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Crazy and Zany

I loved it. It did get a bit repetitive, but then again it's a techno song so I can't really fault you on that. I liked all the different crazy sounds you had going through this and how they matched up with your notes. It was a bizarre symphony for the ears. Keep up the good work.

So The Story Ends

As a wise man said, all good stories must come to end. The song and the story you have put with it are both beautiful. However I am here to judge this song. I have written stories for each song of your "Farmland" series and sadly I cannot bring myself to write one here. I can't really describe why I enjoy this song, but at the same time I want to so badly. To lose everything and still have someone there for you... it must be a wonderful feeling.

Bosa responds:

Well said, my friend. It's not important to focus on the treasures of this earth, where moth and dust corrupts.

Pretty Cool

I love it. It sounds like a song I would probably hear the game "Dungeon Explorer" or "Ys Book I & II" in which had fantastic music. I just see the epic quest of valiant heroes through a perilous dungeon or field of common that which by night terror strides through it.

Overall I loved the song, the beginning kind of worried me a little bit, but it just ending up being very smooth and quaint while being a strong song as well.

ScottDHall responds:

Hey thanks!

I can definetly see what you see---both the strange start of the music itself, and the epic feel of adventure throughout.

Can't Wait

I can't wait to hear this in their new game. I'm looking forward to it. As far as Madness goes, it brings that vibe, however it is quite repetitive though and it seems a bit generic.

You Hit The Nail Right on The Head

I can certainly feel a Madness vibe when I listen to this. Hank's infiltration and stealth approach throughout the building. He is barely noticed by anyone and the one who is confused the most is the clown who at the same time has a funny feeling that Hank is near. I love what you did with this song, you took a chance and created something different, I only wish more flash animators would do the same with this day.

Clown Transformation Complete

You have made the clown angry and so you created a theme song for him. Are you fucking insane man? This certainly would make quite the awesome theme for the clown, I can see him killing and beating the shit out of Hank while filled with glee. An amazing song I must say.

The Jesus Rises when Hank Falls

Yes this makes for the perfect theme for Jesus in the Madness series. I can just see him fighitng off Hank and commanding his legion of followers to destory this perpetual one man army sent from the depths of hell. Another wonderful heavy metal piece by you that certainly brings that Madness vibe to the table. Excellent work.

HighBallers responds:

Thank you Brah

Setting the Tone

If only a flash animator had the imagination. Then this piece could certainly be the beginning of a warm welcome to change the Madness series around a bit. I sense and impending doom when I hear this, which I'm sure is what you were going for. It sets a suspenseful tone and gets you interested quickly. I like this, I like this a lot.

Epic in a Can

I can't think of no other way to describe it. I can just see Hank plowing through enemy after enemy and even knocking down the Clown. However the fight against Jesus will not be easy and it will not be one that he can overcome easily. The song got a bit repetitive here and there, but overall it is a fantastic heavy metal song with that Madness vibe wrapped up into it. Oh yeah and it loops perfectly.

MtZion responds:

Thanks for the review!
Wow i think this is the most positive review i have. thanks alot! and glad you liked it!
I think the perfect loops results to the end not having any reverb. I think that's what you hear being cut off every time you hear a non-perfect loop.
But seriously thanks alot for the review. this is the kind of stuff that keeps me making music. :D

Has Potential

Well it is on the zany side which means it could do wonders for the Clown in Madness. However it is a bit on the repetitive side. That's it's only real downfall though. It would be interesting to see a flash animator incorporate this song for the Clown.

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