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Very Good Indeed

I for one enjoyed this song. It's a great Techno song, and even though it's not a loop it does loop quite well. It did seem a bit repetitive, but you have to consider that this could be used in a flash movie or game which makes the repetition actually good. All in all you did great work here and you seem like a person I could listen to more often. Kudos.



This is a wonderful loop! It loops quite well and is very action packed. I don't think you need to add anymore to this really, it works wonderfully as a loop and can be used for title screens or credits.

I simply loved this, the beats were all great! Keep up the good work!

Manhart responds:

Thanks a lot dude ! Hmm I might just add some minor details to it, and then maybe just leave it as this loop, as you suggest me to :)


I love the use of strings and the subtle pianos it sways so well! I can't wait to see this flash movie. Can't wait to hear more great songs from you in the future.

Poing Poing Poing

I think I might actually have a use for this believe it or not. Well it is short and simple, but it should at least actually loop well.

DJ-Galax responds:

Alright, thanks!

Back in the Day

It really takes me back, and the beats were all wonderful. However I think I prefer the lyrics more than I do the dance music. It's like the dance music is just filler for the lyrics. Anyways it's a wonderful song.

Generic Really

I mean, there really is not much redeeming quality to this song. It's just like any other dance song. It's still nice, but from you I expected much much more than what was given here. It seemed a bit repetitive and the only thing that really got my attention was the piano solo at 1:38. Not bad, but I've seen better from you.

Pretty Good

It has many uses in not only flash animations, but flash games as well. I like this song and I would like to see you experiment more in the Classical genre. Great Job!


I truly enjoy the song. It's just outstanding to listen to over and over again. It could be used for platformers as well as puzzle games or adventure games. Truly outstanding 8-Bit Work.

MikeTaylor responds:

Thanks a lot Great-One, I'm glad you liked it!

Quite Nice

I wouldn't really consider this a song you would normally listen to, but it would make for a great victory theme in a flash game or movie. It's repetitive, but in a good way, but maybe a little too repetitive. All in all it's a good techno song.

Begin The Game

This sounds like when you start a video game and you're in the town that you must explore, or better yet the opening cutscene, it would suit better for an opening scene since most opening scenes last 5-10 minutes long.

Anyways the beats were all nicely done although it did tend to be a little repetitive, therefore just dragging the song out. You do know your stuff though I will admit that. All in all a great song.

Yodamanjaro responds:

1. It's a trance track. lol
2. It's trance, being repetitive by its nature of its genre.
3. Thank you for your review!

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