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Calmly Intense

I don't see it as the fighting scene I see it as preparations for the fight. The soldiers all getting ready, ready for what? They don't know... ready to die, they hope not. They can only hope to see the next day and hate to the choice of ending someone else's tomorrow. I loved this audio I really did, you moved it so well and I must say you've moved me. I can only hope to see more from you.


sorohanro responds:

thanx for review
"The soldiers all getting ready, ready for what? They don't know... ready to die, they hope not."
well, that was made for a theatre play and ... they all die in the end ...
so much for hope :))

glad you like it (i have more)


A high anticipation audio that I have come to enjoy quite well. You've done very well for yourself when creating this audio, I enjoyed every second of it. Superb work my good sir superb work indeed.

jiggitysmith responds:

Thank you kind sir, much obliged!

A Long Romantic Tale

When I listen to this audio I see Shakespeare's own tales before my eyes. The waltz of Romeo and Juliet, the fierce battle in Macbeth, and the tragedy of Julius Caesar. The organ was a very nice touch and one I have not seen in a while. Lies, Sex, Secrets, Deception, the questions, the pains, the deathes. All twist and bend amongst the mind.

You have produced a very beautiful piece, and I can only hope to see more from you. Excellent job, keep up the good work.

My Favorite of Your Songs

I know you haven't left Newgrounds and I am so glad that you didn't leave. You have the amazing gift that many wish they too had. I know you will leave Newgrounds one day of fame and fortunes that many can't and won't believe you have earned in a lifetime. I know your fame will be over mine this I can't hide nor will I try to hide, but I want you to always remember me as the one who spoke with you and shared great wisdoms with. I want you to always remember where you got your start, don't forget the people who have actually helped you out. Don't let those who think they helped you milk you for their own personal fame. Remember those who helped, assisted, and gave you the greatness you not only deserve, but have earned over time. I don't suspect this to be the last review on this audio, but I hope you do read it. This may be a useless review, but I don't care... this is the very first song I heard by you and I feel regret that I never reviewed it... to tell the truth this is the first song I heard from the Newgrounds Audio Portal and I wish to say sorry for not taking the chance to review it.

This audio captivates the mind with such power as if to say "I'm making my last bow, my final stand, my last chance", It gives off a power to anyone who feels as though they're not accomplished enough and gives them the same power you felt as you were making this. This song brought me out of the rut I was once in and I can only hope it will bring others out as well.


Quite catchy if I do say so myself. Good for an opening theme or credits even. I must say it really isn't much of a loop per say, but it is a nice audio. I do enjoy this and chances are I might use it. Keep up the good work.


Chaz responds:

Thanks for the review buddy, means alot!

Better than Minor.

This one is better than the (Minor) one you put up. I say consider making it a little bit longer though at least 1 Minute. Other than that great job!

WritersBlock responds:

Well, it was a request from a guy in a collab, and he only needed about 5 seconds. I was going to make it longer, but I think it works as a really short loop (in small doses). Thanks for the review.

Oh My... How It All Forms Together!

Harmonic... beautiful, masterful. I enjoy the ambient feel of the piano as well as the classical approach of the violins. The drums became a very nice touch, although you don't need them you incorporated them in this song very nicely. Everything fitted in with complete harmony together as if to be credits for an action-packed video game. It was magic indeed to listen to this song and I can only expect greater work to come from you.


Well Done!

Masterful! It could use some cleaning up, but it's really good! One of the best Dance hits I've heard in a long time.


I'm gonna listen to this the next time I eat breakfast. It's a nice bouncy tune to get you through the day.

Dancing in Romance

Lying on the beach day-dreaming of nothing. What he thinks is nothing really isn't nothing... soon he will see that it means everything in the world. These innocent day-dreams will turn into a reality that he would give his very life to protect. The visions of a future he wishes, prays, and hopes to have. Although he doubts it now, an adventure with two new friends will show him why he cares and what could happen if he doesn't.

This song reminded me a lot of Kingdom Hearts, I don't know why, but it just suddenly gave me that feel of Kingdom Hearts and the comments you left fit the story told in that game so well. Fascinating isn't it? A lullaby to show the end of the world, yet it paints the visions in the mind of a hopeless romantic. Another superb piece by you I must say...


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