. I can picture what this all in my head, the breeze of a sunset vista. I must say that this is a song not a loop though.

Not Too Shabby

This is a really good techno song. Not to repetitive and has a nice blend of weird yet nice beats to it. Quite nice. Seems like boredom took over with the making of this didn't it?

Box-Killa responds:

Yes bordem indeed, it ate my whole Sunday making it. Thx for the review :D

Absolutely Amazing!

Although it isn't exactly Classical, it's still a wonderful piece. You have taken the beauty of Classical music and put your own twist on it. If only we could hear the full project though. I can sense pirates within this piece, the smell of the salty sea and the waves that move the ship. You sir have done quite well and I'm surprised that your name isn't known throughout Newgrounds more. Bravo!

sshafty1 responds:

Well that may be the most flattering comment I have ever received.

I love you?


Quite Nice

The build-up at the beginning the song could've been shorter, but other than that the song is flawless. The vocals and melody throughout the rest of the song worked out so well. Can't wait to see greater things in the future.

Sega Saturn Sanshiro!

Certainly quite a great song. It's great to hear more singers coming to Newgrounds. I truly enjoyed this song from beginning to end it was quite funny to listen to and the orchestra instruments were all perfect with the song.

Nice and Twisted

The last funny killing Santa song I heard was from Weird Al Yankovic, but this was not only humorous it was a well written Punk song and I loved listening to it. The guitar and drum work was nicely done, as were the vocals. All in all a great song that I guarantee someone will use for a Christmas flash on Newgrounds.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks! Yeah I've been trying to get someone to make a flash for it, even offered payment, but nobody's interested :(


It's been a while since I've heard a nice techno song. This was certainly quite enjoyable to listen to. The beats and synth were all perfect, it was certainly a great joy to listen to this song and I can't wait for Watson #2. From beginning to end it was beautiful.

jmerk800 responds:

WOW thanks a lot! I am working on Watson #2 and it will probably be done in a while I am glad you enjoyed it, It was very fun to make.

Very Nice

Although this song is nicely done, it still seems repetitive. You know your stuff well, but you don't explore enough, it's a good song and you've shown that you can make something quite good. Improvement over time.

DjZeaklous responds:

Thank you very much.

Quite Nice

Well for one thing this song did flow quite nicely, it was a nice trance song I must say, but it did seem a bit repetitive here and there. It just seems like you really could've played around with this song some more.

DjZeaklous responds:

Thanks for your input. I tried to keep it basic, but retain the uprising melody

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