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The start seemed a bit shaky at first, but it was great way to actually start this song. Overall I truly believe this song was meant for the ocarina and you gave it great justice. Bravo.

Ocarina-Kid responds:

I wasn't too sure about the start or the whole piece actually, but once again you save the day ;) Thanks man, appreciate the review.

The Interviewer Theme

A beautiful and calming song. Loops quite well and isn't really entirely repetitive. It just works so well for if you're reading something enlightening. Kudos to you good sir.

sorohanro responds:

Thanks :)
Glad to be appreciated :)

A Wonderful Start

The actual drums and bass parts were very generic and standard that you hear in just about every DnB song on Newgrounds. However the other music and technological sounds you hear were wonderful. Perhaps you might be able to pull us out of the generic pull of what DnB is (I doubt it). Keep up the good work and give us something amazing.

Jam Session is a Go!

Quite nice, I think the rock guitar was a bit over excessive with this, I wouldn't mind hearing this with acoustic guitar, piano, and bass actually. Other than that it is a wonderful and catchy melody it just seems like it would suit better with softer instruments in mind. Still great for the ears.

gamejunkie responds:

Thank you very much. Hadn't thought about doing an acoustic version of this to be honest, but since you suggested it, will give it a go a see what it sounds like. If it's good, I might submit it. Thanks for that. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the great review.

Cheers gamejunkie.

Very Nice

Quite mellow. Very soft and sweet. However you label this as a loop when it isn't really a loop. Overall I like what you brought here in terms of melody. Excellent work.

John5454 responds:

Thanks for the review. Glad to know you like it and it was soft enough. I'm not a fan of soft songs, but I did because I was bored, and because of my song. I wanted to hear what it sounded like soft, without all the major guitar rifts and whatnot. Thanks again. John

Nice and Simple

I liked it. It was short sweet and to the point, it doesn't exactly loop, but through editing magic that can be fixed. Overall I can picture this being used for some tutorial or instructions or even in just a basic run of the mill town or villa. Awesome job.

mrmcduts responds:

yeah i think for some reason the first step was taken out :(

Crazy and Zany

I loved it. It did get a bit repetitive, but then again it's a techno song so I can't really fault you on that. I liked all the different crazy sounds you had going through this and how they matched up with your notes. It was a bizarre symphony for the ears. Keep up the good work.

So The Story Ends

As a wise man said, all good stories must come to end. The song and the story you have put with it are both beautiful. However I am here to judge this song. I have written stories for each song of your "Farmland" series and sadly I cannot bring myself to write one here. I can't really describe why I enjoy this song, but at the same time I want to so badly. To lose everything and still have someone there for you... it must be a wonderful feeling.

Bosa responds:

Well said, my friend. It's not important to focus on the treasures of this earth, where moth and dust corrupts.

Pretty Cool

I love it. It sounds like a song I would probably hear the game "Dungeon Explorer" or "Ys Book I & II" in which had fantastic music. I just see the epic quest of valiant heroes through a perilous dungeon or field of common that which by night terror strides through it.

Overall I loved the song, the beginning kind of worried me a little bit, but it just ending up being very smooth and quaint while being a strong song as well.

ScottDHall responds:

Hey thanks!

I can definetly see what you see---both the strange start of the music itself, and the epic feel of adventure throughout.

Can't Wait

I can't wait to hear this in their new game. I'm looking forward to it. As far as Madness goes, it brings that vibe, however it is quite repetitive though and it seems a bit generic.

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