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Simply outstanding. It is simple yet very fun and catchy as well. I quite enjoyed this song, to be honest I really enjoyed this song. I see a ship of pirates sailing for many treasures stealing from people and causing havoc. It's like a title theme for a good old fashioned Saturday morning cartoon. Superb work and keep it up.

Cydrius responds:

Thanks for the compliment! I'll do my best!

Darkness Indeed

I do love the darkness you've put into this. Very dark and creepy as well. It gives off a very gothic feeling to it, like being lost in a forest underneath a full moon. Certainly a wonderous Classical piece.

A bit jumbled

I think this is an experiment for you and it turned out quite well, it was a bit jumbled in some points, but at other points it was quite enjoyable. Really enjoyable actually. I felt like I was in a video game while listening to this. All I can say is keep up the great work.

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ImperfectDisciple responds:

Hmm, jumbled? I wish you could have explained a little more on that, but that's okay. It might be because of all the different styles I meshed together. Some of the transitions are sudden, some are flowing.

-Well thank you for this review! I will definitely keep up the great work and hope that I can do well in Nashville, lol.


Quite Good

This is indeed quite good. It's a nice dark song, but still light where it needed to be. It is a bit odd, but that is something I like. This has many good uses if given the right material. Your guitar work was also quite nice in this song, everything came together quite nicely. My only complaint was the guitar work at the beginning, it just didn't sound right. Other than that it's perfect.

NeverHundred responds:

thank you. The begginning is just some lead guitar I opened with, but unlike most of my lead guitar I can still recreate it on guitar, so it was something I composed and practiced. I suppose that might sound a little bit off becuase I don't have the greatest recording conditions all the time, so maybe the recording quality is a little differant or off.

My 400th Audio Review

It's amazing. My 300th Audio Review was also one of your submissions. Once again you have astounded me, this time through loop form which is amazing because it loops perfectly and makes you think you're still listening to a long song. I wouldn't mind hearing the original version of this song.

Bosa responds:

Was it 400th or 300th? Anyways, I'm glad you've made such a huge contribution to this site and the audio portal. Kudos to you!

Also, thanks for taking the time to review some of my music and I am currently working on the extended version of this song.

See you around,

Quite Enjoyable

I did enjoy this very much, the only question is the title. It's the only thing that throws me off. Also I don't really see this as Techno, but Trance. The only other complaint I have is that more could've been played around with this than what you did. It's a nice song, but something is missing.

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GronmonSE responds:

I suck at picking genres.

And eh, tried making the song full with extra instruments. Length and an amazing climax is what's probably missing, considering it's relatively short.

As for the title, you'll have to put the pieces together but I'm describing it a little more on the review above yours.

Thanks for the review.

Not Bad

I've heard better and I've heard much worse. It's a nice starting ground. I honestly think you should've kept the guitar out of this, it would've been much better without it. Adding the guitar just turned this into a jumbled mess. However I am curious to see your actual guitar work. If you have a different song with guitar only (acoustic in other words) then I would love to hear it. This is just a bit sloppy, but not completely bad either.

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NeverHundred responds:

Well, this is the first guitar song where I didn't loop the guitar rifts... and I thought the recording came out relatively well. But yeah I noticed some instances wherea note was by a mili-second.

Calming and Serene

I don't know where this would go with lyrics, but with or without this song is certainly a beautiful classical piece. Nice and moving. The strings gave this song it's ambient feel while other instruments gave it a light beat that kept it just enough to not calm you, but keep you in a state of classy sophistication. A very nice blend of many different melodies wrapped into one.

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RyeGuyHead responds:

classy sophistication? thats a new one haha

Thanks alot for the review, I'll probably upload a singing version at a later date


Truly another great piece by you Maestro and as always the beauty of the Lady's voice. It twists and turns upon the battefield you have placed amongst the world. The pieces are here and there the battle ensues. I must guess that this is the image you foretold. However I see something more comical. I see a man trying his best to get to work and runs into many scenarios that keeps him from arriving toward his destination.

Very nice Maestro, very nice indeed. Also kudos to the Lady as well.

MaestroRage responds:


That's a great story! I see it too, and I can definitely see how hilarious that would be. An epic journey for the mundane ritual of work. Unless his work is also epic, in which case, he's a lucky man.

Thank you for the review, from both me and Mandi, we're glad you liked it!


A very catchy tune that can stay stuck in your head forever. Not just the lyrics, but the beats put with it. I rather enjoy this song and wouldn't mind using it myself for something. Keep up the good work.

perro-electric responds:

Nice! Please keep me informed about your creations! I would really like to see what you made.

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