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I love the use of strings and the subtle pianos it sways so well! I can't wait to see this flash movie. Can't wait to hear more great songs from you in the future.

Poing Poing Poing

I think I might actually have a use for this believe it or not. Well it is short and simple, but it should at least actually loop well.

DJ-Galax responds:

Alright, thanks!

Back in the Day

It really takes me back, and the beats were all wonderful. However I think I prefer the lyrics more than I do the dance music. It's like the dance music is just filler for the lyrics. Anyways it's a wonderful song.

Generic Really

I mean, there really is not much redeeming quality to this song. It's just like any other dance song. It's still nice, but from you I expected much much more than what was given here. It seemed a bit repetitive and the only thing that really got my attention was the piano solo at 1:38. Not bad, but I've seen better from you.

Pretty Good

It has many uses in not only flash animations, but flash games as well. I like this song and I would like to see you experiment more in the Classical genre. Great Job!


I truly enjoy the song. It's just outstanding to listen to over and over again. It could be used for platformers as well as puzzle games or adventure games. Truly outstanding 8-Bit Work.

MikeTaylor responds:

Thanks a lot Great-One, I'm glad you liked it!

Quite Nice

I wouldn't really consider this a song you would normally listen to, but it would make for a great victory theme in a flash game or movie. It's repetitive, but in a good way, but maybe a little too repetitive. All in all it's a good techno song.

Begin The Game

This sounds like when you start a video game and you're in the town that you must explore, or better yet the opening cutscene, it would suit better for an opening scene since most opening scenes last 5-10 minutes long.

Anyways the beats were all nicely done although it did tend to be a little repetitive, therefore just dragging the song out. You do know your stuff though I will admit that. All in all a great song.

Yodamanjaro responds:

1. It's a trance track. lol
2. It's trance, being repetitive by its nature of its genre.
3. Thank you for your review!

A Brilliant Step Up

I honestly didn't see how you could improve on your song Moments of Inspiration, but with these pointers you certainly have. It sends tingles down my spine every time I listen to this song. I doubt you could improve this song any farther than you have now and to try and do so will only lead you into a cycle of turmoil and you will have only defeated yourself. All in all a wonderful improvement.

KTRECORDS responds:

I always knew that there could be something more done to the song, but I couldn't never find it. Fortunately I asked WF1 if he could give me a few tips and then he just took it to the next level for me. We still pass ideas back in forth on it, so who knows... maybe someday there will be another update, lol!


Storms Tell The Story

Two friends, from different worlds they come from, but within the same universe. A humble contest, battle if you will, within the raining skies above them. They unleash hell upon each other from the utmost kindness. An avalanche of music cascading notes throughout the air. A duel is here amongst two artists. It is as if a battle between techno and classical music has taken place, surely something wonderful to watch and behold. If only it were possible, besides through imagination.

Sorry for my story above. I tend to write a small story of what I pictured in my mind when listening to some songs. This piece between you two is really beautiful and I truly enjoyed every bit of it. The rain does symbolize something, from all the hard work the rain washes away all the stress and sweat that went into making the song and makes you feel happier upon your work. The rain sound in the background was a really nice touch to this entire song.

Certainly a wonderful battle that I've heard here today. I would not mind if you two decided to duel again in the near future.


ObsidianSnow responds:

Don't apologize - I love it when people write stories like that. Lets me see the music in a whole new way. I really enjoyed your interpretation, too.

I found your review really insightful. Thank you for the awesome review and the time you spent to write it, The-Great-One.

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