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Dance Dance, You maniac you.

Excellent Work on this piece, I really loved it in fact I even downloaded it. You did an excellent job on this. Keep up the masterful work.

Flashgigant responds:

thx :)

Meh...It's alright.

It's decent and good. You could've done a lot more work on this, because this theme is supposed to loop longer than what you made it loop. Work a little harder next time.

Ya' Gotta Get Funky!

Pretty good, pretty good. You sure this doesn't belong in the Techno category? I think it belongs in the Techo category or at least Video Game.

Koalaby responds:

yeah, guess ur right.. too late now :-(

Ya' Gotta Get Funky!

Hey nice beats in this audio man! I think I'll use this for an idea I have for a Flash. Keep up the great work.

Koalaby responds:

Hey, thanx. Send me the link if ya do

Sonic sucks...MARIO RULES!

Still a great Audio. You did an excellent job though...sounds great and classy somewhat. Keep up the good work.

Sonic Sucks...

But I did like this audio anyways. You did a terrific job with this audio. Keep up the good work. Sounds like a good menu for a game.

The Kindly Dark Soul...

Hello MaestroRage or should I say "MaestroRage" now. (I know corny joke).

Like all of your other tracks this one is another MASTERPIECE of the depressed maestro.

I can't wait for your next Masterful Compostion.

MaestroRage responds:

I'm glad you liked it Wilber, it is true, most of these pieces are infused with a source of sorrow or anger I can't seem to eradicate. Maybe from lack of skill, maybe from lack of control, I don't know.

I'll be around for a long while, I hope you will be around to hear them, thank you for the review, once again i'm glad you liked it!

Glad to see you back...

I'm glad you're back making Audios. This song was very good. TO those reading the reviews I suggest you listen to "March of a Prideless Victory" first then come back and listen to this one, you'll really love it!

And to those who hate Goukisan I'll say that he has a gift (unlike others) and I'm glad he's sharing it with the world (literally).

Great Job Goukisan

-Robert Lee Haney (a.k.a. Wilber7)

Goukisan responds:

Thanks for reviewing :)

I wouldn't say i have any particular gift, just a decent ear for music and too much time on my hands.

Touching...very touching...

You've made a great song here...very touching I must say. Excellent Job.

For the lonesome out there...I know how you feel.

This is a very lonely piece, it's soothing and sad, but it needs to be longer. Try working on it some more...please.


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