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A bloodthirsty ruler, hell bent on destroying the lands in an order to keep his throne. To govern his kingdom through fear, truly a wonderful theme for a tyrant. Would love to see an update, but if a full song such as this keeps with a broadening harsh tone to it then I see it will be overwhelming. Some somber moments would be wise in a song for such a king. Evil or not, all kings do ponder.

Bosa responds:

An interesting notion. I will consider it!

I feel as if I am on the Great Wall listening to the tales from an old man about the era of which dragons and samurais swept throughout the world on a code of honor. Sitting back and listening to this song from start to finish was truly a treat. The start of the song was nice, but it was a while before I could actually stamp an idea on what the song is, also once we crossed the epic part of the song we went into a serene finish that resembled the start of the song. It would have been nice to hear some more Asian culture instruments in this, but what you have delivered is quite good.

Echo responds:

More asian instruments would've been nice yes, but then I'd have been pushing the requirements of the MAC since they require an orchestra and not a lot of instruments outside an orchestra.

Tks for the review :)

Erik Scerri
- Echo Productions

I don't know, the opening had was pretty bland to be honest, but as it kept going I could slowly overtime see many a dwarf in space fighting on the moon, racing through the stars, mining the rings of Saturn, laying waste to elves in a war over Pluto and challenging the sea folk of the planet Neptune. All in all this song captivated my ears and my imagination. A veritable Middle Earth in the havens above the clouds and beyond. Everything just flowed so smoothly and was a treat to hear. Kudos to you sir, kudos.

Jazza responds:

thank you! you're so great

No Main Theme

I don't see it as a main theme either, but it is certainly a fun loop that loops perfectly. I like it. It would be great for a castle theme or even a military scene. It works so well.

Kwing responds:

Thanks, sounds like you really like it :D

Bravo! Magnifico!

Wow, this was just amazing. I love Opera and the musical melodies that accompany them. The singing and music were all around wonderful for my ears. You state in your Author Comments that you really appreciate the awesome ones who take time to rate or review. Well The-Great-One just took the time to listen, rate, and review your song and, I absolutely love it!

reel2 responds:

HAHA! Thank you The Great One! I'm glad you decided to review my song.

Not As Epic

For something called Epic Intro I kind of expected a little bit more. I say exchange the piano for strings. Also your bass just seems a bit out of place or sloppy.

Interesting Yet Jumbled

My only complaint with this song is that it seems a bit jumbled with too much going on. However it does remind me of being inside a cave or cavern. The song started hurting my ears around 1:03 and it just kept going this needs some revision.

disk00 responds:

Sadly the entire LP..or whatever you'd call it that I made...they are all kind of like this. Not exactly sure why I followed the same pattern with all of them. Sorry about your ears. The 3rd song will really hurt your ears though I think..

Average and Generic

Just a run of the mill DnB song with nothing more than a catchy title. Same old same old. I suggest being a bit more creative in your process think outside the box.

Very Fun

I quite like it. I wouldn't mind seeing an expanded version of it. My only complaint though is that the loop seems a bit off to me other than that it is very fun.

ganon95 responds:

thnx :)


I never heard the original before and I'm afraid to listen to it out of fear that I may not like it as well as this one. There are times when a song just sounds right and in my humble opinion I believe that with this song that is the case.

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